21 Questions for A New Relationship

Relationships are like journeys. Some last for a short period while some are happily never-ending. But the interesting thing is that the ones that do last forever are the ones bestowed with magical elements of relationship which are: compatibility, understanding, trust, and love. Now, in this world of dating apps, the rules of dating and getting into a relationship have seemed to change at a great length. 

People now prefer drastically changing their partners as soon as they find a flaw in them. This drives the people of this generation on an emotional roller coaster. Some choose to stay aloof from getting into a relationship, some hook up while some cheat. So, this is a confused generation of youngsters where meeting someone new is away from just a click on the screen. Therefore, when you do get into a relationship, you must ask your partner a few important questions that will tell you a lot about them.

If you are seeing someone new these days and you think that both of you have a connection then before you commit to it, just run your eyes over the questions jotted down below. These questions are very crucial to ask when you get into a relationship. They are going to tell you about a person’s thinking, trauma, likes, and dislikes as well. To sum it up, they will tell you a lot more about your love interest and will help you better understand the person you have committed to.

1). What made you feel good in your last relationship?

Relationships leave a long-lasting impression on a person. Even if they do come out of the relationship they are bound to remember both the happy and sad moments that were involved in it. Thus, getting an idea about the things that made your partner happy in their last relationship is important. It does give you an idea about what types of things make him happy. You can perform the same thing in your style and cheer them up!

2). What do you think about infidelity?

Many people in today’s generation either try to justify infidelity if they themselves have performed it before. But, not many people are okay with infidelity and ultimately it destroys a relationship. Not to forget that many people become insecure because of this in the relationship and definitely it is bad for mental peace.

Hence, go ahead for your own good to know what your partner thinks about infidelity. Knowing his views may make you gain trust in him as well.

3). Which person in your life do you respect the most?

All of us have that one person in our lives that we respect a lot and in a way idolize also. We all have idols in our lives and they become our idols because we like certain qualities in them. They inspire us in many ways. Thus, knowing about the person whom your partner respects a lot will help you in knowing what type of qualities does your partner desires to imbibe.

This will only make you know about your partner’s aspirations.

4). What was the biggest breakdown moment in your life?

We all face a breakdown moment in our lives that completely brings us to our knees. Those are the moments, which tell us about our weakest points and also remind us to fight back our problems. Like it is important to know about the things which make your partner happy, it is equally important to know about that moment too when your partner thought that the world was over.

Knowing your partner’s weak side is crucial because it is you who should act as the source of strength at that time.

5). What is the best way to say sorry according to you?

A lot of people find it difficult to express the sorry feeling once they know they have made a mistake. Due to the difficulty, they either avoid accepting their fault or do not properly express it. Some people also avoid saying sorry because of their ego. Not accepting a mistake can ruin a relationship. Thus, you must know which category does your partner falls into.

You must know their idea of apologizing and whether they at all believe in doing it.

6). What do you prioritize more? Your ego or your self-respect?

Many people are incapable of understanding the difference between ego and self-respect while a lot of people who do understand the difference, tend to prioritize their ego all the time. The ego is one of those things that give birth to bitterness in a relationship. If you are committing to a person then you must also understand that one must keep their ego aside and work on the relationship when it is needed to.

Thus, you should know your partner’s take on prioritizing ego and self-respect.

7). What does equality in a relationship mean according to you?

There must be equality in every relationship in all aspects. Gone are the days when men and women had specified duties. Also, there must be equality in terms of emotional understanding. It is important because it keeps the relationship in balance. Different people hold different perspectives about equality in a relationship. You must know your partner’s perspective and must convey yours as well. Moreover, if you do not agree on certain areas of equality then both of you must work on it and come to terms before committing.

8). Do you think there is a place for physical violence in a relationship?

A lot of people forgive while a lot of people walk out of the relationship when they experience physical violence. Although it is a very sensitive topic to discuss, it must be discussed. Whether your partner is all right with physical violence taking place in the relationship and thinks it is forgivable, you must know about their lookout on this. Remember, whatever his idea about it be, it must match your idea.

9). What is the most romantic thing you have ever done for someone?

When it comes to romance, we all have our way of expressing it. Expressing your love through romance really accentuates the relationship. We all must have done something romantic for someone at some point in our lives that we consider it as the most romantic thing we have ever done for someone. Also, most of us have only imagined in our minds the most romantic scenario that we desire to hold for someone. Thus, you must know your partner’s idea of romance and the most romantic thing that he has ever done or wishes to do.

10). What is your comfort food?

During those days when your partner is experiencing a bad time, all you can do to lift his/ her mood by bringing him/ his comfort food. A lot of people say that good taste in the mouth automatically uplifts the mood. Hence, you must know about your partner’s comfort food so that you can cheer them up by making it for them or bringing it for them. These moments will appear to be very simple but they really strengthen the relationship.

11). Where do you find the utmost peace in the world?

When our mind is disturbed we always seek peace. Peace can also be a place for us where spending time can simply calm our minds. You must know what type of place really works well in bringing your partner’s mind in peace. This also gives you a fair understanding of what type of person your partner is.

12). Do you like to keep in touch with your Exes?

This might be bothering you or might not be. But you should have an idea about your partner’s past relationship, the people with whom he was involved and whether he is still in touch with them or not. This does not make you look clingy and also there is no harm in knowing about these details.

13). Would you want to go to your past and change what you regret or would you like to see your future?

There are two types of people; the ones who bother about what is already gone and the ones who like to see what is ahead in their life. Ask this question to your partner and you will know what kind of a person your partner is in this respect.

14). What are the things that interest you a lot?

Knowing about your partner’s interests makes you understand him/her better. Maybe on his special days or during the days when he is feeling low, you can arrange for those things that your partner finds interesting. This makes your relationship blossom. Also, it involves you in doing those things which you never found interesting; after all, love is all about discovering new things about your partner and falling in love with them.

15). How much do you pre-plan before doing things?

People who pre-plan things are the ones who are very organized. Pre-planning things solves most of the problems that life throws at you. This is more of a character-related question. It is important to ask because if in the long run both of you decide to stay together forever, then they may choose to plan things out leading to a secure and happy living.

16). How much do you value money?

Believe it or not, but in today’s world money has become an important aspect. Relationships tend to break even because of financial reasons. Money plays its role differently in every person’s life. So people value money differently. Thus, you must know how your partner values money so that later your relationship does not have to experience financial glitches.

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17). How frequently do you think you should make your partner feel special? Is it necessarily supposed to be through expensive gifts or it can be made special by small gestures?

Making your partner feel special frequently keeps the spark of the relationship alive. But making them feel special does not necessarily have to be through expensive gifts. Even small things and gestures go a long way in doing the job. Thus, doing small romantic things are important.

People mostly do such things before getting into a relationship, and once they are into it, they do not find it necessary. This is definitely a wrong concept. You must know your partner’s idea about this.

18). Do you communicate your feelings both sad and happy or do you prefer keeping it to yourself?

According to human nature, people mostly, share their happiness with each other and hardly share the sad part of their life. The ones who share both of them with you will truly consider you as their comfortable person. Thus, you should know whether your partner is a person who keeps most of their feelings to them or is the one who tends to share both their happy and sad moments.

19). Among, Career, family, money, love, and friendship, where do you place Love?

This is a question that makes you aware of your partner’s priorities. It is better to know about each other’s priorities so that you can know how your partner thinks and this may solve a lot of understanding problems.

20). According to you, what type of mistakes are allowed in a relationship and are forgivable?

Since each of us holds a different understanding, hence we hold a different take on the mistake that people make in a relationship. Thus, you should know about the mistakes that your partner thinks are okay to make when in a relationship and can be forgivable. It only tells you about the compatibility that you both of you have with each other.

21). If you could change anything in your life then what would it be?

Not everything in life is perfect but with time we learn to deal with it. But at the back of our minds, we wish to change that one thing in our life so that it could make life more livable. Thus, you should know what according to your partner that thing is.

Thus, these are 21 questions to ask that can help you in understanding the person you have committed to in this new relationship. It helps you in discovering a lot of things about them in the beginning that you would get to discover slowly later.

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