21 Questions Game

By now, almost everyone in the world knows about the 21 questions game. It is quite literally one of the simplest games out there, if not the simplest. This game is very useful for getting to know each other and is hence best played with just 2 people. Along with its use, it is extremely fun to play with anyone and you can be guaranteed a good time. There are no boundaries when it comes to the relation between the participants, their ages, or even their genders. If you have a person you already know but now you want to know them better, this game is the absolute best.

The questions you ask can help you get to know the basic ideology of the person, their idiosyncrasies and habits, their general process of thought, and the likes and dislikes of the person, among other things. In fact, the boundary of the questions to be asked is set by just the players. If there are no boundaries, you can ask questions related to relationships, crushes, love, even sex, and anything else that you wish to know.

Players cannot escape the questions. They have to answer all of them. The only rule one can try to imply but obviously cannot enforce is that the players should all be truthful with their answers.

How to Play This Game?

One of the important things to note here is that while the game is called the 21 questions game, there is no limit to the number of questions you can ask. In some of the styles that we talk about, the number of questions in each round will actually depend on the number of players playing the game. There are various ways to play this game nowadays. Some of the more popular ones are:

  • The classic way or the old school way

This is obviously the style that we generally know. This is the easiest of the ways to play this game and obviously the most popular and successful. In this style, more than 2 players can play this game too. In that case, all of the players will have to ask each other and answer the same 21 questions as everyone else. You do not require anything as a prop. You can make it interesting by adding points to the questions.

You can also ask the questions one by one in a way where the person who answers gets to ask the next question. This way the cycle can continue very well and everyone gets to know everyone.

  • The Ricochet Style

This is one of the newer ways to play this game. In this style, everyone is not asked the same question. One player (let’s say A) starts the game and asks one question to another player (let’s say B). That player answers the question and has to ask a different question to a player who is not the one who asked them the question (anyone who is not A) or has answered already.

This means that in a single round, each player can ask and answer only 1 question to 1 other player. Therefore, the round ends when the last question is asked to A because they started the round. Now the next round can either start with A again or you can choose a different starting player for the game.

  • The Round Table Gameplay

This is an extremely unique way to play the 21 questions game which combines both the regular style of gameplay and the ricochet style of gameplay. This style ensures that everyone answers every question and that everyone gets to ask the same number of questions. So first of all, all the people have to sit in a circle. One person will begin the proceedings by asking one question. The person to the left or to the right of them will start answering. Then the person to the same direction to them will answer the question.

In this way everyone will answer the question until it comes back to the one who asked the question in the first place. After they answer the question, the person who answered first will ask the next question and the subsequent round of answers will finish once they have answered. This will go on till everyone has asked at least one question and everyone has answered all of them. After this, you can choose to end the game or you can start another round robin.

A little modification you can make is that you can make a rule that the person asking the question has to answer it themselves first. In that case, the round will be over when the person right next to them in the other direction has answered.

A Lot of Intriguing Questions for the 21 Questions Game

Like we said, you do not need any special props or equipment for this game. You just need a bunch of willing players, or even one more willing player, and a lot of good questions. Now that is easier said than done. Good questions are harder to come by than you think, especially when you have to think of something right in the middle of something.

Having a list of questions especially helps when someone asks a question you were going to ask before you get your shot. One of the reasons this game is popular among young boys and girls is that flirtatious questions can be asked to check if the other person is interested before making a move. Having said that, you should also be able to draw the line wherever necessary according to the person or people you are playing with. This game has a lot of potential, so make sure you utilize it completely.

Random ‘21 Questions Game’ Questions

We are of course starting with a few random questions which you can ask in a 21 questions game. These questions are amazing because they help break the ice as they catch the players by surprise. These random questions are not questions which players can prepare for and neither are they questions which they will need to lie for either. They can be really random while also being relevant. Use them well.

1). Who is the biggest motivation for you in life?

2). Who do you see and think ‘I do not want to become someone like them’?

3). If you are made into a video game character, what video game would you like to be in?

4). If you had to be defined by a particular accessory that you always have on you, what would it be?

5). If you had the chance to be a part of one fictional world, what would it be and what role would you like to play in it?

6). If you get to the airport and realize that your flight has been delayed, what will your immediate go-to place at the airport be?

7). How would you react if you ever met a celebrity you crush on by accident? What would you like to talk to them about?

8). What is a question that you always ask when you play ‘Never Have I Ever’?

9). What is a question you pray never gets asked when you play ‘Never Have I Ever’?

10). If a biography is written about you, who would you want to write it?

11). If a biopic is made about your life, who would you want to direct it and who would you want to play your role?

12). What would you name your biography or biopic?

13). What would you do if you find out you are going to be on a 10-hour long flight journey with your favourite celebrity?

14). What would you do if you find out you are going to be on a 10-hour long flight journey with a baby?

15). What is the thing that is on the top of your bucket list?

16). What is the most unrealistic thing on your bucket list?

17). What is the most expensive thing on your bucket list?

18). How would you react if your boss tells you that you will have to work during the holidays?

19). Which social media platforms do you like the most?

20). Which social media platform do you hate the most?

21). Who is the best person you have met on social media?

22). What is the most unexpected place you ever met someone who went on to become a good friend?

23). What would your ideal birthday be like?

24). What has been the best birthday gift you have ever got?

25). What has been the worst birthday gift you have ever got?

26). What is the best pickup line that has been used on you?

27). What is the best pickup line that you have used on someone?

28). What is the worst pickup line that has been used on you?

29). What is the worst pickup line that you have used on someone?

30). How many kids do you think are perfect for a family?

31). What is your favourite cuss word?

32). What is your go-to food when you are sad or angry and need to relax yourself?

33). What is one decision that you would like to change in your life?

34). If a magic genie appears when you rub a lamp and grants you 3 wishes, what would they be (you cannot wish for more wishes)?

35). What has been the best comeback you have ever given someone after an insult?

36). What has been the best comeback someone has given you when you tried to roast them?

37). Would you like to time travel into the future or to the past? Why so?

38). If you had a chance to know how you would die or when you would die, which one would you choose?

39). If you could wake up tomorrow as any celebrity in the world, which one would you choose?

40). If you could bring any one fictional character to life, who would it be?

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Movie-related ‘21 Questions Game’ Questions

Everyone loves movies. And you can tell a lot about a person from their taste in movies. Movie-related questions find their way into most similar games and they can be used in this one as well. These questions will work better if the participants are cinephiles.

1). What was the first movie you remember watching?

2). What was the first movie you ever watched in a theatre?

3). What is your favorite genre of movie?

4). Which movie do you remember was the first movie that you saw in your favorite genre?

5). What is your least favorite movie from your favorite genre?

6). What is the genre you hate the most?

7). Is there any movie from that genre which is actually good?

8). What is the movie that impacted you the most?

9). What is one character that inspired you to be better?

10). Who is one villain that almost convinced you to be a villain?

11). Who is one villain that you think was actually on the right side?

12). Which movie do you think is extremely overrated?

13). Which movie do you think is extremely underrated?

14). Which director do you think is extremely overrated?

15). Which director do you think is extremely underrated?

16). Which actor do you think is extremely overrated?

17). Which actor do you think is extremely underrated?

18). What is one movie that you saw which was so bad you wanted to get your time back?

19). Have you ever tried to become more like a character you liked?

20). What is your favorite thing to munch on while watching a movie?

21). Do you like to watch movies at home or in a theatre?

22). Is there any way that you could never grow tired of watching? Which movie is it?

23). Have you ever gone on a movie date? What movie was it and how did the date go?

24). Do you like animated movies?

25). Who is your favorite animated character?

26). What are your favorite animated movies?

27). Which movie do you think sparked your love for movies?

28). What movie character do you feel is extremely like you?

29). If you could go to live in a movie world, which one would that be and what role would you play?

30). What movie do you think has the best sequel ever?

31). What movie do you think has the worst sequel ever?

32). What movie do you think has the best remake ever?

33). What movie do you think has the worst remake ever?

34). What movie do you think should never be remade?

35). Which movie do you think was going really well but the climax ruined it?

36). Which movie do you think was going poorly but the climax saved it?

37). What is one movie that gives you goosebumps every time you watch it?

38). What is one movie that makes you cry every time you watch it?

39). What is one movie that scares you every time you watch it?

40). What is one movie that makes you laugh every time you watch it?

41). What is one movie that motivates every time you watch it?

42). Do you like to watch horror movies alone or with friends?

43). Which movie do you think has been the best adaptation of a book?

44). Which movie do you think has been the worst adaptation of a book?

45). Do you think movies should be adapted from books at all?

46). What do you think is the most iconic scene in cinema history?

47). What do you think is the most iconic line in cinema history?

48). Who do you think is the most iconic character in cinema history?

49). What movie claims to be a documentary but has twisted the facts too much in the name of dramatization?

50). What video game do you think can be made into a perfect movie?

Naughty ‘21 Questions Game’ Questions

This is the section where there are questions which you can use to electrify the mood in the room. You can ask questions which are obviously steamy in nature and get people to answer them. Whether you are trying to get into a relationship with someone, or trying to get to know the person you are in a relationship with better, these questions will do both. If used correctly, these questions can lead to a good time.

1). If you were given a choice, what would you be: an astronaut or a porn star?

2). What would you rather be: a porn star or an escort?

3). What is the most public place you have ever done it in?

4). Have you ever watched someone watching you while you were doing it?

5). Have you ever watched someone do it? Did they know?

6). Have you ever tried to get it on with a random stranger?

7). What is the dirtiest kink you have?

8). What is something that most people think about you is true, but they are wrong?

9). Have you ever had sex on your first date?

10). Have you ever had a friend with benefits relationship with someone?

11). What is the hottest dare you ever got in a ‘Truth or dare’ game? Did you go through with it?

12). Have you ever done it with a teacher?

13). Have you ever done it with someone you should not have done it with?

14). What is your most embarrassing drunk story?

15). Have you ever woken up in someone else’s bed after a drunken night?

16). Have you ever done it with someone you did not even know the name of?

17). Have you ever forgotten the name of a fling?

18). What do you look for in a good kiss?

19). What is something that can instantly ruin a kiss for you?

20). Do you like being dominated or do you like to dominate?

21). What is something that can turn you on instantly?

22). What is something that can turn you off instantly?

23). What is your most preferred method of foreplay?

24). How long do you think the foreplay should be?

25). Have you ever had unprotected sex?

26). What was your funniest moment with a condom?

27). Have you ever done something for someone or had someone do something for you in exchange for sex or something sexual?

28). Has anyone seen you naked by accident? How hot was it?

29). What is your hottest fantasy?

30). How is your present sexual life going?

31). How many times have you stayed longer in a relationship just because the sex was good?

32). Have you ever got into a relationship purely on the basis of looks?

33). Have you ever had a crush different from your sexual orientation?

34). How much do you love BDSM?

35). What has been the wildest thing you have done?

36). What is something you wanted to do but your partner did not?

37). Have you ever had a threesome? Was it with 2 guys or 2 girls?

38). What are your tricks you use during bed?

39). How do you seduce your partner when you are feeling horny?

40). Are you a part of the mile high club?

These questions will make for an extremely fun-filled and secret-revealing night with whoever you wish to play this game with. We hope these questions give you the perfect stockpile to ask questions from and even think of new, much more personalized questions depending on the other players.

Tips and Tricks

Try to be as honest as you can: As we said, probably the only rule of the game is to be honest. Now, you cannot possibly enforce this rule on others so you might as well take responsibility for your own answers. If your answer is something you don’t want to reveal, you can try and raise a flag, and as a last resort you may lie as well. But to have fun, all the players should be honest with each other.

Do not have too many people: While we did say you can have as many people as you want, the efficiency of this game decreases with an increase in the number of people. Firstly, the rounds keep getting slower and slower because each question takes too long to be completed. Secondly, as the number of people increases, people get more and more defensive of the private questions get more and more prone to lying, defeating the purpose of the game.

Be flexible: If someone has asked an interesting question or someone has given an interesting answer, you can choose to ask them to elaborate further. If they do not agree then, you can wait for your turn and ask your question as a follow up to that question. However, do not do this to dig into someone’s past or a matter they do not want to go into. Do this only when the answer is embarrassing and funny.

This game is a safe space: Do not judge other people for their choices and try to enjoy as much as possible. If any answer offends you, try not to show it then and there. If a disagreement happens, try to control it.

Let the conversation flow: Do not be so focused on the questions that you forget to actually converse with the people around you. If conversations start flowing after a particular question, let them happen before asking them to get back to the game.

This game is an excellent ice breaker, tool for flirting, way of getting to know someone, and much more; all the while being extremely fun and interesting. Make sure you do not cross any boundaries while playing this game and have fun.

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