Best Friend Tag Questions

‘Friendship’- a term which is difficult to describe, let alone the term ‘Best Friend’ is even harder. One of the many million ways you can define friendship is by sharing mutual consent to be there for each other selflessly. It takes time to build the foundation and to stick through the highs and the lows. It is a very important relationship, where one needs to put in efforts time and again. It is hard to build, harder to maintain, but worth it if you have ‘good friends ‘.

In this article, we focus more on making ‘good friendships’, rather than just knowing certain people and clubbing them under the title of friends, with no emotions as such. This is because, when we say ‘friends’, it cannot be just anyone; but has to be ‘the special people in your life.

Often, you are wondering, how to take the first step into making friends; and in many cases how to make your good friends’ level up and convert them into ‘Best Friends’. Well, firstly, your choice of Best friends will always be unexpected. Situations, decisions, and emotions make our friends change into our Best Friends because they choose to do more than they needed to and then attain a special place in one’s hearts. 

Well, not only can your Best Friend Tags be questions, but it can also be various activities. Like creating a singing duet together and guessing each other’s favorite songs. Painting each other’s favorite memory in a frame. Sketching out the first place that comes into your mind when you think of your Best Friend. 

Having a Best Friend is such a blessing in one’s life. Not only are they your confidants but also your chosen family. They make sure that you’re okay from time to time and provide you company on all your good and bad days. Therefore, know that you can only build your friendship with someone over the experiences that you both share together. These questions are not meant to elevate your friendship with a snap of a finger, these are just so that you always have a great time together.

Here we are to help you, with our list of Best Friend Tags, so that you can review it with your existing Best friends and realize whether they do know the answers to these questions or not. Also, it’ll help you bring out new interests in your friend circle and might lead your friendship into something more deep-rooted and fun.

  • The most fun question to ask your Best Friend is asking him/her, how and when you met?

This question will arise from so many old and gold memories between you guys and help you laugh at each other’s side of the story. Always a fun time, recalling the first ever meetup.

  • Following this question has to be the ‘First Impression’!

Squeeze out your heart and let those feelings burst out. Let your Best Friend know how amazing, or a witch-like villain they seemed at your first meet.

  • Ask them about your pet’s name.

How can a Best Friend not know about the cute-embarrassing name, your family calls you and you feel cringy in front of your bestie?

  • How many times did they want to shut you out?

Well, this would seem quite a heavy question to ask but the purpose of this question is to make you guys feel that despite all the rough situations, your bestie still chose your company and your existence in their life mattered more than just some problems.

  • Ask them about your go-to song.

See what your bestie comes up with. It might not be accurate, but at least you’ll know the vision of how he/she thinks of your taste in music.

  • Ask about your strengths.

See what your bestie perceives of your personality.

  • Ask about your weaknesses;

Find out what you need to work on, as your bestie knows what exactly you lack and he/she is pointing it out for you to make you stronger.

  • Few things he/ she doesn’t know about you?

This is a curious question and would bring out the fact that there were certain unclear things that your bestie thought but could not ask about it to you.

  • Questions that they are afraid to ask you.

Allow them to ask questions from you too. Let them take the front wheel and answer their mysterious questions about you.

Following are now some direct questions, which are a little light-hearted and will bring out a lot of amusement between you and your Best friends-

1). According to you, who is a mentor to me?

2). Do you think I keep a diary or a journal?

3). Do you prefer swimming in pools or oceans?

4). What are you most thankful for?

5). What is my favorite genre of books?

6). Who would you choose as your prince/princess if you had a choice among all the Disney characters?

7). Whom do you think I want to be closer to?

8). What was the last thing your read?

9). Who was the last person to whom you sent a heart emoji?

10). Do you think I like my name? Would I ever change it?

11). Do you prefer to live where you are right now or move somewhere else?

12). Do you think I like my cereal crunchy or soggy?

13). What’s your favorite season and why?

14). What is the one thing you want to conquer/overcome?

15). If I were to get a tattoo, what would it be and where would I get it?

16). How do you show someone you love them?

17). What is your favorite scent?

18). Do smelly feet make a person less attractive to you?

19). Have you ever met someone famous? Where?

20). Do you miss someone at the moment?

21). What is my idea of a dream vacation?

22). What is a secret talent your friend has?

23). What would you do with your best friend if you win a jackpot?

24). Who gets in trouble the most at school?

25). What Netflix series did we first binge-watched?

26). What is one food your BFF can’t live without?

27). Who is more likely to get fired from a job?

28). What would set my mood on my birthday? A surprise birthday plan or something chill?

29). Who is the better cook among the two?

30). A chocolate person or a candy person?

31). Who is most likely to get kicked out of class?

32). What is your favorite dream job?

33). How many languages do I speak?

34). What is my lucky number?

35). What is your version of a ‘chill time? And according to you, what is mine?

36). What is your favorite spirit animal?

37). What is my go-to breakup song?

38). What is it that you think you’re really bad at?

39). How long was our longest Snapchat streak?

40). Do I have any allergies? What are they?

41). What is your favorite sport?

42). What is my favorite place to shop?

43). Have you ever stolen my clothes? If yes, how many were they?

44). How would you describe my sense of humor?

45). List my top 3 current all-time favorite songs on Spotify.

46). What is your dream date?

47). Which app do I use the most?

48). Our favorite inside joke?

49). Our favorite memory together?

50). Our worst fight, according to you?

51). Who is a better dancer?

52). Who is more optimistic?

53). Who is more pessimistic?

54). Who is more introverted?

55). Who is more extroverted?

56). Who is a better cook?

57). Who is better at talking to people?

58). Who is a better singer?

59). Who is better at handling problems?

60). Who is the messier one?

61). What superpower would you like to have?

62). How would you like to be in future?

63). How would you describe me as?

64). Do you remember your dreams in the morning?

65). What year was your happiest and why?

66). Do you prefer rainy days or snowy days?

67). Give a close figure as to how much do I weigh?

68). Would I choose roller blades or roller skates at a skating rink rental counter?

69). Am I a flipflop person or a heels person?

70). Do I like getting wet in the rain or do I hate it?

71). Have I ever had surgery?

72). Is there a traumatic incident of my life that I have told no one about?

73). How much do you think I am close to my family?

74). Am I a cat person or a dog person?

75). What animal would I fit best if I transformed?

76). What creepy crawly am I most scared of?

77). What is my favorite board game?

78). Where was my last vacation trip?

79). Do I like to spend money or save it?

80). What is something I always keep in my pocket or wallet?

81). Do I have any weird talents or skills?

82). What is the one insecurity I have?

83). Where do I like to go unwind?

84). Have I ever failed a test?

85). What was a big hobby of mine growing up?

86). What is my lucky/favorite number?

87). What is my greatest fear?

88). Which was my strongest subject in school?

89). Which was my weakest subject in school?

90). If given a chance, would I be a better cook? Or a better chef?

91). Who is my favorite music band/singer?

92). Am I named after anyone?

93). Am I scared of height or deep waters?

94). Do you think I believe in paranormal activities?

95). If you could change something about me, what would it be?

96). Am I a good driver or a bad one?

97). Which city was I born in?

98). If given a chance to unknow me, would you still be my friend?

99). Do I have any phobias?

Another suggestion for your fun times is that you can play this game in a group. Ask a bunch of your friends to join you and ask these questions alternatively to all. Make a note of who’s getting the higher score. Is it someone whom you thought would be able to answer all the questions or is it, someone, you did not expect to know you so well?

Well, in such a scenario you will surprisingly have a new start with that friend and who knows, you guys might hit it off well. It is always a surprise as to whom you think your best friend is and ultimately whom it turns out to be in the reality.

Know that these questions are meant to be asked with a light heart and just out of fun. Do not be a critic of your best friend’s answers and ruin your friendship over something so silly. Do not misunderstand any of your BFF’s answers and take them against your liking.

Know that it is a healthy game; and if possible, if anything personal comes out amidst it, then do your part of corrections. It is not only important to know whether your best friend knows you well or not; it is also important that you be a better friend to him/her.

Know that the other person has chosen to be your friend despite knowing all your flaws. It is very important that we focus on our side of deliveries than create huge mountains of expectations. Whatever old or new that you find out about yourself or of your best friend through this game, make sure it only brings more positivity and clarity to your friendship.

Make a happy space among each other and enjoy the time with each other. Often, we lead our sense of judgement to create a lot of misunderstandings in the relationship we have with others. Know that this is a great chance of getting rid of such misunderstandings, and clear out all your confusions. Spend a fun, loving and great time with each other.

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