First Date Ideas for Funny & Romantic Dating Experience

What do you imagine when you think of your soulmates? It can be a guy of your dreams; it can be your best friend or even some stranger whom you connected with a click. Would you not want to have a great memorable time with him/her? And why does that have to be celebrated momentarily-on specific dates? Well, love needs to be celebrated every day! And in every way, small or big. Be it an amazing night out with your date, or just a cup of coffee in a cozy environment.

Dating has seemed to become too difficult in today’s time. There’s so much pressure on aesthetic locations, activities, conversations, company, etc. that it has taken away its charm. Well, don’t worry. We’ve got you covered. But there’s one thing that you need to know, an important “DISCLAIMER”.

Dating is personal. Whichever way you choose to spend your time with your loved one, it is precious, and it cannot be judged. It is not big and small. Your efforts, emotions and sincerity matter more than anything.

Following are some of our ideas to help you and your date have an amazing time.

The Most Classic Date

A planned outing is always great to spend time with your date in a fun environment. It helps the partners to know about each other’s likes/dislikes, their personalities and also acts as a crucial time to bond. Choosing places that you can explore and that can bring out your personalities helps in making good impressions. It is good to keep your fascination alive as to which place you will be going to next.

An Unplanned Uuting

Yes! You read it right. Unplanned. Where you are not worried about aesthetic locations, expensive food etc. It can be a simple meetup in a park, or a cozy place where you can meet your date, have a good seated conversation and bond well. It is a very important, yet neglected dating idea. Think about it. On one side, everyone is busy at a great restaurant, having a gala time, and on the other, you are spending your date with an intimate outlook, to know each other more; to focus on one’s self than the environment for once. That’s special.

You Can have A ‘Moving’ Date

Confused about this one? We really meant ‘moving’ dates. Take your dates on a ride. Not always you’ll find it attractive to sit and talk. Sometimes you just have to appreciate each other’s company on the road. You would have a great time, over a car drive, a bike ride and also bicycle riding with each other. It helps your date to know that you are a fun person who appreciates quality time in all places and not just fancy-schmancy locations.

Indoor Dates

Not always your dates have to take place outside. Have a comfy indoor date, where you can meet each other at your own places, show them around. It helps to show your personality in a more transparent way. Your date would love to know about your everyday life than just momentary incidents. Have an indoor movie projection. Even your laptops would do. Eat some popcorn, cook a simple dish like pasta for your date to make him/her feel special. It is always the efforts that count.

Go on A Cultural Date

Explore your city together. It so happens that whenever we plan on going somewhere, we find unexpected eye-pleasing places in the journey that we look forward to going. It can be a long road that was filled with lights, or a beautiful scenery earthen place, that you passed by while going somewhere. Take your dates to such places and enjoy the essence of it. 

You can not only do this, but also go to places that your city is famous for. Go to that museum; attend that exhibition; see that monastery; visit those temples and masjids to know about the culture. Always keep in mind that such places are too under-rated, but has huge impacts on one’s minds. You and your date will be in awe of these places and you will appreciate each other’s company all the more.

Coffee Dates

Classic and trendy are coffee places. Take your date to a coffee house, capture its aesthetics; click many photos together; know each other better. It is always a great time to share your views and opinions over a cup of coffee. Have a great bond.

Vacation Dates

Another important and under-rated date is “vacayyyyyy dates”. Go on a trip with your loved one; Enjoy the travel; let out your personality to the fullest. Do all kinds of fun activities together. Be your most amazing self. Do all the touristy things together. Know that these days are so valuable. You get a chance to get rid of your mundane life and its stress; so, focus all your time and headspace on your date and relax with each other. Be each other’s confidant and let out all your emotions.

Company Dates

Not always you are the best exhibitor of your personality. Have group time with your date involved. Introduce him/her to your friends. Your date will be amazed to see the different side of you with your friends. Your date will feel more closer to you by knowing about your life with the people involved in their life. One on one conversations tend to get a little boring; so, time and again, meet up with your friends, along with your date to have a great time.

Galpal Dates

Not always your dates have to be with your significant others. Your soulmate can be your best friend. Have a good time with your galpals; It is very important to share your heart out with your mates. Who better people to give you advice on your problems than your besties? Be your unapologetic self and make the best of time.

Brocode Dates

What better people to have all your rock and rolls other than your ‘bros’? It is such an underestimated date; however so important for the guys. Having a crazy night out, crazy wrestling matches, coffee dates, etc is so precious. And of course, who can forget? The staple date among boys- ‘Bike Rides’. Always travelling together and sharing each other’s stuff, is what we call, ‘The Perfect Date’.

On-call Dates

Your dates don’t have to be announced and perfectly exhibited. It is all about the efforts and gestures. In today’s busy lives and times, one is always too caught up to spend time on dates with their loved ones. Spend some of your free time or your short recess by calling your partner. Show that they matter by this gesture; it shows concern. Making time for someone when you have time is very easy. The real deal is when you make time for your loved one when you don’t have much time. This will make your loved one feel prioritised and important in your life. Such phone-call dates are not meant to be lengthy. They are just to know about each other’s well-being and that’s enough.

Virtual Dates

We are all aware that golden dating times are a little difficult to take place, where you would be sitting with your partner and have a face to face conversation. With the world falling ill and also technically upgrading so much, it is possible to have a virtual date. Well, no need to feel disheartened. It is still very crucial and worthy. One mistake that people do while on a virtual date is to treat their partner like the same old friend and talk to them in however conditions they are in. A big NO to this. Get ready girl/guy! Dress up! Isn’t it too boring? Show your fashion; your makeup skills; your brightest smile to woo your partner. Spend a luxurious date with a glass of wine, a good room setup. Make it special and worthy. That’s how you make your first impressions.

Another important thing to note. This won’t keep up for a long time. You will not always feel like getting ready and preparing yourself for a date or so; don’t be embarrassed. Show your bare face with as much confidence as you did with your makeup. Your date needs to love and accept both your ‘put together looks’ and your ‘everyday comfy looks’. Make sure that you are your real self at both times and that’s the only thing that matters. Your authenticity on a date.

Go on Music Concert Dates

Well, this is a little different from your regular dates when you would hunt down places and sit and enjoy the food. Music is a vibe. It connects hearts. Take your date to your favourite music concert. Enjoy the time. Dance away with each other. It is always special and sexy to dance to groovy concert music with your partner. You forget about the world and just enjoy music which is all you can hear.

Recreate Your First Date

It is always fun to do things outside the box. Wear something similar, go to the same place, order the same old dish that you were too nervous to eat with your partner in front of you. Laugh away all the foolish mistakes that you did while seeing each other for the first time. It’s always a great thing to do.

Candle-light Date

How can we forget about the good old classic? Yes, it’s a bit cheesy, but why not? Love is too special to celebrate it boringly. Always do things with the intentions of having a great time with your partner and do not think of any stranger’s judgements. Have a beautiful candle-light dinner set up for your partner. It can be at a restaurant whose food is your all-time favorite. It can be an indoor candle-light dinner, with all your partner’s favorite dishes cooked by you especially for him/her. It can also be set up in an open space, like a park, a lawn, a terrace, or even a balcony. Know that the effort counts more than anything. Your intentions will be the first thing that is going to win your partner’s heart over.

Last but not Least, Self-dates

Well, we’re hoping that you didn’t forget about yourself, did you? We really hope not. Over anything else, the most important time that you spend is time with yourself. You have to make sure that you’re giving all your efforts to express love and care for yourself. Plan your dates with more time and love than any of the above mentioned. Make sure you have a good and memorable time. Go to your favorite restaurant and order a big meal all by yourself. Treat yourself to a relaxing massage/spa time. Go on long walks listening to your favorite music. Go on solo trips and travel the entire world. Wear those fashion iconic dresses that you always wanted to wear. Just do it. Be your authentic self and love yourself the way you are.


These were some of our suggestions of date ideas for you guys. Of course, we would like to put it out there that dating is personal. Your ways of dating will always be a side of your personality. Never do something materialistic just for the sake of it. Always know that your partner is going to be seeing your sincerity over everything else. It is very important for us to mention that just as much as such external setups are important to keep your dating lively and fun, it is all the more important to have an internal connection while you’re dating. Having important conversations, bonding and knowing about each other is so important. 

However, whomever your dates are with, be it alone, with your girlfriends, your guy friends, your best friends, or your partners, make sure you’re giving it your all. Live to the fullest. Be present in the moment and enjoy your time to the fullest. What is life, if not some fleeting moments? Make every day count, with the people you love around you. Life is too short to keep making plans. Make them happen. Keep going on beautiful dates; we wish you all the best!

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