Family Feud Questions

Family feud has been a beloved American game show for decades and has even made its presence felt on prime-time TV in other parts of the world. From the legendary Richard Dawson in the past to the extremely hilarious Steve Harvey today, Family Feud has had a dazzling line-up of hosts. This is why it has cemented its place in the hearts of many families. The biggest USP is that it is completely family friendly, which is why families can see it together, and of course play it together too.

How to Play Family Feud Questions Game?

Well, you don’t have to be selected for the actual game to play family feud with your family. There are a total of five rounds: four rounds with a single question and a fast money round with 5 questions. Therefore, if you want to go all the way, you will be facing a total of 9 questions. While the first 2 questions in the first 4 rounds have normal points attached to them, the third question is worth double the points and the last question is worth triple. This is why you don’t just have to play hard; you have to play smart.

How Can You Approach the Single Questions?

1). One of you obviously has to be the host of the game. That person will be the only one with access to all the questions and all the answers.

2). The rest of the family (or friends) will be divided into 2 groups having the same number of people.

3). Before every question is asked, both teams have to send in a player who will get the opportunity to answer the questions first. They will only get one shot at it. The answer which had the greater number of points will be chosen as the winner and their team gets to have the first crack at the question.

4). The players of the team stand in order and give one answer after the other. Whenever a given answer matches the list of answers the host has, the team gets a certain number of points equal to the number of people (out of 100) who answered it when these questions were put on survey.

5). If a given answer is such that it kind of coincides with an already given answer, the player who gave the answer will get another chance. If the host feels that a given answer is vague, they may ask the person to give them a more specific answer.

6). If an answer is not on the list of answers, the team gets one strike. Once the team has got three strikes, they stop answering and the question passes on to the other team.

7). Once the question is passed to the other team, they only get a single chance to give an answer. If they do so correctly, they get the sum total of all the points that each of the first teams’ answers amounted to. Otherwise, the first team gets the points.

8). If a team manages to give all the answers (known as clearing the board) before getting three strikes, the team automatically gets the sum total of their acquired points.

How Can You Approach Fast Money Round?

1). Once the first four rounds are over, the team with the greatest number of points moves on to the fast money round.

2). They volunteer two of their best players to get out of the room.

3). One of them is called back in by the host and then the host reads out the 5 questions they have for the contestants. The contestant only has one shot at answering all of them. They get 20 seconds for answering them.

4). Once they have answered all the questions, the host counts the points of all the answers they gave in a similar way to the normal questions round.

5). Then the second player is brought in to play the game and they are given 25 seconds because duplicate answers aren’t allowed. So, if they do give a same answer, they will be asked to give another answer. The total they get will be added up to.

6). At the end, if the sum total of all the answers given by both the players in the round is equal to or more than 200, the team wins. Otherwise, the team loses.
The time limit involved in this round is what makes this so interesting. When people are put under so much pressure, they often fumble.

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Can You Play It Any Differently?

Well, we are helping you play this extremely popular game show in your house and we understand if everything about this game is not available altogether. Hence there are a number of variants of the original game that you can play at home.

A written feud: All you need is pens and papers for each of the contestant involved. It is a very popular home variant. In this, you treat all the questions, even the fast money questions, as simple ones and ask them to the players. Each play gets only guess at it. Once all the questions are over, you tally their scores to see who got the highest.

A team-less feud: This is a variant which has the potential to be really loud and a whole lot of fun. The players are not separated into teams and the decision to keep score or not is optional. People keep guessing till all the answers are revealed, thus the loudness. This game will often require the host to keep providing the contestants some hints and push them in the right direction to give the correct answers.

The literal feud: As we told you, in a normal family feud game, answers need not be the exact same as they appear in the host’s card. However, in this variant, we do exactly that. The contestant’s answers are counted only when they are exactly the same as the host’s card. This leads to a lot of fun banter and little fights as teams try to convince the host that their answer is the closest to the card. As you can probably guess, in this version the discretion of the host is required.

Pen and paper for Fast money: When you have a shortage of people for the teams, this variant is a good one to try. You got to play the first three rounds as no teams. Then eventually we bring out the pens and papers for the fast money round.

The best part about family feud is that it can be played online too. It works amazingly well on any video-conferencing setup. You don’t need anything else, anything special. Just make sure whoever is the host gets the answer list and whoever isn’t the host doesn’t. and have a lot of fun.

Family Feud Questions and Answers

Each of these questions can be asked both in a normal round and in fast money. The numbers after each answer represent the number of points it carries.

Also, it would be good if the host gets into the act and announces “Let’s start the feud”.

Question 1:

Give me something which is done by people only one time in a week?

Going to the church 35

Cleaning the house 24

Going for shopping or groceries 12

Do their laundry 6

Sleep in till noon 6

Go out for dinner 4

Question 2:

Which character from the popular TV show F.R.I.E.N.D.S is the most popular among viewers?

Chandler 19

Monica 17

Ross 16

Rachel 16

Joey 14

Phoebe 10

Gunther 3

Question 3:

Name something that pairs well when you eat it with a hamburger.

French fries 60

Onion rings 12

Tater tots 9

Pickles 5

Ketchup 5

Salad 3

Soup 3

Question 4:

Name one reason for which one may have to sell or give away something which was a family heirloom.

It broke 29

You got divorced 22

It doesn’t look good 18

You need some money 12

There is a lot of stuff in your house 10

You are moving somewhere else 7

Question 5:

What place do kids spend a lot of their time nowadays?

The internet 28

Their room/ their bed 22

The mall 16

The house of a friend 12

Their school 10

A park 4

Tuition 4

Question 6:

Name something which will make someone get up in the morning at 2 am

Bathroom 24

A nightmare 19

Their baby crying 16

It gets too cold or hot 13

Heard something suspicious 12

A work calls 6

They are hungry or thirsty 4

They want to make whoopie 2

Question 7:

Name an action that you haven’t performed since you got out of your gym class in high school.

Play dodge ball 25

Do push-ups 23

A mile runs 21

Crunches 9

Swimming in laps 8

Go to a locker room and change 5

Lift weights 3

Exercise 2

Question 8:

100 Americans were asked how much did they tip when they received good service?

15% 39

20% 22

25% 18

20 dollars 8

18% 7

10% 3

Question 9:

What is something the cost of which is less than or equal to a dollar?

Items from a fast-food menu 29

Newspaper 23

Gum 17

Soft drink 10

Fruits 6

Stamp 4

Question 10:

Name a country where Spanish is spoken a lot

Spain 38

Cuba 24

Mexico 15

The USA 10

Costa Rica 4

Argentina 4

Colombia 3

Chile 2

Question 11:

What is one liquid that one can find in their kitchen that everyone hopes no one ever drinks accidentally?

Vinegar 46

Detergent or soap 30

Soy sauce 16

Cooking oil 4

Bacon grease 4

Question 12:

Name something that often “breaks down”

Computer or laptop 44

Car 22

Body 17

Foreign relations 7

Communication 2

The TV 2

Question 13:

Name a wizard that is very famous.

Harry Potter 37

Dr. Strange 26

Merlin 11

The Wizard of Oz 9

Gandalf 8

Newt Scamander 3

Voldemort 2

Question 14:

We surveyed 100 men: if they were going on dates with someone, how many pounds could they gain between two consecutive dates without them noticing?

1 pound 35

5 pounds 24

10 pounds 20

2 pounds 12

20 pounds 3

15 pounds 2

Question 15:

How many socks (pairs) does a worker in a fast-food chain go through every single week?

7 25

14 23

15 20

10 9

20 7

2 5

5 3

Question 16:

What is one another word that you can call a book?

Story 55

Novel 16

Publication 10

Paperback 4

Volume 4

Tome 3

Pamphlet 3

Question 17:

When a woman is 25 years old, what is the thing in her life that stresses her out the most?

Love life 28

Her finances or debt 26

Her job 17

Her friends 13

Her kids or her family 7

Starting a new family 4

Question 18:

What is one type of furniture which has a good chance that it may be handmade?

Chair 41

Table 31

Dresser 12

Bookshelf 5

Bench 2

Cabinet 2

Bed 2

Question 19:

Who is the person whose name may be tattooed on a young man?

His girlfriend or his wife 33

His mom 25

His father 14

His child 10

God or the almighty 6

His pet 5

His grandparents 2

Question 20:

Name a famous character from HBO’s hit series ‘Game of Thrones’

Daenerys Targaryen or Khaleesi 26

Jon Snow 23

Arya Stark 22

Cersei Lannister 15

Tyrion Lannister 7

Sansa Stark 2

Jaime Lannister 2

Question 21:

How long does a commute have to be to describe it as ‘unbearable’?

An hour 41

45 minutes 26

2 hours 15

30 minutes 6

1.5 hours 5

20 minutes 2

Question 22:

What is something that always has to be kept plugged in for it to work?

Computer 33

TV 25

Lamp 24

Phone 11

Speakers 2

Headsets 2

Question 23:

Name a famous character from Harry Potter.

Harry Potter 52

Dumbledore 16

Hermione 14

Snape 5

Ron 5

Hagrid 3

Draco Malfoy 2

Question 24:

What is one sport that all mothers hope their kid does not have to play?

Football 36

Hockey 34

Soccer 13

Baseball 7

Basketball 5

Rugby 3

Question 25:

What is a fruit that people like to eat in the morning?

Strawberry 25

Banana 22

Apple 19

Peach 15

Orange 12

Grapefruit 3

Melon 2

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