Flirty Questions to Ask A Guy

When it comes to flirting most of us get perplexed and confused. Understanding another person and what he likes is a complicated process and one wrong step can completely change the game. Guys can be extremely difficult to read and flirting with them especially through texting. They are not very good at expressing themselves and getting the hang of proper flirting can be a difficult task. Therefore, when you decide to text your crush or a guy that you like, each step and action needs to be meticulously planned to receive the desired results.

Things that should keep in mind while flirting:

a). Understand the vibe: before you start with the cute texts make sure you understand the vibe between the two of you. It is also important that you figure out what kind of mood he is in. if he has not had the best day and is burdened with several tasks, make sure you try to support him instead of using cheesy lines.

b). Follow his social media accounts: following him on different social platforms will give you an idea of what the guy likes and what he does not. You can figure out how to proceed and which topics you should focus on during your conservations to catch his attention. Make sure you talk about things he is interested in; otherwise, he may stop replying or get bored, or worse, friendzone you. 

c). Give him space: guys love to stay in their headspace and are not comfortable with sharing their thoughts quickly. You will need the patience to wait for him to open up. If you want genuine replies, give him his space and do not text too frequently. You may come across as needy or desperate if you text too often and nag him for a reply. Just wait for him to take some time out for you and once you know he is free, you can start flirting with him without any time constraint.

d). Stay original: while using flirty lines or asking questions make sure you show your true self and avoid altering your personality to fit his description of desirable. Sooner or later, your true character will shine through and you will lose his attention slowly.

Questions That You Should Use While Flirting With Him

Casual Questions to Ask A Guy

Start with simple questions that are not personal. Ask him his preferences, and the guy will be aware of the fact that you are willing to find out about him and not just interested in talking about yourself. Once you find out his choices and preferences, store this information safely in your brain because you may need to use it later.

In the future when you are planning his birthday or want to surprise him, using this information will become quite important. The fact that you have remembered this tiny detail about him will create a huge impact. Some of these questions are:

1). What is your favorite color? Why do you think you like it so much?

2). What is your favorite time of the day? Is there a reason for it?

3). Are you a morning person or a night owl?

4). Do you prefer texting or calling? Or does it depend on the person?

5). What was your favorite subject in school as a kid?

6). What is your favorite thing to do?

7). What kind of sports are you into?

8). What type of music do you listen to?

9). Do you listen to podcasts? Do you have one you like?

10). What is the one song you think describes me the best?

11). Do you listen to the tune or pay more attention to the lyrics while listening to a song?

12). How do you like your coffee?

13). Do you like cooking for someone you love?

14). How do you like your eggs in the morning? What is your idea of the perfect breakfast?

15). Are you a white or red wine person?

16). What kind of movies or books are you into?

17). Which are your favorite series?

18). Do you have a celebrity crush?

19). Which movie character do you relate to the most?

20). Which movie or book character do you want your girlfriend to be like?

21). Who is your favorite director?

22). Which authors do you like the most?

23). Do you have a favorite actor?

24). Do you see yourself directing a movie or writing a book?

25). If you do, what would it be about?

26). What is your favorite childhood memory?

27). How is my number saved on your phone? Under which name?

28). What is the weirdest rumour you heard about yourself?

29). Do you have a comfort food?

30). Would you call yourself an introvert or an extrovert?

31). Do you believe in zodiac signs and astrology?

32). What do you think is the coolest superpower? If you could have one, which would you choose?

33). What was your first impression of me?

34). What are you extremely passionate about?

35). Do you like rain? I think it reminds me of you.

Philosophical Questions to Ask A Guy

You can also ask the guy some intellectual questions and this will let the guy know that you are not all about beauty but also quite intellectual smart. When you ask these questions, you will come across as someone who reads books and is a lover of art and literature, whereas, these philosophical questions will portray you as some who understands films, art, and cinematography. This is also a clever and good way to make sure that he is actually single and that you are not wasting your time.

If he did flirt with you in the past and you want to confirm whether or not he is available this is a classy way to find out without being too obvious. Nowadays most people read flags and continue investing their time and emotions in meaningless attachments you do not fall victim to this trend. Frame the questions carefully to understand whether he is emotionally ready to be with you right now.

1). Do you think sacrifice should be a part of a relationship?

2). Which is more important, love or trust?

3). Have you ever wondered how many galaxies are out there?

4). What do you think about while looking at the stars?

5). If you could change one thing about the world, what would it be?

6). Which decision do you regret the most?

7). Have you ever wanted to run away to the mountains?

8). What is the one thing you cannot live without?

9). What is the happiest thing in your life right now?

10). If you could give one piece of advice to your 10-year-old self, what would it be?

11). Do you know you make me want to be a better person?

12). If you could make a wish right now, what would it be?

13). Where do you think life will lead you in 5 years?

14). Do you think fun is important in life? Do you want your partner to be able to make you laugh?

15). Do you have a favorite quote? Do you have more than one? I would love to hear them.

16). Which era in the history of mankind do you think your soul belongs to?

17). They say eyes can reveal a lot about a person, what do you see when you look at mine?

18). What was the first thing you thought of when you woke up this morning?

19). Do you think a parallel universe exists? If it does then what do you think we would be doing right now?

20). Is it okay if I tell you that you make me really happy?

21). Do you know you have a whole universe in your eyes?

22). What was a major turning point in your life?

23). Do you believe in taking risks?

24). Would you accept a person as they are without asking them to change?

25). Do you believe that the universe gives signs sometimes? Have you ever felt it personally?

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Romantic Questions to Ask A Guy

After you have established a certain level of comfort with the guy, you can proceed to ask these questions. If you are certain that he is into you, only then should you engage in these conversations. Once you find yourself talking all day with the guy and thinking about him every now and then, that is a good time to understand that you both have become more than friends. So, make sure you wait for a considerable amount of time before getting too personal with him.

If you sense that he is becoming uncomfortable refrain from asking these types of questions. You will have to wait for a couple more weeks before you can ask him something romantic. These questions are a subtle and convenient way to let the guy know that you would like to go out with him. These questions will also help you understand whether or not the guy reciprocates your feelings and is actually willing to go out with you.

1). Hey, have you been working out lately?

2). What is your idea of a perfect date?

3). Do you know how wonderful you are?

4). How have you managed to stay single?

5). Do you know you make me want to be a better person?

6). If you could change one thing about your past, what would it be?

7). Do you see a future with me?

8). If you could would you run away with me right now?

9). Do you think about holding my hands? I sometimes think about it.

10). Is it just me or are you really cute when you are shy?

11). If I tell you a secret, would you keep it?

12). What is more important, love or money?

13). What is a major turn-on for you?

14). What are your kinks?

15). How do you treat a woman you love?

16). Do you think I can make you happy?

17). What is your favorite aphrodisiac?

18). Is there a specific movie you would like to see with me?

19). How come I did not find you earlier?

20). Do you wish we had met a few years back?

21). Have you ever made out in public?

22). What kind of woman do you find sexy?

23). Have you been stalking me or are we just that much similar?

24). How do you just keep reading my mind?

25). If you could keep only one memory of me, what would it be?

26). What is your darkest desire?

27). Do you think a picnic should be considered an ideal date idea?

28). Are you scared of commitments? Is there any reason you feel that way?

29). Do you have trust issues? Do you find it difficult to trust me?

30). Are you someone who can show emotions freely?

31). What do you look for the most in your partner?

32). Do you know that I find myself thinking of you throughout the day?

33). Is it okay if I tell you that I find you very interesting?

34). Do you think we were meant to cross paths with each other?

35). Is destiny something you believe in?

Miscellaneous Questions to Ask A Guy

If you are at your wit’s end and do not know how to keep the conversation going, you can ask these interesting questions. Try to talk more about him than yourself. Keep your replies short and engaging to leave him wondering about what is going on inside you. There is no specific time to ask these questions, these are casual and fun and therefore, can be incorporated into the conversation at any point in time.

It is best to talk about the other person in a conversation because talking too much about yourself the other person will lose interest in the conversation or will think that you are self-centred. To keep the conversation flowing naturally, it is best to talk about the other person and also show that you are willing to listen to them and that you are interested in them. Asking questions like these will immediately make the guy feel better about himself and will make him notice that you appreciate his presence.

1). Do you own a pet? Are you a cat person or a dog person?

2). What is the strangest experience you have had in your life? Do you want to tell me about it?

3). On a weekend do you like to stay in or go out?

4). Have you ever wanted to learn any foreign languages? Did you have to learn any in your school?

5). Do you know how to play any instruments?

6). What is your worst drunk memory?

7). What is the funniest pickup line you have ever heard?

8). Do you have an ideal coping mechanism? Do you think humour actually works?

9). Are you more into bikes or cars?

10). If you could meet one famous person from history, who would it be?

11). Have you ever wanted to wake up as a different person?

12). Do you like the mountains more or the sea beaches?

13). What do you think is your spirit animal?

14). What is the proudest moment in your life?

15). Do you have a favorite season? Which is it?

16). Do you like sunrise or sunset? I think the sky looks beautiful at dusk and dawn

17). If I tell you a secret, would you keep it?

18). Do you think nightmares are a manifestation of reality?

19). Do you like to travel? What is your favorite destination?

20). On a cold winter evening would you prefer tea or coffee? Maybe someday, I will make a cup for you.

21). Do you think I am different from most of the people in your life?

22). Do you like to dress up or dress down?

23). Do you think handwriting can reveal a lot about a person? I would like to see yours someday.

24). What is your guilty pleasure? Do you want to hear mine?

25). Do you think some amount of insanity is important to be happy in life?

26). Do you cry when you watch emotional movies?

School and College Edition Questions to Ask A Guy

Schools and colleges a big part of a person’s life and you can figure out things if you know a teenager and young adults. The following questions will help you understand what his experience was in the education centers. Sharing memories of schools and colleges are not only fun and entertaining but are extremely relatable as well.

1). Who is your favorite teacher or professor and what makes you feel this way about them?

2). Do you have a best friend? I think having a person you can share your thoughts with is so important.

3). How important do you think formal education is?

4). Is there a teacher you cannot stand? I have had a few teachers who would always get on my nerves.

5). What is your best memory in school? Do you want to share it with me?

6). Do you remember your first day in school or college? Do you want to tell me about it?

7). If you could change a few things about the education system, what would they be?

8). Do you believe that a pen is mightier than a sword?

9). If you could take up any other subject which one, would it be and why?

10). You sound like an amazing student what is the secret to your achievements?

11). What do you think is more important determination or perseverance?

12). Would you stand up against something unacceptable that your teacher says or does?

13). Have you ever cheated on a test?

14). What is the most epic prank you pulled on a friend?

15). Do you find yourself doodling more frequently than taking notes?

16). Have you ever passed notes to your best friend because the teacher doesn’t let you talk?

17). What is the one memory that you would like to relive from your school or college?

18). What is the most annoying rule your school or college had? Did you ever think of breaking it?

19). What is the craziest thing you tried out with your friends in school?

20). Where you a backbencher or the class clown?

21). Where you on the football or basketball team in your school or college?

22). Have you ever gotten into a bad fight?

23). Do you think college is better than school? During which one did you have the most fun?

24). Have your friends changed over time?

25). Who has been your friend the longest?

Job and Office Edition Questions to Ask A Guy

The office can be stressful for many people and sharing these anxious experiences can be quite a stress buster. Try to make him feel better after he has had a tiring day at the office. Trust me, he will thank you for it and remember you for a long time. Every day after work, he will text you as you are fun to talk with and can discuss his whole day at the office.

1). Do you like your job?

2). Is this what you always wanted to do?

3). What do you like to do after you are done with the office?

4). Do you like your colleagues?

5). If you could pick an alternate career, what would it be and why?

6). Are you happy with where you are now?

7). Do you have a dream job?

8). Do you like your boss?

9). What is the one thing about your boss that you cannot stand?

10). What is a fun memory that you have at your office?

11). Have you planned anything for the future?

12). Are you more of an organized person or a messy person?

13). Do you get nervous before presentations, because I do?

14). How are you so confident and funny at the same time?

15). Do you have a favorite co-worker?

16). Does it get annoying to wake up every morning only to attend a video conference which could be an e-mail?

17). Do you like work from home better or was meeting your co-workers an important part of the whole experience?

18). Do you like attending parties at your office?

19). What is your favorite dinner that you want after you have had a stressful day at office?

20). Have you ever lied to your boss about why you are taking a leave? I would really appreciate some fun excuses that I could use.

21). How nervous were you on your first day at work?

22). Do you know I really like you in formals? You should wear it more often.

23). Have you ever thought about what an impressive boss you would make?

24). What would you do if your boss hits on you?

25). Every office has inside joked, does yours have some too?

Family Edition Questions to Ask A Guy

Family is an integral part of a person and therefore it is difficult to avoid talking about it. So, you can ask these simple yet fun questions about his family. These will help you understand him better and will tell you a lot about what kind of person he is.

1). What is your family like? Mine is a little crazy but I think every family is in their own way.

2). Do you have siblings? Tell me how annoying can they be.

3). Do you have a cool cousin that you look for a family meeting?

4). What is the weirdest thing you have done with your family?

5). Where are you originally from?

6). Do you get scolded often for not listening to your parents?

7). As a kid, were you the rebellious kind?

8). What is your favorite family activity?

9). Do you have younger siblings or cousins? Do you like kids?

10). Do you think you would get homesick if you had to stay away from them for some reason?

11). What is your relationship like with your parents?

12). Do you get enough privacy at home?

13). Who is that family member who knows all your secrets?

14). Do your parents know what an amazing job they did raising you? Maybe you should tell them.

15). Will your parents like me if they met me?

16). What are some of the things you would like to do for your family?

17). What are some of the family rules that you think do not make sense?

18). Do get into a lot of arguments with your family? I do sometimes, but we solve it quickly, I think communication is essential.

19). As a teenager how strict were your parents?

20). How important is family to you?

Apart from flirting there are several other things that guys note and may enhance the whole process and reduce your effort. Things like your profile picture or display picture play a huge role in determining how the guy will react to your text messages. Depending on your personality and your overall vibe, they will interpret the same message in different ways. Another thing that catches the attention of most guys is your online presence.

The pictures you post, the captions, the stories your share, the memes you react to all create a holistic impression of you. Guys use these indirect pieces of information to gauge what kind of person they are. Therefore, make sure you show your original and true self on social media because any fake activity can be perceived easily.

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