Romantic Good Morning Quotes & Text Messages for Her to Spruce Up Her Day!

The first thing that you read in the morning can make or break your day. It can either inspire you or bring you down. It can either lift your spirits or demotivate you. It can either brighten your day and make getting your morning double shot espresso redundant or you might have to resort to whiskey on the rocks to get yourself kicking. So, the first thing that you read is of paramount importance. This is probably one reason why it is advised to not check your hate filled twitter notifications or messages right after you open your eyes. 

So, how about sending a well thought out morning quotes for your girlfriend to make her day a tad bit better for her to get through. Nothing can make a girl love her sweetheart boyfriend more than a “Good morning message”. Let her know how much you love her and have her in your thoughts even before she wakes up. I am sure this will make her miss a heartbeat. And if you can be cheesy and cocky with your words, then you might also end up teasing her a bit. And what better way to start her morning than that?

Here, we have compiled a string of “Good Morning Messages” for her to spruce up her day, because, why the hell not?

1). If I am the sunflower, then you are the sun for me because if I don’t look up at you and absorb the rays that you emanate, I will perish. Oh, my darling, wake up! Good Morning.

2). You are the only girl in the world for me and I am glad to have you in my life. Good Morning, my love.

3). The light that sparkles from your eyes is more vital than the sunlight in the morning. Rise and shine and be prepared to kill your day. Good Morning, my love.

4). You are the only woman in the world for me and with every passing day I have this intense desire to go infinity and beyond with you. Good Morning, my beauty!

5). You are the rain that makes blossoms look radiant. Good morning my angel!

6). As I watch the torrential rain pour upon the city and wash away all the nightly sins, I am reminded of the love that you shower upon me. Good Morning, my sweetheart.

7). I want you to know that the light in your eyes pulls me into your gaze. I don’t think I can ever look away, even for a nano second. Good Morning, my Angel!

8). I would like to borrow what J.R.R Tolkien once said and that is – I would rather spend one lifetime with you, than face all the ages of this world alone. Good Morning, my love.

9. You are my spring, my summer, my monsoon, my winter. You are all the weather put together. Good Morning, my love.

10. A morning is never gloomy if you are shining. Good Morning, my Angel!

11. You’re like my morning coffee, you rejuvenate every pore of my body. Good morning, my munchkin!

12. I would have wished you a “good” morning, but a morning without you by my side, is never good. Good Morning, my Angel!

13. Tea isn’t enough to complete my morning routine, I need you.

14. The world outside is still asleep until you step out and brighten up everyone. Wake up, the world needs you. Good morning, my munchkin!

15. I wonder what would be like to wake up to you, by your side! Hope this message makes you have me in your thoughts all day long. Good morning, my teddy bear!

16. When you are around, mornings don’t feel like “mourn”-ings. Have an exceptionally good morning, my dearest.

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Meet Her Later in The Day?

If you are meeting her later in the day or at the brink of twilight, let her know from beforehand how ecstatic you are by sending her a morning wish. What are you waiting for? Shoot her a text message already.

17. A new day has begun and I am so excited to see you, you have all my heart. May the morning freshness never leave you!

18. I cannot believe you will be spending the entire day with me tomorrow, cupcake!

19. Good morning, muffin. You are so sweet that I get a sugar rush just at the thought of you.

20. Gorgeous, rise and shine! You have spoilt me with your warmth and affections and I don’t think I can ever do a day without thinking about you after every minute. Good morning, my polar bear!

21. I wanted you to begin the day with the knowledge that I am yours and you are mine. Good Morning, Muffin.

22. I wanted you to know that I love you with all my heart and above all things, I offer you my soul. Good Morning. Here is to wishing this message receives you with a smile.

23. You are the seashore I wish to get back to, so that I can relax and unwind and rejuvenate my spirits. Good Morning, my dearest. Hoping this message brings a smile to your face.

24. I want you to wake up and see this, so I am drafting this message the night before. I want to wake up to your cuddling. Since that is not happening anytime soon – hugs, kisses and a lot of warm cuddles from me to you. Good Morning, my little rat!

25. You are the girl who came in my dreams many moons ago, and I cannot believe I am dating you right now. Good morning, my loveliest.

Office Going Lady and the Best Suited Morning Messages for Her!

You might have a girlfriend or a fiancé or a partner who has an extremely important day or week following the day after you send her a message. It is not easy to survive a workday with more than a stringent 9 to 5 hour work schedule. Some pull in longer hours with sleepless nights. Some might begin the day with meetings one after the other. Some might have an important presentation, or a client meeting or a pitch day or a brainstorming session with the senior team.

Some might just have a boring day filled with files to go through, fill and sign. Either way, it is not easy to get through in your professional space. There is always that over demanding boss, an irritating colleague, a huge tower of files and a non- exhaustive mailbox to deal with and we all understand that. This is why it is important to motivate your girlfriend or fiancé or partner to get through the day.

Do wish her an energetic and productive day at her workplace.

26. I know you have a tough day ahead, but babe you rock your work just like you rock my world. Good morning, boss lady!

27. Good Day with your office. Guess what, after work, I am taking you to the restaurant you always wanted to go to. Just got the reservation for both of us.

28. May this message make your morning supremely better than usual because I have a surprise planned for you right after you finish work today. Have a great day ahead, boss lady.

29. I know you will close the deal with your most expensive client. You go girl!

30. I have utmost faith in your potential. You shall get the promotion that you have been seeking for more than a year now. Good Morning, to the best employee the company ever had.

31. I am sure you will ace the meeting with the partners at the firm today. Have a great day ahead!

32. Good morning, my girl. I hope you get back from work early today because I plan to cook dinner for you.

33. I know you are tensed but you have no reason to be because I am sure your Human Resource (HR) Head has a hefty bonus ready for you. Have a great day ahead, boss lady!

34. Good morning and I wish a productive day ahead to the Vice President who just got promoted and who also happens to be my fiancé.

35. I know work is not easy, but you shall survive the day. You are my girl after all. Have a good morning before you get to work?

36. Don’t rush to the office before having breakfast. You cannot have a good morning unless you fill your stomach.

37. Good morning, babe. Hope your work doesn’t leave you exhausted because I have planned an exciting weekend ahead.

38. I know you have a client meeting today and I wish you a very good morning and a successful day ahead.

39. You will have the Annual General Meeting (AGM) today and I know you are nervous about it but don’t let it ruin your morning coffee.

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Some Raunchy Morning Messages to Get the Spark Back in Your Relationship

If you want to spice up your morning message, then you might have to experiment more, risk more. Write something steamy and salacious so much so that, if her parents caught her reading that, she might just get a very awkward look.

40. You are the girl I dreamt of last night, and I did some raunchy things to you. Hope this message brings a coy smile to your face. Rise and shine, darling.

41. I wonder what it would be like to wake up every day beside you by the mountains. What a fine morning, it would be, would it not?

42. I wish to wake up to you and roll my tongue down the nape of your neck. Good Morning and have a great day ahead.

43. I wish to torment you all night, tonight. Hence, have a great morning and a productive day ahead.

44. I wonder what it would be like to ravage you all night and then wake up to your naked hot body beside me.

45. You. Yes, you. I wish to be with you, all night and all day. Good morning. Hoping this message keeps you happy and gay, all through the day.

46. The light of my life, the fire of my loins. Wake up, to this bright new world. Morning, a very Good Morning to you.

47. You are my sin. You are my soul. Rise and shine, darling.

48. You titillate me all the time. I wish this morning message had the spark as you.

49. You fire up my heart, my soul and my loins. Have a great day ahead because I wish to have you for the night.

50. I desire you so much that I cannot imagine getting started with my work day without thinking about you.

Good Morning Messages When Your Girlfriend Is Menstruating

It is that time of the month. Yes, your girlfriend or your fiancé or your partner or your wife is menstruating and it can be awfully painful for some woman. There are the usual period cramps, then the mood swings, along with horribly excruciating back aches and upper abdomen aches.

51. I know I cannot relive your pain but I hope this morning message finds you in good health. Good Morning, my dearest.

52. Good Morning. I really hope I could be there with you so that at the least you forget about your pain in my presence. Hope you have the strength to get out of bed.

53. Morning my love, I wish I was there with you to get you through the morning chores so that you can stay in bed.

54. Good morning. Can I come over and spend the morning with you so that my physical presence lends some comfort?

55. I wish I could bring you hot water bags so that you can brave the back aches and the stomach cramps. I hope you have a painless morning and day ahead.

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