Good Night Quotes & Text Messages for Her

Not only good morning quotes, after a hectic day, your girlfriend may be  exasperated and may be in a cranky mood which can be made better instantaneously by your quotes right before going to bed. Some people have the habit of sleeping like a baby when they are totally satisfied with how their day went. She might get irritated at the smallest of things. So the best that you can do is to drop a great, cheesy good night text message. We have collected some amazing good night quotes that you can send to your partner or loved one.

Let your girlfriend or wife know that you will love her today, tomorrow, and forever. Make her feel special. So what are you waiting for? Make her smile before she goes to bed, after a hectic day that she has had. She deserves your good night text messages.

1). Hope you had a great day, goodnight sweetheart!

2). It took me years to find my soulmate and I will never let you go, goodnight angel.

3). Imagine a time where we would lie close to each other and be in the comfort of each other’s company. Good night, dear.

4). You’re always on my mind. Good night love.

5). Before going to bed, I want you to know how proud I am to have you in my life. Good night, love.

6). Sometimes I feel that the best decision I have made in life is you and you have proved me right every time. Hope it remains forever, good night my dearest sweetheart.

7). People might say that there’s no perfect life but I strongly disagree with that statement because I have you in my life. Goodnight, I love you.

8). The stars and the moon in the sky might be the best view out there but for me, your eyes are the best view. Sleep soundly, love.

9). I wish I could be with you right now and kiss you on the forehead. Get some sleep, my sweetheart. Good night.

10). I feel proud to be yours. Good night, darling!

11). The beauty that you have got, is much more attractive than the roses and the smile on your lips, is brighter than the stars. Goodnight, darling.

12). Life is so much easier because I have you by my side. Goodnight, love.

13). I think I have done something great in my life to have met you. Sleep well, darling. I love you.

14). Many people have come into my life but I have never got such a vibe that I get while being with you. Thank you for everything, dear. Goodnight.

15). I cannot even think of losing you, even for a second. You complete me in every sense. Good night sweetheart. I love you.

16). It is hard to sleep with your thoughts flooded in my mind, waiting for the day when you will officially be mine. Goodnight darling, I love you.

17). My prayers are for you before mine because getting you will make me achieve my prayers. Goodnight dear!

18). Every night I thank God because I got a person like you. Goodnight sweetheart.

19). You are my first and my last love. I love you to the moon and back. Goodnight dear!

20). You should know that even if your boss doesn’t appreciate your work, do remember I am there to appreciate you. I know how much effort you have put into it. Goodnight love.

21). As restless as your work makes you dear, let me tell you, I am more restless than it to make you mine forever. Goodnight my lucky charm.

22). I am always there for you like a shadow. Goodnight my love.

23). You know how precious your smile is? I am grateful to God that I met you. You are mine forever. Goodnight love!

24). You are my summer, spring, winter all weathers put together. Good night sweetie.

25). The only women that I have ever loved my whole life are my mom, sister, you, and my daughter dear. Goodnight my love!

26). You should know I miss you every minute after you leave for work. It’s almost become difficult for me to spend the rest of the day without you. Goodnight, love!

To let her know that you are looking forward to meeting her and how excited you are about it. You should sometimes go over the top and be over-expressive. You should let her know that you equally wait for the day you meet her just as she does. So what are you waiting for? Text her.

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27). A few nights left of us staying apart. Ready to start something that will last forever? Goodnight sweetheart, I love you.

28). Before going to sleep, I want you to know that I would have waited an eternity to meet you. Good night.

29). I want to execute all our plans together. I want to achieve success with you by my side. Good night, love.

30). Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow. Sleep tightly. Wanted to let you know that I love you so much, dear. Goodnight sweetheart.

31). Nights are lonely without you, thinking of the day when we will finally be together forever. Goodnight my soon-to-be wife.

32). My pillow has been my companion for a long time and I want it to be replaced by you. Have a restful sleep darling!

33). Mornings don’t feel like mornings when you are around me, my love and nights become even more special when you’re by my side. Goodnight dear, can’t wait to meet you in the morning.

34). Wondering what it would be like waking up next to you. Keep me in your thoughts. Good night sweetie.

35). The only woman for me is you and every night, I feel so proud to have you with me. Good night sweetheart!

36). I have never felt more lively than when I am with you. I can’t wait anymore to meet you, dear. Good night, love!

37). The world should know we are meeting. I don’t care if they mind our hugs, kisses. I can’t wait anymore my love. Good night.

38). It feels so surreal to get back home to you after the day’s work. Good night darling !

39). I have waited long to have someone like you in my life, I can’t wait anymore to meet you. Good night love.

40). I just wanted you to know that you make me so proud every single day with your achievements. We have come a long way, love. Good night.

41). Even after going through so many hurdles, we managed to be by each other’s side. Thank you, love. Sleep well.

42). At the end of the day I feel that we were meant to be together. Sleep well. Good night my love!

43). The night feels lonely without you. I am already missing you. Good night love. Meet you tomorrow!

44). Today was one of the best days of my life. Every day feels so special when I am with you that it becomes really difficult for me to even explain it at times. Good night love.

45). Every morning, I stare at you. You are my sunshine. These nights can’t dull the brightness of my sunshine. See you tomorrow morning dear. Good night!

46). I hate nights because I can’t be with you. Meet you tomorrow morning. Good night. Love love.

47). If it were in my hands, I would never let you go away from me. Good night love.

48). You are a true gem of a person. I feel so fortunate every single day. Good night sweetie.

49). Why can’t mornings and days last a little longer? These nights make me crazy to meet you again. Good night.

50). The idea of meeting each other every day makes me so delighted. I can’t even begin to imagine how much better life would be together, forever. Good night sweetheart.

51). Do you know what is the most difficult thing to do? It is to wait for the night to end and see you in the morning, gorgeous! Good night love.

52). Every night I look at your photos and wonder how lucky I am that I got such a loving and caring girlfriend like you. Good night love.

To remind her that it is the last night that you two are talking via messages. A big day awaits. It will begin a new chapter of your life. A chapter of your life together forever. No more secret meetings, secret calls. So what are you waiting for? Text her

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53). The smile today on my face was all because of you hoping to get such a smile tomorrow and everyday. Good night.

54). This may not be the last goodnight text that I’m sending you, but definitely the last one as your boyfriend. I can’t wait to get married to you. Much love, good night.

55). The very rising of the sun will be the witness to our holy matrimonial bond. I can’t wait to get on this beautiful journey with you by my side. Good night, darling.

56. All the promises and vows that we made to each other are actually going to come true tomorrow. Finally we would get to spend the rest of our lives together. Good night!

57. I am excited as well as a bit nervous about this new journey that we are starting. But with your love and support, this will be worth it. Good night, sweetheart.

58. The thought of bringing you home tomorrow as my wife is making my heart smile. See you, tomorrow baby. Sleep tight. Love you.

59). I am so excited for the moment when you will be walking down the aisle, looking like an absolute angel. I will be witnessing the most stunning woman in the most beautiful attire tomorrow. Sleep well, love.

60). Can’t wait to get married to you, have children, and grow old with you. Good night sweetie.

61). Leaving your home tomorrow will definitely be hard for you. I promise to always protect you, nurture you and make it all worth it for you. Good night.

62). I have waited so long for this day to come where I can call you my wife. Dreams do actually come true. Good night, honey.

63). I remember us joking about getting married, not even having the slightest hint that we would actually tie the knot one day. Good night, love.

64). Every minute that passes by, makes me even more impatient for our wedding tomorrow. If I could just make time go faster, and marry you right now, love! Good night.

65). From attending our friend’s wedding and imagining ours to having that day tomorrow, we will be husband and wife finally. Yay! Good night sweetheart.

66). Could I even ask for anything more than this? You would be here, with me, every day. Still feels like a dream. Good night, love.

67). I cherished our journey as friends and then partners. I’m all the more excited now, for our journey as husband and wife. I seriously couldn’t have asked God for more. Good night, my love.

68). About to prepare for my speech that I have to recite tomorrow. I have no words actually and I can’t ask for help too. I hope you will like whatever I write. Can’t really believe it’s happening. Good night honey.

69). We two have dreamed of this since our early school days. When no one believed, we, however, did have faith in our love. See, tomorrow, our dream is coming true. Dreams do come true. See you soon. Goodnight my to-be wife.

70). I can bribe our marriage priest to complete our wedding soon, can’t wait to take you to our home. That’s how excited I am for our day love. Good night.

71). How does it feel to be called mine baby? I am on cloud nine to be called yours. Can’t wait for tomorrow. Good night love.

72). My family is more excited than me to bring you home. They believe their daughter is coming home. Goodnight my parents’ daughter.

73). The day is finally here baby. After all these years of ups and downs, we have finally made it. Just one more night dear. Goodnight, a big day awaits tomorrow.

74). Each moment spent with you my love has been preserved meticulously in my mind befitting the collection of small pebbles collected from a stream by a child. Just one more day and we will be making countless other memories. Good night my love.

75). I can’t even imagine my life and journey ahead without you! Good night my love.

76). You never fail to amaze me girl by your sensual persona and scintillating beauty. Good night , my to-be wife.

77). Today I want to hand over my immature heart, my obstinate thoughts, and my life to you my beloved. Good night, love.

78). I have longed for this day since the day I met you.. I love you beyond the comprehension of your rationality and pragmatism. Good night.

79). Yours till I part from this bedlam world, my love. Goodnight my love.

80). Tomorrow would be the last day that I have to wake up alone. Goodnight, my love.

81). It will be my dream come true to wake up next to you. Good night , dear.

80). This room won’t be messy anymore because my wife is coming! Good night, love.

81). I just watched my hand and realized one more ring will be added there tomorrow. Good night.

82). I am ready to grow into a man with responsibility as you will be my constant support for the remaining days of my life. Goodnight my to-be wife.

83). I am bringing the most precious gift of my life home tomorrow. Can’t wait for tomorrow morning! Good night, sleep tight.

84). So excited to have an incredibly awesome married life together honey. Just one night more love. Sleep soundly.

85). We won’t have FaceTime now onwards except for when we will be out of home for work. Good night sweetie.

86). Tomorrow would be cherished forever. It’s our marriage love. Sleep well. Love you.

87). There is thought inside your mind that your life will be changed overnight, let me tell you that you will be loved and nothing would really change apart from the fact that we would be staying together. Good night honey.

88). My love for you has no boundaries. It flows and expands each day, love. Good night honey.

89). As a cake lover, our wedding cake will be the best one as it will be filled with love, promises, and togetherness. One more night love. Take care, sleep tight, good night dear.

90). Tomorrow we would be embarking on a new journey and a new life. Can’t wait to see you as my bride. Good night , love.

91). We will embrace each other’s flaws and grow with each other. Good night , honey.

92). I will be allowed to come home early from parties telling everyone that my wife is waiting. Good night my to-be wife.

93). As I promised, we will grow old together! Tomorrow is the beginning of our new life, my love.

94). You are entering my life in a new form bringing spring into it. Good night my life.

95). We will have ups and downs but will hold each other forever and ever. Love you, sleep well, my love.

96). I am elated that we could finally take our relationship to the next level and be a married couple. Good night my dear!

97). I can’t even believe that I would finally be able to call you my wife. Good night love!

98). The intimate pleasure of building a broken soul back up to their glorious beautiful self brick by brick, word by word, kiss by kiss, feeling by feeling, compliment by compliment, is an intense experience, but it is also an exquisite honour, a great privilege, and a rare pleasure, my love. Good night !

99). I was so content with my life that one day I thought to myself, what could be better than this? And then I met you, my love and it changed for the better. Good night dear.

100). No matter how difficult situations might turn out to be, we would overcome each of them. Always be there with me. Good night sweetheart!
You might also send her texts after you resolve a big fight. She would really appreciate this gesture from you.

101). I am really sorry for what I did. I will try my level best not to do anything like that in the future. I love you. Good night.

102). Although we have fights, each time I feel that our love grows even more. Good night darling.

103). We fight because we love each other. Don’t forget that we will grow above our misunderstandings each time. I can’t afford to lose you. Good night, love.

104). With a hope to see the rise of the sun the very next day with you as my life long partner, I wish you a very good night.

105). It feels so surreal that we are getting married tomorrow. Finally, I would have the honour of being your husband. Good night, love!

106). I feel like a thousand butterflies are fluttering in my stomach, making me all giddy. Good night, my soon-to-be wife.

These simple and sweet gestures can take away the day’s frustration and would make her feel better instantly. This can make her day end on a good note.

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