How to Be a Good Girlfriend

When we get into a relationship, we expect the other person to treat us perfectly. However, we forget that we too have our responsibilities towards properly carrying our relationship. Being a girlfriend, we desire a lot from our boyfriend to treat us in a certain manner. But, what about you?  Don’t you want to be a good girlfriend? Don’t you want to make your boyfriend experience his best relationship ever?

Well, relationships are tough to handle, and being a good girlfriend calls for certain responsibilities that you need to perform carefully. If you follow them properly you can become a good partner. Here are certain points that may guide you in becoming a good girlfriend:

1). Try to Mix With Your Boyfriend’s Group

Realize that it is tough for a guy to create a balance between his friends and girlfriend. Often when he tries to strike a balance between his girlfriend and friend, he forgets to enjoy himself in the end. Being with your boyfriend’s friends you may feel that you are being cornered and your boyfriend is not giving you the attention that you want.

But that is not true at all. Most guys are scared of being tagged as someone who “forgets his friends once they find a girlfriend”. Therefore, they try their best to give attention to their friends more whenever they meet them. 

So, if you want to be a good girlfriend then you must try to mix with his friends. This will make his job easy when he tries to attend to his friends because you will be a part of his friend’s group. Boys love it when they see that instead of complaining about attention, their girlfriend is trying to fit in well with his group.

2). You Need to Pamper Him Too

Why should girlfriends always enjoy pampering? A relationship is supposed to be equal and so if you expect your boyfriend to pamper you and make you feel special, you must treat him the same way as well. If your boyfriend knows about the things that make you happy then you should also know about the things that make him happy. You must express your love for him by the way you pamper him.

For example, you can buy his favorite shoes, make him his favorite meal or make him visit a place that he was wanting to. All these things hugely contribute to making you a good girlfriend. Pampering your guy will make him more affectionate towards you. He will want to be with you always and share all types of moments with you.

3). Be his Biggest Cheerleader

We all have our bad days in life and in those we wish to be with someone who can give us a tight hug and make us feel that it is alright to feel this way. We need someone who can make us realize that everything will fall in its place.  A person who can calm our mind becomes really important to us. Similarly, someone who can cheer us up in all the highs and lows of our lives also becomes very important. 

If you want to be a good girlfriend then you must cheer for your boyfriend in all types of situations. You should be his source of positivity. Often when we are in difficult times or times that create a sense of anxiety, we want to be with someone who can cheer us up. We need someone who can make us realize that we are worthy of everything. Your boyfriend also has his tough days, so you shall be with him and be his biggest cheerleader! In this way, you can be his perfect girlfriend.

4). Give Your Relationship Some Space

It is good to spend time together but neither your boyfriend nor you should forget your individuality. Also, most of the time partners do become so involved in the relationship that it starts to become very suffocating for the other partner. Mostly, girlfriends demand long conversations on calls and they want to go out with their boyfriends everywhere. This tendency has many counter-reactions to the relationship. Your boyfriend may get bored of you, he may find you nagging or he may feel that he is not getting his space.

Well, we all need our share of space. Space is needed so that we can spend some time with ourselves, discover and explore new things. Therefore, being a girlfriend, you must allow space in your relationship. Remember, space creates distance and distance makes you miss someone with whom you enjoy a lot and you share things. This will increase the love that both of you have for each other. Meanwhile, you can hang out with your friends and spend some time with your family. People love to see your individual self rather than always seeing you mad in love. 

This way, you may have a lot of things to tell your boyfriend as well when you next meet. You will even get to realize whether your boyfriend actually missed you or not just like you missed him. Therefore, if you want to be a good girlfriend then allow space in your relationship.

5). Compliment him When Needed

Being a girl, you feel loved when you are complimented for whatever good that you do and the way you look. But guess what, your boyfriend loves it too when he too receives compliments. Moreover, many times the spark in the relationship starts to fade because we stop making each other special. At the beginning of the relationship, we tell our partners everything that takes them to cloud 9. Guys, try to compliment their girlfriend a lot in the beginning but after a certain time, they do not do it anymore.

So, if you do not want your relationship to become boring, then you must treat your man in the same way as he does to you. This also includes complimenting your man on his good deeds and also on his looks. This will get your relationship into the practice of complimenting each other.  Human beings are a sucker for appreciation and good words. They become fond of the people who tell them nice things when they do good things.

So, if you compliment your man whenever needed, it will give him a feel-good factor about himself and it will also make his attachment grow towards you. This will also keep the spark of your relationship alive!  However, this does not mean that you are going to compliment him unnecessarily all the time.  Keep complimenting your man on the right occasions and make him feel special and loved. This will make you a good girlfriend to your boyfriend.

6). Be Loyal to Him and Do Not Talk About Your Exes With Him

This is a major point that you need to follow if you want to be a good girlfriend. Men like girls who are loyal to them. It hurts them in the same way as it would hurt you if you found your boyfriend flirting with some other girl. Therefore, you must be loyal to him. Once you get into a relationship, understand that you do hold the responsibility of not hurting the emotions of the person you love. Therefore, do not flirt or cheat on your boyfriend. 

Another important thing to be noted is that you should not be talking about your exes to your boyfriend. Talking about the person with whom you were involved in your past relationships will make your boyfriend feel undesirable. NEVER compare your boyfriend with your ex-boyfriend. This will irritate your boyfriend and will make him grow less fond of you. It can also make him feel that maybe you are still not over your ex which will give rise to trust issues. Therefore, if you want to be a good girlfriend then try avoiding talking about your ex with your boyfriend.

7). Deal With the Trust Issues Wisely!

At some point, you might feel suspicious about your boyfriend and would want to check his phone. However, invading someone’s privacy can be wrong at times. Try thinking positive—- what if your boyfriend is not hiding anything from you? Trust is a very invincible part of a relationship. But if trust issues happen to arise in a relationship, it does nothing good to it. Therefore, deal with such issues wisely and initiate a face-to-face talk about it rather than becoming passive-aggressive because of your doubts.

Make an attempt to clear things out. If your boyfriend is willing to cooperate with you and provide his loyalty towards you then that will strengthen your trust. But if he acts shady and disinterested then you know when to step out of the relationship.

8). Appreciate Everything That He Does for You

Being in a relationship, both partners initiate efforts to make each other special.  These efforts sometimes range from little things to big ones. However, you must appreciate each and every effort of your boyfriend. Show him how lucky you are to be with him and that you rejoice every moment with him.

Recognizing someone’s efforts makes someone genuinely happy and even boosts them to do similar things again.  Thus, if you want to frequently feel special then do appreciate your boyfriend’s efforts.

9). Accept the Good and Bad in Him

You cannot expect to find a guy who will match all your expectations. Nobody is perfect and we all have our strong and weak points. But if you think that you have found a guy who meets your major expectations then do not miss the opportunity of being with him. Partners need to sacrifice certain things if they seriously want to run a relationship. Every person has both good and bad qualities and also several flaws in them. Figure out the flaws in your boyfriend and accept them.

Your boyfriend cannot be an ideal representation of your expectations. But if you have chosen to be with him then you might have found something good in him.  So apart from the good qualities, you must learn to accept his flaws as well. He deserves to be loved despite his love. 

Sometimes, guys even know the flaws that exist in themselves. Despite it, when they see a girl loving them with all their hearts leaving aside the flaws, boys tend to love them even more.

10). Love Yourself Also

Apart from showering all the love on your boyfriend, take out time to love yourself as well. Being in love is a pristine feeling but one should never forget their individuality. You must have done a lot of things that your boyfriend loves, but you must also not miss out on the things that you love doing.

Do your favorite activities, book your salon appointment, meet your friends and family and make new friends as well. The trick is when you do the things that you love doing, you love yourself more, and then you can radiate love and positivity to your special one as well. Guys love to be with girls who do not forget their individuality while being in a relationship.

11). Try to Be his Friend

Friends are always supposed to be there for each other. They are the people we look for whenever we want to share something. We can do both sophisticated and weird things with them.  So, if you want to be a good girlfriend then try to become his friend. Be there for him whenever he needs someone.

Make him realize that you are always there to listen to all his problems and give valuable pieces of advice as well. Try and make him as comfortable as possible around you. This way your boyfriend will always fall back on you no matter what the situation is like.

12). Be Naughty with Him

All guys are horny and they love it when they are being sexually invited to have some fun. You are his girlfriend and you have all the right to seduce him, tease him and smother him with kisses at whatever time of the day. Boys always enjoy it!

13). Do Not Bring in the Past Every Time

If you want to be a good girlfriend and want to run a peaceful relationship then you should never dig up the past incidents during an argument. Boys tend to forget incidences that have already been cleared. They do not expect previous incidents to be dragged into their present. They do not find any will in heating a present argument with a past reference.

So, if you drag the past and argue with them, then none of you will ever be able to find a solution. Therefore, you must not be dragging the past happenings into your present. Let go of things and fill your relationship with happy and positive things. Focus on the solution rather than arguing.

14). Impress Him Just as He Likes

Boys have different demands from their girlfriends. Sometimes they want their girlfriend to do certain things or wear an outfit that they love to see their girlfriend in. These things hugely impress guys when they see their girlfriend doing something that they like. You might not like their demands but who has asked you to do it every day?

You can do it sometimes when you are in the mood and then you can impress your boyfriend. It is fine to occasionally do such things because if you keep giving your boyfriend what he wants, he may become unflattered by it. So, wait for the right occasions and woo him!

15). Avoid A Few Fights

Your boyfriend might be doing ten things in a week that you did not like. So, are you going to fight with him on all those ten things? No! You should not. Instead, you should be picking your battles carefully. You cannot be picking up a fight on all things and exhaust your relationship.

Think deeply about the issues that genuinely need to be addressed and the ones that can be avoided. Then sit with him and talk it out. This way you will get to know his point of view and you might get to clear out things!

16). Have A Good Impression on His Family

We all are attached to our families and we tend to share the big moments related to things like love, career, success, etc. with our families. Being a girlfriend, you are a part of your boyfriend’s love life. So, you must be liked by his family. Families can be influential at times.

So, if his family likes you then they will always want your boyfriend and you to be together. Therefore, you must impress his family.

Final words: Thus, becoming a good girlfriend requires some patience and if you can follow the points mentioned above, you can make your relationship happen. Also, love is a wonderful feeling and when we feel it for someone, we must do everything in our control to keep that person happy. 

So, if you love your boyfriend, then you must try your best to make his days brighter. However, do not forget that your boyfriend also has responsibilities towards you and you should see if he is reciprocating your efforts or not.

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