How to Start A Conversation on Tinder?

Nowadays, as everything is easily available on social media, dating could not remain an unnoticed concept. Yes! The concept of dating has also been digitized. So, we all can find our “someone special” on dating apps. Tinder is one of the first dating apps to make its presence felt among the millennial lot.

 These apps record a person’s basic information including geographical proximity. On the basis of these, it manages to bring a person’s identity on somebody else’s screen.  If you like them, you can choose to swipe right and then start a conversation!

However, a lot of people face problems with starting a conversation with someone unknown. So here is a set of questions that you can ask on Tinder!

First things first, whenever you talk to a new person on text do not make the conversation only about yourself. Remember, the first 10 seconds of a conversation on text are very crucial. It determines the interest of the person in having a conversation with you. Hence, it is recommendable, that you start the conversation by talking about yourself and then ask basic and easy-going questions to the other person.  *DO NOT GO STRAIGHT INTO PERSONAL QUESTIONS* This might indicate that you are unnecessarily interested in their life. 

So here is what you can kick start the conversation with:

1). What is your name?

2). Do you follow any sport?

3). What is your zodiac sign?

4). Are you allergic to anything?

5). What school did you go to?

6). Which college have you been to?

7). What degree are you pursuing?

8). What degree do you have?

9). What kinds of movies do you like watching?

10). Which web series are you currently binge-watching?

11). Did you ever have a fan-girl moment?

12). Did you ever have a chance to meet a celebrity?

13). What do you aspire to become?

14). What is the first thing that impresses you about a person?

15). What is the first thing you notice in a person?

16). Who is your favorite actor?

17). Who is your favorite actress?

18). What is that one wish of yours that you really want to fulfill?

19). What is the first thing that you do when you wake up in the morning?

20). What is the last thing you do before going to sleep?

21). How much of a workaholic are you?

22). Which is your favorite color?

23). Which are your most used social media apps?

24). Have you ever been to a foreign land?

25). Which is your favorite vacation spot?

26). Which was your most memorable trip?

27). How close are you to your family?

28). How many siblings do you have?

29). Do you like writing journals?

30). What is your secret talent?

31). Which is your favorite flower?

32). Which is your favorite song?

33). What are your best tinder experiences?

34). What are your hobbies?

35). What do you love doing the most?

36). What do you mostly do in your “me-time”?

37). What are your food preferences?

38). Do you like reading books?

39). Who is your favorite author?

40). How many matches do you get on Tinder usually?

41). Do you believe in love stories?

42). Are you a beach person or a mountain person?

The idea behind asking such basic questions is to establish comfort between the two people who are involved in the conversation. Once you get to know the person’s general likes and dislikes then you can raise the bar and begin to ask questions related to dating. You can start asking them questions about their dating experiences, what they think about dating, or what do they like/dislike about it. These questions will make it easier to know the person better. Here are some dating-related questions:

43). How have your dating experiences been?

44). Whom did you date last?

45). Have you ever been in a serious relationship?

46). Which is your go-to meet-up place?

47). Do you like cheap dates or expensive ones?

48). Is there anything that you dislike about dating?

49). How long have you dated someone?

50). What is the most adventurous thing you did while dating someone?

51). How long have you been using dating apps?

52). Are you one of those new-age lovers or old-school romantic lovers?

53). When was the last time you experienced a heartbreak?

54). How many dating apps have you tried?

55). What is the best thing about dating apps according to you?

56). Do you regret anything in life?

57). If you ever had a chance to reconnect with an ex, who would it be?

58). Do you post PDAs on Instagram and other social media apps?

59). Which ex of yours do you miss the most?

60). Are you looking for anything serious or just casual?

61). How many dates according to you are mandatory before going into a relationship?

62). What do you love the most about yourself?

63). How did you get over your heartbreak?

64). What do you do for a living?

65). How has life been to you so far?

66). What according to you what is an ideal date?

67). What makes you different from other girls/boys?

68). If you had to rate yourself on self-love then how much would it be?

69). Have you ever had an experience where you had to be in a relationship just because of peer pressure?

70). Is there any quality that you miss about your ex?

71). What are you currently looking for in a partner to date?

72). Do you become possessive in a relationship?

73). Do you think friends with benefits is a much cooler concept than a relationship?

74). What do you think makes you a good partner?

75). Do you like being pampered or do you like pampering your special one?

76). Who are your friends?

77). Who is your best friend?

78). What are the exciting things that you have done with your friends?

79). Tell me something funny about yourself?

80). Are you like an open book or a closed one that needs to be read page by page?

81). Do you like a live-in relationship?

82). Would you like to try a live-in relationship?

83). What is the best and the worst thing according to you about live-in relationships?

84). What are your views on a long-distance relationship? Are you someone who can pull it off?

85). What do you do for fun?

86). Are you a moon person or a sunset person?

87). What is the craziest thing that you can do for love?

88). Do you think expressing your feelings towards someone is a difficult job?

89). Suppose two people are not being able to meet due to work commitments. How would you suggest they share their love while being away?

90). Do you like celebrating relationship anniversaries?

91). What is the best thing so far that your previous partners have gifted you?

92). What is the best thing so far that you have gifted to your previous partners?

93). Did you ever have an encounter where you were with your partner and an ex of yours tried to hit on you?

94). Did you ever have a gay encounter?

95). What according to you makes a relationship special?

96). What according to you are the other ways of saying “I Love You” without saying ‘I Love You”?

97). How much do you think dating apps are useful?

98). Do you think dating apps help you in moving on?

99). What makes you swipe right on someone on Tinder?

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Remember that even if you achieve a comfort level in the Tinder conversation, you must not stick to only serious dating questions. Take care of changing the mood of the conversation and make it a mix of both serious and funny questions together. Here are more such questions that can be used in the conversation:

100). Do you like back-bitching?

101). Do you believe in being friends with your exes?

102). Have you ever been drunk and kissed the wrong person?

103). Have you ever drunk dialed an ex?

104). Who is your go-to person to whom you tell all your love-related problems?

105). Do you like hearing philosophical lectures from your friends?

106). Do you believe in starting a relationship with friendship?

107). Do you believe in moving fast in a relationship?

108). What does your family think about you being on Tinder?

109). What does your family think about you dating?

110). Did you ever have to hide any of your relationships from your family?

111). What do you think people miss out on nowadays while they commit to a relationship?

112). What are the songs related to your previous partners that you do not like hearing now?

113). Which song makes you cry?

114). What is your body count?

115). What do you think is needed to have good sex?

116). What are your views on infidelity?

117). Have you ever been cheated on by someone?

118). Did you ever cheat on someone? What was your reason for it?

119). Did you ever have breakup sex?

120). Have you ever been invited to an ex’s wedding?

121). Have you ever been in a rebound relationship?

122). What is your biggest strength?

123). What makes you weak in a relationship?

124). Have you ever been compared to someone by your partner?

125). Do you have anger issues? How do you handle them?

126). Do you like playing video games?

127). Are you one of those people who can reject someone on the basis of how they speak English?

128). What makes you reject a girl/boy?

129). What age group do you like dating?

130). What type of girls/boys do you like dating?

131). If you could compromise with any desired dating quality then what would it be?

132). Do you like celebrating festivals or do you prefer going to pubs to chill?

133). How much do you like socializing?

134). When did you get your first paycheck?

135). What are your views on sex?

136). Have you been in a relationship with someone and regretted it?

137). When was the last time you missed someone?

138). Do you think whatever people do in love with their partner is absolutely cringe?

139). Are you an old-school romantic?

140). How easily can you trust someone?

141). Do you like capturing memories or do you like living in the moment?

142). What is your view on earning and spending money?

143). Do you wish to own a business?

144). If you could be a person then who would it be?

145). Which place do you wish to visit every year?

146). What do you do when you feel low?

147). If you could date one person in this world, then who would he/she be?

148). If you could be an activist then what would you raise your voice for?

149). Which is your favorite flavor?

150). Do you know how to dance?

151). Have you ever been heartbroken in a friendship?

152). How many followers do you have on Instagram?

153). Do you follow any influencers?

154). Which is your favorite brand?

155). How do you imagine your wedding day to look like?

156). How would you prefer having sex with your partner?

157). Do you wish to date any foreigner ever in your life?

158). What according to you is the cutest thing a person can do in a relationship?

159). How many mugs of black coffee can you have while working late at night?

160). What can really upset you in a relationship?

161). When do you think people become really frank in a relationship?

162). If you could maintain a hairstyle then which one would it be?

163). Which movie did you dislike the most?

164). What according to you is the best thing a person can do to make up for fights in a relationship?

165). Would you prefer to date an ex of yours?

166). Who is your favorite character from FRIENDS?

167). How many guys are currently simping on you?

168). Do you believe in ghosts?

169). Which is your favorite reality show?

170). Which is your favorite pizza topping?

171). Do you like bonfires?

172). What are some of the best experiences of your life?

173). When did you face breakdowns in your life and how did you cope up with them?

174). Do you like Michael Jackson?

175). Have you ever been on a diet?

176). Have you ever tried the keto diet?

177). Which recipe can you prepare the best?

178). Which is your favorite dessert?

179). Do you pray before going to bed?

180). What are some of your good habits that you think that people should learn?

181). What are your bad habits which you want to give up?

182). Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

183). Do you become socially awkward sometimes?

184). What age group of people you are the most chilled out with?

185). Is there any sickness that you are highly prone to?

186). What do you maintain anything in your body?

187). How much do you invest in yourself in a month?

188). Suppose you like a guy. Unknowingly, that guy hits on you. How would you react?

189). Do you start liking a person just by looks or do you wait for them to open their mouths?

190). Do you like doing different types of trends that come up on social media?

191). When was the last time you thought of detoxicating your life by leaving behind toxic people of your life?

192). Do you have any childhood trauma that you still carry with you?

193). Do you believe in any kind of superstition?

194). Do you wish to try any exotic meat?

195). Do you watch documentaries?

196). Do you know cycling?

197). Do you know how to drive?

198). What do you prefer more, Android or IOS?

199). Can you read people’s minds?

200). Have you ever developed a liking for someone much older than you?

201). Did you ever develop a liking for someone who was already committed?

202). At this point in your life, what is that one thing that you desperately want?

203). If somebody has to impress you then what should they do?

204). Whom do you love irritating a lot?

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So, if you are looking to start a conversation with someone on Tinder then go ahead as we will back you up with these questions. Always remember that talking to a stranger on social media and breaking the ice is always tough. However, if you start the conversation in the right direction followed by both amusing and ponderous questions, you can make it quite engaging.

Do not make the conversation all about yourself. Instead, try to make the conversation engaging from both sides. Do not be too cheesy or overly flirty. Just be yourself and have fun while texting. Who knows you might find your perfect match!

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