How to Talk Dirty with Your Partner

A Beginner’s Guide to Talk Dirty with Your Partner

While you are dating someone or are interested in someone, making things steamy plays a big role in firing the chemistry between the two involved. Also, the more you get steamy with the person you are involved with, the better it is. It helps both the partners to open up about their desires, experiences, likes, and dislikes. This way you get to know them better and also a lot about them.

Now, the best thing to make things steamy is to start with dirty talk. Dirty Talk makes it quick to instigate the horny feeling into the partner. It generates instant interest to come close to each other and nothing can be more beautiful than that. Thus, if you are seeking ideas to start dirty talk with your partner, then here are a number of dirty talk questions.

1). Are you lying on your bed?

2). Can I lie next to you at this hour?

3). Do you feel like touching me?

4). What color is your lingerie?

5). Can I stick my breast on your chest?

6). Are you hungry enough?

7). I am missing your bananas.

8). You make me feel so sexy tonight.

9). I want to rub myself on you.

10). Hold my butt tighter.

11). The tighter I hug you, the harder I cum.

12). The moment I kiss you my entire body gets electrified.

13). Have you tried the lizard kiss?

14). The spaces between your fingers are just meant to fit my fingers.

15). How hard would you fuck me for one entire night?

16). Do you feel your body getting heated up?

17). I cannot stop the dirty thoughts coming into my mind one by one?

18). Do you think I am wearing the printed bra that you love to see me in?

19). What color panty do you think I am wearing?

20). Would you like to get wet with me in the shower?

21). I don’t want to see the ceiling above me, I want to see you above me instead.

22). I am going to grab your neck and lick it like candy.

23). You cannot even imagine the kind of rush in my body that I feel when you lick down there.

24). Unhook the bra as fast as you can.

25). I am in the mood to get some of you.

26). Can you draw with your tongue on my stomach?

27). Missionary makes me feel like I own you.

28). The way you talk is as seducing as you are in bed.

29). Last night was a crazy ride of emotions.

30). I have been a bad girl. But no one knows it.

31). You look sexier now than you looked in your nudes.

32). Tonight, is all about seducing you hard.

33). What makes you want it badly?

34). My mind is making me horny for you.

35). I am so wet right now.

36). I am all yours. Do whatever that you want to do with me.

37). I want to kiss you like I have never kissed anyone.

38). The space between my legs is kind of missing you.

39). What color of my lingerie attracts you the most?

40). I want to do it with you everywhere.

41). Your voice sounds so sexy right now

42). This moment is making me horny af.

43). Find ways to seduce me.

44). Bite me down there.

45). Lick it harder.

46). My bed misses you tonight.

47). I forgot to wear my underwear today.

48). My lips want to taste your lips.

49). How loud can you be on the bed?

50). I want you here right now.

51). What is your favorite position that you would like to try with me?

52). If you got horny in a movie hall with me then what will be your first move?

53). What is the best porn video that you’ve ever seen?

54). Does watching porn make you imagine me?

55). What is the best place to make out according to you?

56). How much do you enjoy phone sex with me?

57). I want to feel your breath tonight.

58). What type of setup do you like for having good sex?

59). Does sex make you more attached to me?

60). What attracts you to me while we have sex?

61). What color of bra do you think I am wearing today?

62). Is there anything that I haven’t done for you and you want me to do it?

63). How do you feel when I send you, my photo? And what do you do with it?

64). If I stood naked in front of you, then what part of my body would you most get attracted to?

65). Have you ever imagined anything erotic about me at night?

66). How fast do I make you cum?

67). Have you ever spotted a mark on any part of my body?

68). If I ever told you to buy lingerie for me, which color would you buy for me?

69). Is there any naughty fantasy you have about me?

70). Do you like to be dominant or submissive?

71). What time according to you is the best for watching adult videos?

72). How do you feel whenever I get cozy with you?

73). For how long have you kissed?

74). When was the last time you had the best sex of your life?

75). Have you ever been to a strip club?

76). What is the sexiest thing that you have done for a guy/ girl?

77). Did you ever have sex so good that it made you cry?

78). Do you prefer role-playing before having sex?

79). What types of roles have you played in role play?

80). What are the two most uttered words by you while having sex?

81). My mind wants to make you moan in pleasure.

82). Have you ever tried BDSM?

83). If you were Christian Grey of Fifty Shades of Grey, then would treat me the same way he treated his girlfriend?

84). Have you ever had friends with benefits?

85). Is the benefit more enjoyable when you are doing it just for pleasure or when you involve your feelings in it?

86). What was the longest duration you could live without having sex?

87). What turns you on instantly?

88). What part of your body do you enjoy when someone plays with it?

89). Which parts of your body are highly sensitive?

90). Do you prefer using toys in bed?

91). Would you like to see me wearing red lipstick whenever we have a steamy moment together?

92). Have ever had an awkward moment while having sex?

93). What is the first thing you do after you have sex?

94). What do you wish to see me wearing while having sex?

95). Whenever you start to get horny, how do you usually indicate it?

96). Do you like spanking or you like being spanked?

97). Have you tried to smear cream on a girl/boy’s neck and licked it?

98). Do you prefer kissing while having sex?

99). Do you enjoy having sex in the car?

100). Where do you prefer being kissed when in an intimate moment with someone?

101). How much do you enjoy hearing your partner moan?

102). How much do you get turned on when you hear your partner moaning?

103). Do you prefer having sex with lights or without lights?

104). Did ever laugh in the middle of having sex?

105). How do you plan to give me an orgasm?

106). Have you ever had sex on consecutive days?

107). Have you got turned on by the presence of someone older than you?

108). Do you like having sex fast or slow?

109). How do you feel when you start to cum?

110). Does the size of any body part matter to you in your sex life?

111). What desires do you have for me?

112). Would you kiss my entire body?

113). Would you mind massaging my back?

114). How many hickeys have you ever given to someone?

115). Do you like flaunting your hickeys or do you hide it?

116). Do you like eye contact during sex?

117). Do you like watching some porn videos before having sex?

118). Do porn videos instantly make you horny?

119). Do you have any tattoos on your body that I haven’t seen yet?

120). When was the last time you masturbated?

121). Have you ever masturbated a girl’s vagina?

122). What do you like about licking a girl’s vagina?

123). How much do you enjoy blowjobs?

124). Has a girl ever given you a hand job?

125). What is the first thing you do when a girl takes off her blouse and you get to see her boobs?

126). Do you become hot and sweaty while having sex?

127). What do you like more, make-out or sex?

128). If you and I are ever out together at a party, or a movie or a pub and I tell you that I feel like doing it, then what would you do?

129). If I ever catch you while masturbating, then what would you do? Would you stop masturbating or would you continue doing it?

130). Do you like having sex with condoms or without condoms?

131). Have you ever given a girl multiple orgasm?

132). Have you ever felt an urge to have sex while gyming?

133). When you first saw me, did you think that we could be sexually compatible?

134). Is there anything that you have watched in an adult video and would like to do with me?

135). Did you ever skinny dip with someone?

136). Did you ever have sex with someone on your first date?

137). Did you ever make out with someone within your school premises?

138). Did ever had an urge to have sex with a non-living object?

139). How do you describe being the one who really is enjoying the sex?

140). Did you ever have to fake an orgasm?

141). Do you find making out at your boss’s cabin as a sexy adventure?

142). Were you ever involved in a threesome?

143). Do you like the idea of threesome?

144). If you imagine doing a threesome then what gender proportion would you wish for?

145). Have you ever had breakup sex?

146). Has it ever happened to you that you were having sex and somebody caught you?

147). Have you hooked the bra and wore a girl her panty after having sex?

148). What type of questions or conversations do you initiate after having sex?

149). What types of make-out have you tried so far?

150). If the world was ending and there was one person with whom you could have sex with then who would it be?

151). Have you ever been involved in a sex tape?

152). How often did you watch your sex tape?

153). Were you ever forced to have sex with someone so that they could forget their past?

154). What would you do if a girl left any of her lingerie with you and didn’t ask for it? Would you throw it or keep it?

155). Suppose you are sitting with your family and I call you and talk in a sexy voice insisting on phone sex. What would you do then?

156). Did you ever find someone so attractive of the same gender as yours, that you felt like hooking up with them?

157). Have ever dated someone in college who was a real sex bomb and everyone desired to sleep with her?

158). Do you think being drunk makes you have the best sex?

159). Has it ever happened to you that we are having an argument and suddenly you felt like kissing me?

160). Suppose we are having really good sex and suddenly I feel like not doing it. What would you do then?

161). If I were your boss then how would you try to seduce me?

162). How did you feel like when I first touched you down there?

163). How did it feel to you when you had your life’s first orgasm?

164). Were you ever made to kiss someone of your own sex?

165). Which quality in a girl indicates you to make the first move?

166). Do you always imagine having sex when you close your eyes in the night?

167). Do you sometimes have sex to get rid of your frustration?

168). If I am stuck on an island with you, then what are the things you are going to do with me?

169). What is the most flattering compliment you have heard about your body while you were naked during sex?

170). What is your body count?

Talking dirty can be very exciting for both the partners. It makes a partner reveal things that they would generally not talk about themselves. It makes you know your partner well. This also helps you in making your partner feel comfortable with you.


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