Ice Breaker Questions

To make a room full of strangers work together is not an easy job. It is tough to create a rapport among everyone. Also, just like all five fingers are not similar, in the same way, each person in the room might have different preferences. Moreover, each person will carry a different story with them. A lot of people might have uneasiness with loosening up with others. This leads to forming an icy barrier among most of them, which even though is easy to break but not all of them will know the trick. Thus, to rescue such communication barriers, we have ice-breaker questions. 

Now, these ice-breaker questions are mostly pun intended and make everyone show their fun side in a formal surrounding. Ice-breaker questions largely see their demand among employees, or even at other serious gatherings.  These questions do not deal with anything serious. They are mostly related to food, memories, anecdotes, preferences, travel, science, movies, and books, etc., everything that is usually a part of an individual’s life.  The more we ask such questions to each other, the more it creates a sense of commonness. This is the actual modus operandi of ice breaker questions that makes everyone become familiar with each other. 

Suppose there is an addition of two new people among a group of employees. Being in a room of fully new people may make them hesitant and apprehensive to open up and ask random questions and suggest ideas. Thus, to make things easy and to encourage bonding with the employees, one of the old employees suggests for a few minutes to chill and ask easy and simple questions to the newbies. Here comes the role of ice-breaker questions. As each employee starts to ask questions and share some funny and interesting stories of their life, the bond automatically starts to form.  It makes it easy for everyone to mix up with each other.

Thus, if you are also willing to initiate ice-breaker questions within your circle of new employees or even friends then, do not worry, you have our back! Below is a plethora of ice-breaker questions. These questions are simple, relatable, and fun to ask. These questions will accentuate the essence of familiarity among people leading to good bonding. So let us have a look at them;

1). If you become a Zombie one day, then which three people would you select to be your companions?

2). If you sold candy then which flavored candy would you not sell?

3). If you had a choice to become a vegetable then which one would you be?

4). What do you prefer more, a cat or a dog?

5). What kinds of excuses do you resort to most when your work is not complete?

6). What is your favorite ice cream?

7). What was your favorite subject in school?

8). How many siblings do you have?

9). What do you mostly have in your tiffin during lunch breaks?

10). Have you ever tried a beer challenge?

11). What skill of yours are you proud of?

12). Do you have any OCD?

13). What are the three things that you love to eat?

14). What is your taste in music?

15). Have you ever been to a karaoke night?

16). If you were in a “2 minutes to fame” show then what would you do?

17). Which sport do you religiously follow?

18). What do you do on a casual Sunday?

19). If you were in a Marvel movie then which character would you play?

20). Tell us something that we do not know about you.

21). If you got a chance to live on some other planet then would you take it?

22). Which is your favorite online game?

23). What would you choose as your alternate career?

24). Who would be the last person in this room with whom you will have a political discussion?

25). If you die then what will be your last wish?

26). If you discover a treasure someday but are devoid of using it then among which three people are you going to distribute it?

27). What do you do to keep your mind calm while working under pressure?

28). On a scale of 1-10, how much do you like socializing?

29). What kind of books do you like reading?

30). Which Harry Potter character is your favorite?

31). What would you like to have, peace of mind or a lot of money?

32). Do you know how to dance?

33). Can you sing?

34). Do you have a habit of collecting anything?

35). What does fashion mean to you?

36). Which is your favorite time of the year?

37). Which person in your life has been your biggest support system?

38). Did you ever do something that you were not proud of?

39). How do you describe yourself?

40). Do you wish to learn a new language?

41). Are you a mountain person or a beach person?

42). Do you like following trends?

43). What is that one thing that you really wish to do someday?

44). How many siblings do you have? How much are you attached to them?

45). Were you called by any nickname at home or school when you were small?

46). Were you famous for anything in the college?

47). What is that one thing that you badly miss about home?’

48). What do you expect from life?

49). What kind of weather do you like?

50). From where do you derive your inspiration?

51). Do you have a habit of walking while sleeping?

52). If you could be a fruit, then which one would you be?

53). What kinds of movies do you like watching?

54). What kind of books do you like to read?

55). If somebody gave you Rs. 50,000, what would you do out of it?

56). If you could stop the time, what would you do?

57). If you read someone’s mind, who would it be?

58). Which is your favorite clothing brand?

59). Are you more of a prankster or the one who bears the pranks?

60). Which was your favorite childhood program?

61). Do you know any computer language?

62). Which is your favorite exercise?

63). What is your idea of an ideal date?

64). What is the best thing a person can do to surprise you?

65). Which Netflix show can you binge-watch all the time?

66). If you took a day off from work, what would you do?

67). Where do you like investing your money?

68). What is your shoe size?

69). What do you prefer more, Android or Apple?

70). Which global leader do you follow?

71). Do you read any self-motivational books?

72). How many pushups can you do?

73). How many glasses of water do you think you drink in a day?

74). Which is your favorite ice-cream parlor?

75). What is the best dream you have dreamt till now?

76). Which is your favorite social media app?

77). When was the last time you think you were a fashion blunder?

78). How has your mindset towards life changed from being a college student to a working man/lady?

79). What advice would you give to the 20-year-old you?

80). Do you like making streaks with people on Snapchat?

81). Do you talk to plants?

82). Are you an animal lover?

83). Have you ever been a bad influence on anyone?

84). How many friends do you have on Facebook?

85). What did you name your first pet?

86). Do you like blueberry cheesecake?

87). What kind of topping do you like on your pizza?

88). Which is your favorite slang?

89). Are you one of those who own a Netflix account or the one who hires a Netflix account?

90). What do you like more, dark chocolate or milk chocolate?

91). What do you prefer tea or coffee?

92). How often do you eat junk food in a week?

93). Do you count your calories?

94). Have you ever fought for what you deserved?

95). Has life been easy for you?

96). How much do you believe in mythology?

97). Which was the saddest day of your life?

98). What is your morning ritual?

99). Do you do any skin-care routine at night?

100). What are you going to have for dinner?

101). Do you know how to cook?

102). What is the best thing that you can cook?

103). Did you ever have to visit a dentist?

104). Have you ever fractured any part of your body?

105). If you could master something then what would it be?

106). If you were a teacher then which subject would you teach?

107). If you could master a dance form, then what would it be?

108). If you wrote a book then what will it be based on?

109). What are the kinds of things that bring you positivity?

110). Have you ever tried to rap?

111). Whom do you consider as a Beauty-God?

112). If you could bring back a 90’s show then which one would it be?

113). If you could bring back a 90’s fashion trend then which one would it be?

114). Have you tried to perform any TikTok hack and failed at it miserably?

115). What kind of change would you try to bring in technology?

116). What do you like more, night outs or day outs?

117). Have ever tried to babysit?

118). Have you ever been suspended from school?

119). What is the power of your glasses?

120). What do you keep forward to eat after a very tiring and exhausting day?

121). What is your shoe size?

122). If you could take away one facility from human beings then what would it be?

123). If your genie granted you three wishes then how would you use it?

124). What items does your supermarket shopping usually involve?

125). Which is your favorite snack?

126). What do you usually order in a restaurant?

127). If you ever owned a brand, then what would you sell?

128). If you had to describe your family then how would you do it?

129). What is your idea of beauty?

130). What is the last thing you do before going to bed?

131). Which book do you think should be read by everyone?

132). What is that one thing you believe that everyone should experience once in their lifetime?

133). In what subject have you done your masters?

134). Which subject did you hate the most in school?

135). Which is your favorite holiday spot?

136). Is there any life philosophy that you go by?

137). If you liked someone, then will you be the one confronting it?

138). Have you ever experienced any spooky incident?

139). When is your birthday?

140). What is your zodiac sign?

141). Do you think your daily horoscope matches with the traits of your zodiac sign?

142). What do you usually do on your birthdays?

143). Do you like the idea of cutting cakes on birthdays?

144). What is your blood group?

145). Have you ever donated blood?

146). What do you usually do on Saturday nights?

147). What is the lowest have you ever scored in any subject in school?

148). Do you smoke?

149). When was the last time you experienced a heartbreak?

150). How did you get over your heartbreak?

151). If you had a photo frame just beside your bed, then whose picture would it have?

152). If you were an interior designer then what would be your preferred style of designing?

153). Have you ever been to an art museum?

154). How do you like your road trips to be: planned or unplanned?

155). When do you go to sleep at night?

156). Have you ever pulled an all-nighter?

157). Which is your favorite drink?

158). Have ever been on a school trip when you were small?

159). Are you allergic to anything?

160). Do you watch Game of Thrones? Who is your favorite character?

161). Who is your favorite family member?

162). Are you scared of any small creature?

163). What are some weird things that you have done in your life?

164). What is the first thing you notice in a person?

Getting into a new company and adjusting to them can be tough for many people. Especially introverted people might find it more difficult to mix with a new group. Such situations do call for ice-breaker questions. These questions work in favor of both extrovert and introvert people. It gives an opportunity to everyone to know about each other so that working together can become easier. Thus, with the ice breaker questions given above, we hope that you do get everyone to loosen up in your group and can work better together! Good Luck!

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