Never Have I Ever Questions to Ask

Games like Never Have I Ever, always make up for fun sessions with friends. These games reveal quite a lot about oneself. Whether it is love life, fantasies, regrets, feelings, or desires, all of it comes out one by one collectively by everyone who is playing the game. One can play this game with a group of people who know and also with an unknown group of people as well.

But honestly, according to the experience, the game appears to be a lot more interesting when one is playing it with unknown people because there are many things to know. Never Have I Ever, also trades a good chance for its players to spill the beans about their experiences of the past which makes up good gup sessions! But most of us while playing this very intriguing game fall short of questions to ask. In such moments one feels completely lost.

Also, sometimes the entire group feels that most of the questions have been asked and hence the game starts to feel boring. But, do not worry, because you are yet to ask questions that you have not even thought about.

Here are questions for the game Never Have I Ever, that you can ask your group:


Life is more interesting when there is some kind of adventure involved in it. By adventure, it does not only mean to jump from mountain to mountain or sail in the sea. Instead, adventure has many interpretations of it.

1). Never have I ever sneaked out of my house late at night and been caught.

This adventure is a dream of every child. Whether one has strict parents or liberal parents, we all have thought of sneaking out of our homes at night or even thought of doing so. But anyone who has tried to do it will have a lot to tell because such adventures do makeup very exciting stories to tell.

2). Never have I ever been caught by the police while driving

This is something that most of us face numerous times. It gives one a great opportunity to share things like these with the group you are playing with. It adds a very lighter note to the game because there is so much to share with your friends when you get caught by the police and the corresponding stories related to it.

3). Never have I ever stood drunk in front of my parents

Getting drunk with your friends is all cool until you realize that you have a home to get back to and parents to answer to. Raising this question in the game will allow many to share their experiences about their encounter with their parents while they were drunk. Some will say that they did manage to fool their parents while some will tell you their miserable stories about their parent’s reaction to their drunken state.

4). Never have I ever prank called my teacher

Prank calls are always fun. Whether you are dialing to your known ones or even unknown ones, it only adds to amusement when you have a good script to entertain. However, prank calling to your teacher takes a lot of guts. But the ones who can do it seriously have a fun time.

5). Never have I ever carried chit in an exam

This one is both adventurous and thrilling. We all have our share of stories of how well we cheated in exam halls, but the ultimate mode of cheating has always been carrying chits. While a few sadly get caught with the chits, some manage to write their entire exam with the help of chits but still come out without getting red-handed. If you manage the chits in the exam, it provides you with great anecdotes to share and laugh with your friends.

6). Never have I ever abused my sibling in front of my parents

One of the tragic and most embarrassing things one can face is when they abuse their sibling in front of their parents. There is no way to escape while you have done the damage. The only thing that remains is to get good sitting like kids from parents. So, let everyone let the cats of their bags!

7). Never have I ever replied to my relatives/neighbors about their judgmental opinions.

It is very easy for someone to judge. Moreover, most of these people judge are usually the relatives/ neighbors. While a lot of simply bear their indirect judgments towards us while a lot of people do have the courage to answer back. This might not be a funny statement to say in a game like Never Have I Ever, but it really intrigues everyone sitting in the room and makes all share their similar encounters.

8). Never have I ever told my parents about my relationship

This might not be a big thing in many of the places in the world but in some parts of the world, it is a big thing to tell your parents about your relationship. Mostly, parents do act cool if you are dating after crossing a certain age while parents do get hyper and it takes them some time to accept that their children are dating. Hence, there are can be different interpretations of this, so everyone can get to share their experience in the game.

9). Never have I ever got my bank account locked.

10). Never have I ever had to pay a fine at a place.

11). Never have I ever boarded on a ship.

12). Never have I ever seen a shooting star

13). Never have I ever been to a circus.

14). Never have I ever slipped my foot in a public place.

15). Never have I ever threw a glass of drink on someone’s face.

16). Never have I ever puked while laughing.

17). Never have I ever been hit by a person of the same sex.

18). Never have I ever got myself stuck in a lift.

19). Never have I ever ordered too much food out of anxiety.

20). Never have I ever ate toothpaste.

21). Never have I ever forgot to carry my purse on a date.

22). Never have I ever imagined me in the Friends tv show.

23). Never have I over found myself lost while following Google Maps.

24). Never have I ever ghosted someone.

25). Never have I ever peed in a pool

26). Never have I ever met a celebrity

27). Never have I ever argued with my parents and not regretted it.

28). Never have I ever like a man/woman a lot elder than my age.

29). Never have I ever bunked school

30). Never have I ever not been nervous before a math exam

31). Never have I ever cried on finding myself incapable of solving a math problem.

32). Never have I ever cried while watching a movie.

33). Never have I ever felt guilty about watching an adult-rated movie

34). Never have I ever secretly dated someone.

35). Never have I ever been too serious about maintaining my Instagram.

36). Never have I ever watched an Instagram reel and not thought of trying it.

37). Never have I ever been to a sea beach.

38). Never have I ever lied to my parents about night-staying at someone else’s place.

39). Never have I ever trusted someone more than my parents.

40). Never have I ever not failed miserably in trying out a Facebook recipe.

41). Never have I ever been breaking at the beginning of a month.

42). Never have I ever thought of changing my gender preference

43). Never have I ever thought of switching my career choice.

44). Never have I ever been jealous of someone.

45). Never have I ever thought of not opening my small business.

46). Never have I ever been less terrified about discovering a pimple on my face.

47). Never have I ever discovered a pimple on my face on the day of going on a date with someone.

48). Never have I told someone about my weaknesses.

49). Never have I ever insulted someone.

50). Never have I ever held myself from making fun of a teacher at their back.

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51). Never have I ever loved my college.

52). Never have I ever judged someone on the basis of their looks.

53). Never have I ever been on a date with myself.

54). Never have I ever been badly heartbroken.

55). Never have I ever gone viral on the internet.

56). Never have I ever let anyone get close to me more than they should not.

57). Never have I ever made out with someone and regretted it.

58). Never have I ever found someone and grown sapiosexual about them.

59). Never have I read a book.

60). Never have I gone dancing classes.

61). Never have I ever made silly mistakes and felt cute about myself.

62). Never have I ever owned my own small business.

63). Never have I ever been to a pool party.

64). Never have I ever tried to save money.

65). Never have I ever binge-watched a show on Netflix.

66). Never have I ever gone thrift shopping.

67). Never have I ever bought something with my own money.

68). Never have I ever been a captain in school

69). Never have I ever stolen something

70). Never have I ever gone alone on a bike ride.

Love –related

This one is very obvious when you are playing games as Never Have I Ever. Love-related questions are always involved in them to a great extent. Love is a big part of our lives hence; everyone gets a lot to say.

71). Never have I ever crushed on my teacher.
Crushing on your teacher has remained a part of everyone’s love life. This is not just restricted to teenagers; it even happens with people when they grow up and go for higher studies. It is definitely a mix of both excitement and embarrassment when people crush on their teachers. However, such anecdotes are worth sharing with friends.

72). Never have I ever developed a likeness for someone else’s girlfriend/boyfriend.

This is a deadlock to get out of. If you develop a likeness for someone who is already a partner of your known one, then it becomes difficult to overcome that likeness. Ultimately you know that you have to come out of it because that is what bro/sis code is all about. However, a lot of people while playing the game are not going to take the name of the person for whom they developed feeling for but they must confess it they did.

73). Never have I ever cheated while dating.

Cheating is definitely not allowed whole you are in a relationship. Most importantly, even if they do, they must go onto their partner and confess it. No matter whatever happens after that but confessing it is the only right thing to do. People who have faced something like this are going to reveal it and that will give chills down the spine to hear.

74). Never have I ever checked my partner’s phone.

Checking someone’s phone is ethically not right but while being in a relationship we do face our own share of insecurities that make us do things like these. Thus, raise this question and have a look at everyone’s answers. This will surely get accompanied by friends mocking at each other while being in the game.

75). Never have I ever spied on my partner.

As a part of our insecurities and trust issues, a lot of times we do things like spying on our partner. Sometimes we do feel guilty about it while sometimes we do believe that it was the right thing to do. Once you raise this question in the game, there will be a lot for people to share about their experiences while some might also contribute their opinion.

76). Never have I ever proposed to someone.

This is a very basic question but it will give an opportunity to everyone to share their experiences with proposing or with getting proposed. Not everyone believes in getting approached, some do have the courage of asking their special one out. This might turn out to be a beautiful question in the game. So definitely raise it!

77). Never have I ever hated my relationship while being in it.

Now that can be a sad statement to make. It might be that a few will reveal it but ultimately it will hit an opportunity to discuss and understand that how you can overcome it if you fall into a situation like this. Hating a relationship while being in it definitely eats one from inside, a lot of people might be struggling with it. Thus, this statement will make them reveal it and feel lighter about it.

78). Never have I ever lost interest in my partner within days of coming into a relationship.

Losing interest in your partner within days of coming into a relationship will make you look stupid and funny. A lot of us have faced similar issues like these and it does feel very difficult to deal with. Thus, revealing this while playing Never Have I Ever will make for fun conversations with the people you are playing with.

79). Never have I ever behaved unaware while knowing that someone had a crush on me.

Behaving unaware while knowing that someone has a crush on you is a very funny thing to do. This is because you can make them nervous or you can drop hints that you like them. There are many things that you can do in such situations. Raising questions like these will make everyone share their experiences.

80). Never have I ever fantasized about having sex with someone unknown.

This is something which we all have done in our lives. You see a person at a public place, get attracted but cannot go and talk to them. So, the only thing that you are left with is fantasizing about having sex with them. Therefore, let everyone reveal when they fantasized about something like this and make the game a bit steamy.

81). Never have I ever hooked up with someone I met at a random place.

Looking at the hookup culture that prevails in this generation, raising a statement like this will not get you a negative response. These are the statements that make people reveal their dark secrets. If you are a group of adults then you might hear similar responses from everyone while if you are a group of teenagers, you might get a mixed reaction from everyone. Anyway, it is going to be fun to raise this statement.

82). Never have I ever been on a dating app.

This is the era of dating apps which are completely in full swing making love essay with just one tap of the finger. Dating apps have made it easy for people to socialize and have also worked great in making people match their interests and then initiate dating. Hence, while playing the game you can raise this question. A group of teenagers may give you mixed reactions and opinions while a group of adults might give a positive response about the dating apps.

83). Never have I ever loved someone without knowing whether they loved me or not.
Being in one-sided love can be heartbreaking for many whiles for some it can be rewarding if they figure out that their loved one also feels the same. In both situations, people do go through a surge of emotions. Thus, if you raise this statement, it will make people think about those emotions and then they all might just start sharing them.

84). Never have I ever drunk dial my ex.

85). Never have I ever gone on a blind date.

86). Never have I ever gone on a date and forgot the person’s name.

Thus, these were a few questions that could help one to alleviate the game of Never Have I Ever. Such games do go a long way in revealing a lot about someone. Also, when you play it with different groups of people it provides one with the opportunities to exchange opinions and share unforgettable experiences. So, at one point when you do exhaust a lot of questions, you still have these questions to throw in the game. At last, this game does make the day a memorable one.

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