Philosophical Questions to Ask

“The unexamined life is not worth living”. True, it sounds when we do not spare some time for ourselves to introspect and think about those aspects of our lives and this world from which we usually stay away. Asking philosophical questions to yourself and different people gives a chance to understand – how they think. It drives a person to a deep pool of thinking which stimulates them to wonder about a lot of aspects that surround our lives. 

Starting from emotional, moral, financial, breakdowns, etc., all of these are a part of our lives, and philosophy can be driven from all of it. It provides a chance to examine ourselves in the best way possible. The best part about philosophical questions is that one can embark on them at any point in their life. One can do it all alone and even have a profound conversation about it with someone else. 

A lot of people in this world believe that the more we think, the more we tend to make good choices and also develop a rational perspective for everything and everyone that comes our way. Here is a good list of philosophical questions.

1). When was the first time you came out of your perfect world in your mind?

2). Did you ever feel any sort of family pressure in your life at school?

3). Who do you think acted as a guiding light in your life?

4). When did the reality of life hit you?

5). When did you face the first serious betrayal in your life?

6). Do you regret doing anything in your life?

7). Do you think sacrifices always make you look great?

8). When did you realize that people around you were fake?

9). When did you learn to distinguish between real and fake people around you?

10). When did you learn to prioritize the people who were really important in your life?

11). When did you realize the harsh truths of your life?

12). What role does meditation play in keeping your mind healthy?

13). When did you realize the joy which non-materialistic things brought into your life?

14). Do you think keeping expectations from people always leaves you hurtful?

15). When did your life prove you wrong on your self-made theories about living life?

16). When do you think people around you gave you importance?

17). Are people who are given importance always good at heart?

18). How do you identify the people who genuinely show you the right path when you are in dilemma?

19). When did you realize the purpose of your life?

20). Do you think dreams always indicate your future or provide solutions to problems?

21). Do you ever get de ja vu?

22). Do you think there is any particular age to find love?

23). How much importance does money hold in any relationship?

24). Do you think spiritualism is really an escape from all the problems of your life?

25). Do you think you can live a life without lying?

26). Is it easy to lead a pretentious life?

27). Do you think we mostly fall in love with the outer look of a person?

28). Do you think destiny does give you timely hints and opportunities for you to improve your coming future?

29). Do you think that the universe does listen to your strongly desired wishes?

30). Do you think hard work does create a difference in this highly materialistic world where there do exist a lot of powerful people?

31). Do you think money is the solution to all our problems?

32). Is it possible to stay rich and not be arrogant and exploitable?

33). What type of strength prevents you from getting harmed from any type of problem in life?

34). What do you think is next to money?

35). Who do you think is the most important person in everyone’s life?

36). What is the most awful thing a person can do in his life?

37). Why do human beings find it difficult to accept their own fault?

38). What is the fine line of difference between ego and self-respect?

39). What is more important self-respect or the person whom we really love?

40). How do you pick yourself whenever you are down?

41). Why do people who were your friends develop a sense of apathy towards you when you start doing well in life?

42). What is the most important thing one must do after getting whatever they wanted?

43). Is there any end to human desires?

44). How difficult does it become when you let go the person to whom you were highly attached but they proved to be toxic in your life?

45). Is it always possible to keep your ego above all the things in life?

46). What happens to life after death?

47). Do you think a person should be judged by their first impression?

48). What happens to life when there are not many people surrounding it?

49). Is it true that a person who talks a lot, does not think before speaking?

50). If you could read someone’s mind then who would it be?

51). Do you think a person can take birth with a different personality in their next life?

52). For how long are people remembered when they are dead?

53). If humans could live for at least 200 years, then would they take this opportunity to improve themselves?

54). Do we all come to this planet, with someone already destined for us?

55). Knowing that there is a special one waiting for us in this world is it like a task for us to find them or do they come to us when it is the right time?

56). Do you think that if the world was run by animals only, then it would have been a nature-friendly and lively place to live in?

57). Do you think that animals also have deep conversations with each other?

58). Do you think animals could have been better friends to humans?

59). If we weigh success and failure in a fulcrum, then which side would weigh more?

60). How much time is needed to get over any type of loss?

61). Do you think losing a good amount of money leaves you in as much grief as losing an important person in life?

62). Why making a person laugh is the hardest thing to do in life?

63). Do you think everybody experiences karma in their lives?

64). Is it true that whatever good and bad we do in this life, we will have to pay for it in our next life?

65). Even if it is possible to change our character but is it possible to change our nature?

66). How much time does it take for one to completely change their habit?

67). Do most human beings get influenced in very little time?

68). How much role does luck play in the ladder to achieve success?

69). Is luck more important than hard work in life?

70). When does a human start to develop the feeling of ego?

71). Does earning a lot of money completely change a person from within?

72). Do you think it is possible to read someone’s mind?

73). How long can a person pretend to be something which they are not?

74). If there was no concept of money in this world then would it be a non-complex place to live in?

75). If all humans could read each other’s minds then would humans still develop negative feelings?

76). Why is time so harsh that it does not stop for anyone and anything?

77). Why do most people in the world get carried away by physical beauty?

78). When we say “forever”, does it really imply? Can things still change after it is given the tag of forever?

79). Do people who never accept their faults, move ahead in their lives?

80). In politics, which governmental structure truly wins: autocracy or democracy?

81). Do people who acquire a lot of fame and money in their lives, still choose to lead a simple life?

82). Out of so many job professions, which one grants both money and dignity?

83). If the world was not given easy access to the internet would people stay forget to keep in touch with their loved ones?

84). Although people in today’s world prefer texting, but why do they still appreciate letters?

85). Why do a lot of people in this world believe in showing the good things they have?

86). Why people cannot tell the bad side of their lives?

87). Why nobody tends to share their struggles with the world?

88). Why do we gain more friends when we have everything?

89). What should actually matter for someone, love or friendship?

90). Is religion really an important part of our lives?

91). At the time when the global society developed males and females, then who tagged males as working figure while females as the figure who did homely chores?

92). Who decided the different boundaries for males and females?

93). How tough would it be for someone suffering from depression?

94). Why the world has not yet completely recognized the struggles that one faces with mental health?

95). Is it always possible to stay happy?

96). Will someone always want to be happy? Will that not make life boring for them?

97). How integral is art for us in our lives?

98). Why does our society never teach us to express our feelings openly?

99). How much courage would it take someone to kill another person?

100). If humans had a chance to choose the way they wanted to die, then would that make their lives easy?

101). Why do big changes always come with revolution?

102). Does philosophical thinking ever provide answers to human introspection or does it shower them with more intriguing questions?

103). What is the best way to make someone understand that what you want?

104). Dwelling in this materialistic world does money really cannot buy happiness?

105). Do you ever judge yourself? How much does it make you apprehensive?

106). Is self-love hard to keep up with?

107). What are the two things that really define a person from the inside?

108). Is physical intimacy more important than just expressing love in different forms?

109). Why are long distances tough to carry?

110). If I had one chance to help then who would it be my parents or myself?

111). Is true that after a certain age our parents become like our kids?

112). How much money does a parent spend on his kids?

113). Is it possible for son/daughter to repay the money which their parents have spent on them till they grew up?

114). In what type of situation does talking bad about someone, make the person bad?

115). Why do people get bored of each other?

116). In which way does a relationship really win over all types of struggles?

117). Why paying respect to children is not as recognized as paying respect to the elders?

118). How many people in the world are getting heartbroken at this moment?

119). Why is education believed to build a person’s character and way of thinking?

120). Can love always heal the hate?

121). If everybody in this world was rich then would this place be a happy place to live in?

122). What would one prefer more: an affluent family with no emotional connection or a middle-class family full of love and care?

123). Why do human beings value things more when those things are gone?

124). Is it fun to lead a life without any purpose?

125). Are we born the way we are or do we become the way we are?

126). Why do human beings become jealous even without doing anything?

127). Would one choose to see the future or go to the past to change it?

128). Why is it sometimes difficult for human beings to forgive and forget?

129). How much is love important to run a life?

130). Is it possible to grant freedom without any restrictions?

131). Why do human beings crave attention and appreciation?

132). Can a person really control his life?

133). Will the earth someday actually end?

134). How can one know that someone can become their good friend?

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Philosophy is tough to understand for some. But when one indulges themselves in deep aspects of life, then they might know what philosophical thinking is all about. Thus, the above set of questions may help one to stop and develop perspective about the things around them. Also, exchanges of philosophical thinking are also a great thing to do. Hence, with these questions, one can also involve others in profound thinking.

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