Best Sassy & Cheesy Pick Up Lines to Woo A Girl or Boy

A sassy pickup line is all you need to woo a girl or a boy. Pick-up lines are an expression of how much you are in awe of a person. It works effectively in drawing someone’s attention to you. The best thing about pickup lines is that it is absolutely a creative expression. They are funny and are a great source of flattery. So, the more creative you are with your imagination the stronger your pickup line game will become.

Pickup lines can be based on anything, the moons, the stars, the things that you like, your favorite color, etc. It can be molded in any situation and can be used anywhere. Girls and boys, usually are not impressed by pickup lines that are quite common. Instead, they are more impressed by pickup lines that are quite impromptu and are unheard of. It takes them through a sudden rush of emotions and helps well in impressing them.

If you are looking for flattering pick-up lines, then we are here with some of the most profoundly thought about pickup lines that will surely work in impressing your special one!

1). Are your parents’ terrorists? Because they have produced a bomb like you.

2). Is the temperature too hot or is it you?

3). Are you ice cream? Because I am craving for it.

4). Are you grilled? Because you are smoking hot.

5). You must be tired? Because you keep running in my heart.

Although pickup lines are used to flatter someone, that does not mean that one can use any pickup line. Pickup lines are of different types and each of them suggests a different meaning. Hence, before you use a pickup line there are a few things that you must keep in mind —– the kind of line that you are using, the type of person on whom you are going to use it, the place, and the situation.

All of these delicate aspects hugely determine the effectiveness of your pickup lines. Therefore, it is important to be careful when you are using them otherwise you can become a topic of mockery among people. Here some more varieties of pickup lines that you can use-

6). Are you a banana? Because I want to peel it.

7). Do you know my favorite color? It is the color of your eyes.

8). Do you know what illuminates the day? Your smile!

9). Do you know why I follow you everywhere? Because all I want to do is follow my dreams.

10). Are you McDonald’s? Because I am loving it.

11). I do not know what I love more – my pizza or you.

12). Are you a mall? Because I want to shop for everything.

13). You know what material are you? Girlfriend material.

14). This color is not suitable for you, instead, you are suiting for this color.

15). I thought love, at first sight, was a myth until I met you.

Now that you know how you can use the pickup lines you must also be prepared for the person’s reaction. Usually, people do give a subtle reaction to good and hitting pickup lines. In such a situation, you should embrace the fact that they did like the pickup line and are impressed by it.

Moreover, one pickup line is enough when you are meeting a person face to face. However, on the text, you can use more than one pickup line at the right time. The most important thing is to notice whether the person is liking it or not.

16). If God had to make someone another like Adam, then it would be you.

17). You are so beautiful that even the moon hesitates to shine in front of you.

18). I never knew a pie could look so cute until I met a cutie pie like you.

19). Are you oxygen? Because talking to you gives me a breath of fresh air.

20). I do not know what looks sexy? This dress on you, or you in this dress.

21). Am I Chandler? Because I think I have already found my Monica.

22). There might be many beautiful girls over here but my eyes are stuck on you.

23). The law of attraction has worked well between us. Now can you fix its chemistry?

24). Everything about you is so effortless. Yet everything about you is so beautiful.

25). Can you hug me? It is too cold outside.

26). If you were alcohol then it would be tough to come out of your hangover.

27). Your overloaded cuteness is as adorable as overloaded cheese in pizza.

28). You may need bypass surgery because I am trying to reach your heart.

29). I wish I could replace my pillow with you.

30). God must be really free when he was making someone like you.

31). Can you spell your name? I think I forgot my password.

32). I really have to be the best because I am taking the most beautiful girl in the world, for a date tonight.

33). No matter how many movies I watch with you, I always find you more interesting.

34). If I had all the day in the world, I would only stare at you.

35). Do you always look this beautiful or is it me who has never noticed this beauty?

36). I do not know what happened at the party because my eyes were glued on you all the time.

37). Can you pinch me harder? I cannot believe somebody can look this beautiful.

38). My phone’s keypad prediction has gotten into the habit of flashing your name every time I type I Love You…

39). Can you fix my jaw? Because every glance at you is jaw-dropping.

40). I lost my phone; can I use yours to make a call on my phone?

41). I swear my pickup lines are quite impressive but not as impressive as you.

42). Are you a bowler? Because I am all out by you.

43). Can I buy the hottest girl tonight a drink?

44). Are you Lamborghini? Because I have got my eyes on you.

45). I wonder what sweeter Sugar is for you?

46). Boy: Stop doing that.
Girl: What?
Boy: Being so cute!

47). What is your name? ——‘name’—— and You can call me ‘mine’.

48). I cannot see anything, because I have become blind in your love.

49). I was clueless about how I wanted a partner to be like until I met you.

50). Please hold this (my hand), we are going for a walk!

51). Hey, I have seen you somewhere! Oh, in my dreams.

52). You are just as fine as a glass of wine.

53). Will you be Jasmine to my Aladdin?

54). Is it not weird? The sky is blank but your eyes are glittering.

55). Did something cross my mind? I guess it was you.

56). I need to borrow something from you. Your kiss! And I shall return it with double interest.

57). I was up with a new pick-up line, but your sight made me forget everything.

58). No matter wherever I take you, no place is going to be as beautiful as you.

59). With you, everything is fun.

60). Are you Spotify? Because you always top my list.

61). You are not fine; you are simply perfect to me!

62). I might have several numbers in my phone book, but my call log loves you the most.

63). Are you an apple? Because you are too good for my health.

64). Do not be so sweet, you are already giving me diabetes.

65). Are you fries? Because my mind only craves for you.

66). Do you know what you will look great in? Only in my arms.

67). Hey, I am falling short of something! Your hugs.

68). I had something in my mind all day. Do you know what it is? It is you!

69). There are so many hearts in this world but mine got attached to you.

70). People like chilling with Netflix, but I like chilling with you!

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71). Why look for beauty all around when I have beauty standing right in front of me.

72). Can you give me your number? I might want to drink coffee.

73). Are you math? Because you always keep me thinking.

74). There are five vowels but my favorite is U.

75). With you, every day for me is 14th Feb.

76). 14th Feb is just a day, you are a Valentine to me every day.

77). Are you a candle? Because I am going to blow you.

78). Let us play Titanic. You are the iceberg and I will go down.

79). Roses are red, lemons are sour. Spread your legs and give me an hour.

80). I am not feeling myself today, can I feel you?

81). Do you know what is lacking in me? Vitamin “she”.

82). Your skin is very beautiful; do not waste your money on clothes.

83). Could have had a good day today, if only I saw your face.

84). Do you know what we are? Ice and Whiskey. Perfect combination.

85). Hey! Can I slide into your DMs?

86). Would you like to share my bed?

87). There is something that I believe everyone can talk about you. That you are damn beautiful.

88). This dress needs to look stunning. Can you wear it?

89). I need to taste something good. Can I taste your lips?

90). Got an interesting thought. Will you be mine?

91). Are you a rainbow? Because your love comes in so many colors.

92). Bought a bike today and I need someone to fill up space in the backseat. Can you do the honors?

93). Can you come into my life and make it more beautiful than ever?

94). Got so many pictures to heart on Instagram. But guess what, all my hearts are for you!

95). If you count the number of times I desire to kiss you in a day, I guess it will take you a decade.

96). In a turn of events, life played its part and brought me to you.

97). The words ‘I love You’ are just words until it’s used on the right person and that is you.

98). Had a dull day today. Please make it bright for me now!

99). Aging will not be tough if I spend it with you.

100). If I could have one highlight on my Instagram, then it would be you.

101). There is a space in my heart that needs to be filled urgently. Can you fill it?

102). Went into a meeting thinking about its prospects. Came out of it thinking about you.

103). Do you know the best thing that happened to me this year? You!

104). I am not Ed Sheeren but…. I never knew that you were someone waiting for me.

105). I am not out of my mind but I do become when you come in front of me.

106). People are looking for their Prom Night partners, but I knew whom I wanted the moment I heard the announcement.

107). Everybody wakes up thinking about the to-do list of the day, but I wake up thinking about you.

Pick-up lines are usually associated with healthy flirting and who does not like healthy flirting? It excites the person and makes them eager to hear more from you. It even helps in pushing the conversation and leads to a fun one. But keep in mind that the usage of pickup lines works brilliantly only when they are used at the right time by the right person.

Moreover, as pickup lines are of various types, hence, it is also important to notice what type of pickup line you are using. Today, pickup lines have become a fascinating thing among the youngsters and every other person wishes to get flattered by them.

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