Question of the Day Ideas for A Mindful Conversation

Me and my long-distance friend, whenever we talk, we tend to discuss only those parts of life that we know about each other. But at certain points of time, it feels as if there is nothing much to talk about and that we are repeatedly getting into the loop of the same type of talk. Then suddenly one fine day a thought came to our minds and we resorted to asking more meaningful questions that dealt with the different aspects of our lives that we never tried to know about each other. In this way, we shared and got to know a lot about each other.

‘Question of the Day’ really brings a fresh breath of air after dragging the same type of conversations again and again. In fact, it also happens that sometimes in a group conversation there comes a moment where nobody has anything more to talk about. So, to kill the silence and the same old conversations, one can opt to initiate ‘Question of the Day’, questions. It instills fresh conversations and takes people out of small-talk. The best thing about these questions is that it lets you know more about each other. This leads to a close and profound understanding of the person we are talking to.

So, if you also fall into the trap of monotonous conversations then we have a solution for you! Below are well-curated ‘Question of the day’ questions that you can resort to when you fall into a similar type of situation. One of the great things about this game is that you do not need a setup or anything extra to play this game. It can be played anywhere with anyone.

1). Who are the types of people you do not wish to meet in your life?

2). What would you do if you were invisible for a day?

3). Which person in your life brings you both calm and peace?

4). Whom would you visit if you knew that the world was ending?

5). Why do a lot of people do not tend to accept their fault?

6). Which place in the world would have the largest traffic?

7). Do you think there are people in this world who are not on any social media platform?

8). What type of relationships do you think hold the potential to last forever?

9). How do you understand whether someone is joking with you or someone making fun of you in a disrespectful manner?

10). Have you ever met someone who according to you has a perfect life?

11). What was the happiest news that you heard this week?

12). Who would be the last person you would go for advice for emotional reasons?

13). Do you think people’s sun signs do define them as a person?

14). Do you think the compatibility of sun signs can be seen among people as well in real life?

15). How does it feel to you when things do not according to plan?

16). How many people do you think are going to get a shock of their life on hearing about your demise?

17). How do you feel when you realize your fault?

18). Have you shared everything about yourself with the people who are close to you? Or have you kept a part of yourself to yourself only?

19). How evil can you get if someone ditched you?

20). What are you currently struggling with within your life?

21). Do you think you use your phone only till the time it is important to use?

22). What was the biggest challenge you think you have overcome?

23). When in your life did you feel that you rose like a phoenix bird?

24). What do you think is an ideal date like?

25). When was the last time when you genuinely took out time for yourself?

26). How many times do you have a “why am I like this” kind of moment during the day?

27). What do you do to overcome any embarrassing moment in your life?

28). Which time during the day do you regard as the most creative time for yourself?

29). What do you want to be famous for?

30). If you came with a subtitle, then what would it be?

31). If you could be a heroine of a movie, then which one would it be?

32). If you ever got kidnapped, then what would you tell the kidnapper?

33). What is the biggest lesson that life has taught you till now?

34). What is love according to you?

35). Why do most relationships are of a short span of time?

36). If you could ask a guy to prove his love for you, then what would you ask him to do?

37). Do you think girls should make the first move?

38). If you would get a lump sum amount of money for spending a year with your ex, then would you, do it?

39). What kind of relationships do you think are the purest?

40). Do you think that the universe is always sending you signals?

41). What type of adjectives would you use to describe yourself?

42). What do you think is God’s most beautiful creation?

43). What do you think your biggest strength is in?

44). What do you think is most important in life?

45). Can anything substitute a good friend?

46). Who are the people among whom you feel yourself?

47). Which is your dream vacation place?

48). What adjectives would you choose to describe your friends?

49). How much would you rate yourself in terms of hard work, on a scale of 1-10?

50). Which person in your life inspires you the most?

51). When changes did you feel in your social life when puberty had hit you?

52). Do you think clothes bought from famous brands are always of good quality?

53). At what age do you see yourself as completely settled?

54). Which place in the body do you think is the sexiest place to get a tattoo?

55). What is your favorite memory of your childhood?

56). How much do you care for your health?

57). If you could compare your friends with your favorite cartoon characters then how would you do it?

58). How many children do you want?

59). Which season is your favorite?

60). Who is your favorite singer?

61). What is one thing that irritates you a lot?

62). What are the three things that you can eat at any hour of the day?

63). Do you feel conscious when you are surrounded by new people?

64). How do you make your presence felt?

65). What do think about the people who are very straightforward?

66). Do you regret anything in life?

67). Did you ever think of going on a diet to lose or to gain weight?

68). What do you prefer more: mountains or beaches?

69). Have you ever experienced anything very spooky?

70). What do you do for self-love?

71). Does food bring memories for you?

72). Have you ever been hit by someone of the same gender?

73). Which birthday do you think was your best birthday?

74). If you ever receive an award then what do you think it would be for?

75). What kind of dates do you like?

76). Which is your favorite sport?

77). What are the languages you know?

78). Which moment in your life was the funniest and equally embarrassing?

79). Do you think staying busy keeps you away from unnecessary stress?

80). Where do you see yourself, in the next 5 years?

81). How much do you think failures are important in life?

82). Have you ever daydreamed about a celebrity?

83). What will you do if you get the chance to meet your favorite celebrity?

84). Have you ever imagined yourself in a web series?

85). How many web series have watched till now?

86). Do you have a habit of saving money?

87). Are you an early riser or a night owl?

88). Do you know how to fly a kite?

89). How did it feel when you first got your salary?

90). How did it feel when you were saving your money for something big that you always wanted to buy and you finally bought it?

91). Have you ever met an accident?

92). If you could do one thing for your parents then what would it be?

93). How would you introduce yourself in a room full of new people?

94). On a scale of 1-5, rate your voice.

95). Do you remember the last time when you cried tears of happiness?

96). Did you ever cry for your favorite team?

97). When do you get emotionally attached to a person?

98). How much time does it take you to chill with new people?

99). What works as therapy for you?

100). Is there anyone whom you wanted to text but did not have the guts to do so?

101). Who is the wisest person you have ever met in life?

102). Is there anything in your parents that you wish could have changed?

103). Which is your most favorite trip?

104). Do you wish to change anything in your body by plastic surgery?

105). Which was the worst time when you had fallen ill?

106). If someone made a movie on you, then what would be its title and what genre would it be of?

107). When you have children, what values are you going to instill in them?

108). What did you wish to become when you were a child?

109). Is there anything you are ashamed of that you did as a kid?

110). When was the first time you failed a test?

111). Did you ever try to hide your marks when they were low from your parents?

112). What was your idea of marriage when you were small?

113). How do you think women got pregnant when you were small?

114). What did you aspire to become when you were small?

115). How did it feel to you when you got drunk for the first time?

116). Do you believe that everything that happens in life happens for a reason?

117). What is that one thing or relation in life that you have kept protected very successfully?

118). How much of a health-conscious person are you?

119). Which is that one habit in you that you think if changes then you can conquer the world?

120). Did you ever have to fight the stereotypical norms of society?

121). What do you do on the days when you are broke?

122). Which is your favorite brand?

123). What is your spirit animal?

124). What is your favorite slang?

125). Which place’s service do you like the most?

126). What advice would you give to 16-year-old suffering from heartbreak?

127). Would you like to convert your daily life into a reality show?

128). Which Kardashian is your favorite?

129). Which color provides you with a lot of calmness?

130). Whom do you consider as the smartest person you have ever met in life?

131). Are you in communication with all your school friends?

132). What type of bonds remain even after schools and colleges are over?

133). What do you think stays with you forever?

134). At the end of the day whom do you really look up to, to talk?

135). Have you ever been on a blind date?

136). What do you eat in a day?

137). What is your daily routine?

138). Are you scared of creepy creatures?

139). What do you wish to own all yourself?

140). What is that one thought that comes to your mind during the bad times?

141). How do you control your anxiety?

142). Do you have any kind of allergy?

143). How often do you Netflix and chill?

144). What color do you dislike the most?

145). What do you believe in; hookups or relationships?

146). Which was your breakthrough moment?

147). When do you start throwing tantrums at people?

148). What are the kinds of people that you like?

With ‘Question of the day’ questions like the ones given above you can break the monotony of the same pattern of conversations. Remember interesting and involving questions lead to forming good conversation and memories. The more you get to know someone the better bonding you can form with them.

It can be with your new college friend, a distant friend, and even someone whom you have known for quite some time. In fact, people love it when you try to bring newness in the conversation and that will encourage them also to participate in it equally. So go ahead with the questions given above and have a happy talk.

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