Questions to Ask A Girl

When you grow up isolated or in an environment filled with boys, you often don’t realize how inept you can be talking to girls, or even behaving around them. Sometimes, despite conducive environments, your introverted nature can hinder your development too. However, you obviously can’t stay like that forever.

Now that you have finally decided to get out of your shell and know a girl, maybe even go out on a date with her, you are probably feeling extremely anxious about how the date will go, what kind of an impression will you make on her, what questions will you ask her. Well, fear not because we are here.

The magical ingredient for making a date go well is not letting the girl get bored even slightly. While there are many ways to make sure this does not happen, the best way to do this is asking her good, entertaining questions. This kills two birds with one stone: she does not get bored and you get to know her better. These questions can range from funny to deep to even a little private. But make sure you don’t offend her or ask anything that is downright invasive. We have compiled a long list of questions for you to choose from.

Questions You Can Ask a Girl to Get to Know Her Better

These are the questions which are perfect starters for conversations. They aren’t thought provoking, just normal questions that will make you both nostalgic and happy.

1). What is the craziest thing you have been a part of?

2). What is your most favourite outfit?

3). Your name is beautiful. What is its meaning?

4). Do you want to go back in time or go to the future?

5). What has been the proudest moment of your life till now?

6). What is your favourite destination for a holiday or vacation?

7). Who according to you will be the best partner for the vacation?

8). What is your favourite move that you can watch every time without getting bored of it?

9). What is one movie you regret watching and wish you could get your time back?

10). What has been the funniest case of impulse buying that you have had?

11). What defines your dream job?

12). What is something that sends shivers down your spines?

13). Tell me some items from your bucket list. What is the most important one of these; something you absolutely have to do before you die?

14). What pets do you like more: dogs or cats?

15). What is something that you received as a gift that you absolutely loved?

16). What food do you love the most?

17). What is your go-to stress buster after a tiring day?

18). What is something that you do when you feel down; something that is instant happiness for you?

19). What is something that you would define as your guilty pleasure?

20). What is your favourite memory from your childhood?

21). What is your favourite sport? Do you play it?

22). Which actor is your favourite?

23). What is one song that you absolutely cannot hear enough of?

24). Can you cook? What is something that you cook better than anyone else?

25). Do you like to go out and meet new people often?

26). Have you ever had a crush on your teacher? When was it? How did it go?

27). What is the most embarrassing situation you have ever witnessed?

28). What is the most embarrassing thing you have ever done?

29). Do you have any nicknames? How many? Which one do you like the most? What’s the story behind it?

30). What is one compliment that you have never forgotten?

31). What has been the best decision in your life?

32). Do you like festivals? Which one is your favourite? What do you like about it?

33). What is your favourite season of the year? What do you like about it?

34). What, according to you, constitutes an ideal date?

35). What is some place other than your home which just feels safe?

36). Do you have any siblings or are you a single child? How many siblings do you have?

37). What is the best quote or dialogue you have heard?

38). Who is your favourite hangout buddy?

39). What flavour of ice cream do you like the most?

40). Do you have a hidden talent? What is it?

41). Who is someone in your life that can understand you without you even saying anything?

42). Do you know any languages apart from your mother tongue? What languages do you know? Why did you learn them?

43). Who is someone that you consider your idol?

44). What kind of movies do you like?

45). What kind of songs do you listen to?

46). Have you ever been caught when trying to lie? How did it go down?

47). Are you an early bird or a night owl?

48). How long can you go without using your phone?

49). Do you believe in superstitions? What is one that you have?

50). What kind of a person are you: the beach type or the mountain type?

Interesting Questions to Ask a Girl

These questions are guaranteed to pique her interest. These questions can be a great way to add a spark or two to your conversations. Use them well.

1). What has definitely been one of the best times of your life?

2). Would you rather have an adventurous weekend away from home or lay down lazily to recharge your batteries?

3). What is one thing that you think comes from experience?

4). What is one country that you wish you were born into?

5). What is one pizza topping that you absolutely love to have?

6). What is one pizza topping that makes you sick to your stomach?

7). What is the most exhilarating thing you have on your bucket list?

8). What is a food that most people don’t like but you do?

9). Name two celebrities that aren’t a couple but you wish they were?

10). What is something that is an instant turn on for you?

11). What is something that is an instant turn off for you?

12). What is one character that you relate to a lot?

13). What is the best dare that has been given to you in Truth or Dare?

14). What can make a date go from perfect to extraordinary?

15). Are you a free soul or do you like to stick to a schedule?

16). What interests you more: partying hard with loud music in a club or having a chill time at a house party?

17). What is something that is considered a taboo but you think it shouldn’t be?

18). What was the first time you realized Santa and the Tooth fairy weren’t real?

19). What is something that you have done, which if there was a video of, it would go viral?

20). What is a habit of yours that has often landed you in trouble? Ave you tried to fix it?

21). What is your most wanted fantasy?

22). What superpower would you like to have? What would you do with it?

23). What is a morning routine you have that people may find weird?

24). If you had to donate to a cause? What cause would it be?

25). Do you like makeup? What is your favourite part about it?

26). Name one person who you would like to have a conversation with.

27). Now let’s suppose you get a time machine. Who is one person across time that you would like to have a conversation with?

28). What is something that you tried for the sake of it but you wish you did not?

29). What is something that amazes you every day?

30). Do you like watching animated movies? Which one is your favourite?

31). What is the best thing you have ever stolen from a hotel?

32). What is something that you could do as a child but cannot do now as a grownup?

33). What is something that you would like to do differently if life gave you a second chance?

34). What is one culture that you find fascinating?

35). What is something that can get you energized instantly?

36). What is something that you love to do in your free time? What makes you do it?

37). What is your favourite place to have dinner?

38). What is the most interesting dream you have ever seen?

39). What is a lie that you told because you thought it was harmless but it snowballed into a big lie?

40). What would you rather have in life: true love or true friendship?

41). If somebody makes a biopic on your life, which actress would you like to play you?

42). If it was instead a biography, which author would you want to write it?

43). What is your favourite beverage?

44). Who do you feel more attracted to: superheroes or supervillains?

45). What is your favourite TV series? What do you love about it?

46). Have you ever failed in an exam? What happened?

47). If you had unlimited funds for a day, how would you like to spend it?

48). How do you envision yourself on your 50th birthday?

49). What is something that people would be surprised to find in your purse?

50). What would you rather have: loads of money or true love?

A Few Popular Awkward Questions to Ask A Girl

Tips and Tricks

While we have given you a lot of questions to ask her, it does not guarantee a good conversation. You need to be able to ask them well, handle the answers, react to them adequately, and keep the conversation lively. That obviously sounds like a lot but these tips and tricks will make it very simple for you.

Do not let this become robotic: One of the first and foremost rules is not to be robotic in the way you ask these questions. You cannot make her feel that you only want to finish up your questions because that will leave a sour taste. Be flexible and go where the conversation takes you.

Be intelligent with your follow up questions: While we have already mentioned some questions with potential follow up questions, almost all questions that are in this list have great potential because of the high number of follow up questions they have. Be attentive towards what she says, see if there is anything you would like to know more about and ask her that. Being attentive is key here, especially because you are the one asking the questions.

Prepare your answers: do know for a fact that most, if not all, of the questions you ask her will be asked of you too. While being honest is generally admirable, if there are any answers that you may be embarrassed about, be sure to prepare them in advance so that you do not falter then and make her think that you are lying. Also, be ready to mould your answers slightly according to the situation and the tone of the conversation.

Do not ask them all at one go: You are on a date and you want to know this girl better, not take a rather unconventional interview. Do not fire in one question after the other like it is some sort of a game show. Be patient, give it some time, and see the magic unfolding.

Be witty: Now this is the only part where we can’t really help you. What we mean here is that you should be witty enough to carry the conversation to where you want to. If you feel like she is having a good time, you could stop asking her these questions and start asking her what she thinks about the date, how she is feeling, what she has in mind, etc. Make the conversation about you two together rather than you and her alternatingly.

All in all, just remember that talking to a girl is not really that different from talking to a boy. Yes, there are a few additional boundaries that you have to keep in mind, but the most important thing is to be comfortable. Once you are comfortable around her and she is comfortable around you, a good, sparkling conversation is bound to follow. Don’t be anxious and don’t be afraid to make a mistake. When you slip up and act goofy, it can be really adorable. Don’t try to be so perfect that it becomes unnatural. The rest will be fine.

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