Questions to Ask Your Crush

We all have had one of those days where we are swooning over someone we have probably just met, and our heart skips a beat, our pupils dilate every time they are around. It is also the same person in front of whom we usually embarrass ourselves, or freeze every time they talk to us. Do you even get these symptoms when you are around someone? Well, congratulations, you have a crush on someone.

You might cringe your nose and think that crushes are such a high-school concept, but what you are forgetting is that crushes keep happening to people over and over in their lifetime! Now, if it is not in your head, and your crush ACTUALLY starts talking to you, you are overwhelmed. You are confused, because you do not understand how exactly you want to carry the conversation forward. And, here comes our role, to help you deal with that flurry of emotions in a proper manner, so that you do not embarrass yourself in front of your crush (again!)

A surefire tried and tested method to know someone properly, and to have a quality conversation is to ask questions. Starting from normal we-are-getting-to-know-each-other questions, to personal questions. Now, one thing that you need to keep in mind is that, you need to act with spontaneity and intellect and understand which questions you should ask when. For instance, asking a deeply personal question right at the beginning of the conversation is literally like flashing red lights saying ‘GAME OVER’! You really do not want to ask about how their pet died, right after asking them where they graduated from (they would also know that you have stalked them, Karen!).

Questions That You Can Ask Your Crush, in Order to Know Them

This article will deal with three sets of questions, namely:

(i) The very segment of questions can be deemed the perfect fit if you are just getting to know someone for the very first time. These questions are interesting ones, yet they are pretty casual. However, if you are looking for questions that are going to help you know and understand them in an even better manner, then dive into the next segment.

(ii) The very next segment of questions are a little bit of what we can call in-depth questions. These questions are perfect if you are seeking to know someone even better. We would advise you against asking these questions to your crush if you have just started having a conversation, but if you guys have been talking for some time, then these questions are perfect.

(iii) The final set of questions are super personal ones. You can ask them once the conversation gets old enough to call your crush an acquaintance or a friend.

Segment 1: Casual questions you can ask in order to get to know your crush.

The questions here are very casual, and it is perfect to get to know your casual acquaintances in a much better manner. It can also be asked to your peers and folks who you know really well.

1). What sort of shows do you usually watch?
2). What is it that you are super proud of?
3). Do you play any sport? How often?
4). Are you an early person, or do you think being fashionably late is cool?
5). How often do you watch people?
6). Which drink is your favourite?
7). What is something you hope that never changes?
8). Which is the car of your dreams?
9). If you were born somewhere else, where would it be?
10). Can you tell me some songs whose lyrics you can never forget?
11). Is there any job you can be absolutely terrible at?
12). What would you give a 10 on 10 rating?
13). If you could master a skill, what would it be?
14). What is your most visited website?
15). What would the perfect room look like?
16). What is that movie that goes perfect with your life?
17). Till what age do you want to live?
18). What sort of art do you enjoy the most?
19). What is that thing which takes up a lot of your time?
20). Do you wish you knew a little bit more about something?
21). What, according to you, is the best manner to begin the day?
22). If you could know the answer to any mystery, what would it be?
23). How different was life a year back?
24). What do you feel is the best day on the calendar?
25). Did you have anything to unlearn? What is it?
26). What genre of movies or books are you into?
27). How far have you been away from home?
28). What is a youtube channel that does not exist but it should exist?
29). What is the most interesting place you have been to?
30). Do you hope any trend makes a comeback? Which one?
31). What can be called the best thing about the place where you grew up?
32). Do you wish you could permanently be of a certain age?
33). Which is a fictional place that you definitely want to go?
34). Is there anything on which you have recently formulated an opinion?
35). Do you like something in a classic and old fashioned manner?
36). What does your relaxation time look like?
37). What is that one TV show you would never watch?
38). Did you have any pets while you were growing up?
39). In your opinion, what can be the biggest adventure trip?
40). How do you spend your weekend?
41). Is there something you really want but you cannot afford?
42). Did you have something really lucky happen to you?
43). What are the small things that light up your day?
44). Is there anything that you look forward to, in the coming months?
45). What do you think is the most annoying habit that people tend to have?
46). Which movie or gaming universe would you like to get lost in?
47). What was the best series you have watched, or the best book you have read so far?
48). Are you interested in something that most people haven’t even heard of?
49). During your time off, where do you usually go?
50). What is that one question people ask you that you find extremely annoying?

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Segment 2: Questions that you can ask in order to know your crush in a better manner.

These are the kind of questions you can ask your crush when (say), you have been talking for a while now, and you guys are getting close to a point of calling yourselves each other’s’ acquaintance. These questions are not very casual for a first-conversation, but they are not very deep either. They are perfect for having a nice conversation with your crush after the day’s work.

51). Can you give a 40 minutes presentation on something with absolutely no preparation?
52). What awesome thing have you done when no one was around ?
53). What type of hobby would you pursue if you didn’t have to worry about time or money?
54). What would you do if you weren’t required to sleep at all, what would do with all that time ?
55). When someone asks for your help, what is it they are specifically asking for ?
56). What is that thing according to you that everyone must experience once in their lifetime?
57). What is that one thing you have tried but you still have not been able to accomplish it ?
58). If all the work we do had similar pay and hours what kind of work would you do?
59). Which band or artist do you listen to when you need to decide on what to listen to ?
60). If you had a nation to yourself would you be it’s dictator, and what kind of insane dictator stuff would you do?
61). Is there anything that is a luxury for others but you can’t do without it?
62). If you were frozen cryogenically what would be your first question?
63). Is there anything you see people are obsessed with, but it doesn’t simply interest you?
64). if you had the chance to turn something into an Olympic sport, which sport do you think you have a chance of winning a medal?
65). If you had the choice to not sleep, how would you use that extra time?
66). Whenever people require your help, what is the most common thing they require help for?
67). What kind of entertainment of fun would you expunge from your mind and so that you could experience it all once again?
68). If you had lots of money to build a house in which you would spend the rest of your life, what would the house look like after being finished?
69). What makes you motivated ?
70). What makes life worth it ?
71). What are some risks that are worth a shot?
72). Is there anything that you take for granted ?
73). Is there anyone who inspires you ?
74). What are some crucial doubts that you have ?
75). Is there a time when you truly feel that you are alive?
76). CIs there anything that you have to admit and there’s no way around it?
77). Which book made a massive impact on you?
78). What is that one thing that’s best about you?
79). If you had a polar opposite what would be that like ?
80). Do you have any irrational fears?
81). What is your spirit animal?
82). Tell me the scariest monster you can imagine ?
83). The toughest lesson you have learnt so far ?
84). Is there anything that makes you self conscious?
85). Do you have any particular favorite smell?
86). Have you ever donated to charities ?
87). Have you ever been on an adventure?
88). Tell me three interesting facts about you?
89). The best compliment you have ever received?
90). An encounter that totally changed your life ?
91). What would be your epitaph?
92). Is there anything that you are really good at but you are kind of reserved about it?
93). Do you have a holy grail when it comes to your life ?
94). What do you love about your family?
95). Is there anything that people find weird about you?
96). What is something you won’t ever do again?
97). Who is or was the most amazing friend you have or had?
98). Is there anything that you get it wrong most of the time?
99). Is there anything that is immature about you?
100). Do you have anything stereotypical about you?

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Segment 3: Deep, personal level questions you can ask your crush.

These questions can be asked when you and your crush have been talking for a considerable amount of time, and you people are pretty close. These questions have the potential to spark off a deep and intense conversation which can bring both of you pretty close together. To spark off a connection with your crush, you can easily ask them these questions.

101). Do you wish you never did something? What would it be?
102). What was your parents’ last good advice?
103). Which one are you more comfortable with? Bigger parties, or the small, cozy ones?
104). Are you a believer of Karma?
105). Are you a believer in Fate, or are you of the opinion that we are the ones responsible for the choices we make in life?
106). Is there an experience which was terribly frightening?
107). What do you think makes the perfect gift?
108). Can you tell me the kindest thing someone has ever told you?
109). When you get angry, what do you do to calm yourself down?
110). Did you ever try to look good in front of people you didn’t know?
111). Is there any event that has changed your perspective on life?
112). Are you a people person, or do you like to be left alone?
113). How do you feel about love?
114). Are you living your life to its fullest? Why?
115). What does home mean for you?
116). What does your ideal home look like?
117). Do you believe that our lives have a purpose?
118). You have a superpower to completely eradicate pain, will you be using it?
119). Do you like following an everyday routine?
120). Do you think happiness has a source?
121). You have one question for me, and I have to answer it with brutal honesty; in that case, what would you ask?
122). What would you tattoo, and where will you do it?
123). Do you feel we should show kindness to everyone, or only to people who we know?
124). Did you have any situation in life which was extremely difficult to cope up with?
125). What are your opinions on porn? Do you think there is a question of morality entwined with it, or is it fine?
126). What keeps you going?
127). What sort of people simply do not deserve your respect?
128). What do you think is the most valuable thing in a relationship?
129). Do you happen to have any personal milestones?
130). Can you tell me your first impression of me?
131). Are you wondering anything about me?
132). Is there anything that makes you feel anxious to the point you can’t think straight?
133). What is that one film you love but you rarely admit it?
134). Is there anything that has stopped you from achieving your dreams ?
135). Do you believe in destiny?
136). How important is faith in your life ?
137). Do you think that being apolitical is utter nonsense?
138). If you could stop time what is that one thing that you would do?
139). When was it when you realised that the world is really small?
140). Do you have any particular bias ?
141). Have you ever had an existential crisis which kept you awake at night?
142). Does the fear of the unknown overwhelm you at times?
143). let’s say the world as you know it would not exist tomorrow, how would you react to that?
144). Is there something that makes
145). In case something makes you very mad at someone, how to react to it?
146). Do you have a crush on anyone currently?
147). What kind of a place would you want to go for a dinner date?
148). What would you say your views on beauty are? (if he says inner beauty, yet you think Karen at office is your competition, GET OVER HIM!)
149). What are your opinions on premarital sex?
150). How would you handle the situation if you got anybody pregnant?
151). How would you describe a gentleman?
152). How would you define a lady?
153). Is there something you think is a huge modern-day hoax?
154). What are your guilty pleasures?
155). Have you ever wanted to go to a particular country or city? Which one?
156). What do you do to deal with people who piss you off intentionally?
157). Is there anything in life that you have never told anyone?
158). What, according to you, is the craziest pickup line and should literally be banned?
159). How far can you go for your family?
160). What do you deem more important? Your money, or love?

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And with that, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls and other non-binary people, we come to the end of our three-step questionnaire that you can ask you crush. Trust me, if you gave even one-third of the effort we made into compiling the list here, you would probably be in a great position with your crush. That being said, every person is different, and while these questions were framed keeping a generic human nature in mind, we would always, always and always suggest that you strike up a good conversation with the person you admire, first.

Striking a conversation with your crush can be a surefire way to get to their heart (no, food is not always the case, this is not the 1950s). Another surefire way to get to people’s heart is through laughter. So a great rule of thumb is to figure out ways by which you can make your crush smile, or better, laugh out embarrassingly in public. Human psychology says that once a person starts associating your presence with happy memories and a happy mood, they start liking the person.

On the other spectrum of things, vulnerability brings people closer, and that is EXACTLY what we tried to do with Segment 3 and its deep questions. By asking questions that are deep, you essentially invoke a sense of comfort and thus people start telling you all their deepest, darkest stuff. At that point, all you could do is be a patient listener, and provide emotional support, if they require any, and, take our word for it, this is pretty much an incident that would be engraved in your crush’s mind. They would start taking you as a safe space.

We really hope that this article was of any help to impress your crush. If you have received any help from it, do write to us about the happy incidents, we would love to hear your stories from you.

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