Random Questions to Ask People

Be it online or in person, coming up with things to say when you’re trying to start a conversation can be really difficult, and missed conversations might mean missed opportunities. The more you think about what to say or type, the more you panic when you can’t come up with something satisfactory. Various factors begin to weigh on your mind. Will it be funny enough? Will it be quirky enough? What if they don’t respond? Will I embarrass myself? What if they haven’t seen the Matrix?

All these concerns are extremely valid but they are not reason enough for you to miss out on having some of the best conversations of your life with people who might end up becoming your closest friends. So how do we remedy that? Well, the answer is simple, really. We ask them about the most random thing we can think of at the moment, be it about their own lives or   pop culture, history or…just anything at all. Here’s a list of such totally random questions that you could ask, to make your lives easier.

Personal Questions

Personal questions should be asked to the extent that they don’t invade the other person’s privacy, keeping them in a comfortable zone during the conversation. The message trying to be conveyed here is, do not ask questions like “Why do you have so much fat in your abdominal region?” True, it may be random and it may be extremely personal but such questions will result in the immediate end of a conversation rather than take it forward. A good bet when it comes to personal questions is to ask favorites. In addition to that, something along the lines of the following list:

1). If you could choose a different color for your eyes, what would it be?

2). Would you rather have money or love?

3). If you had to pick a favorite parent, who would it be?

4). Did you have that one weird uncle in your family?

5). Which unusual animal would you like to keep as a pet someday?

6). Nice pants. Where did you get them?

7). What’s the weirdest thing inside your fridge?

8). What would you do if you won the lottery?

9). What is your favorite type of food?

10). Do you have a favorite movie? If yes, what is it?

11). Who is your least favorite actor?

12). Do you pay attention to the names of directors when you watch movies?

13). If you were given the choice of choosing a place to be reborn in, what would it be?

14). What is your favorite color?

15). Do you have a favorite day of the week? If yes, what is it?

16). What is your opinion on climate change?

17). Who is your favorite singer?

18). Which songs of your favorite singer do you like the most?

19). If you were to fight your best friend in real life, who would win?

20). Have you ever been to a five-star hotel?

21). What was your favorite pastime as a kid?

22). Who was your favorite teacher at school?

23). What is your favorite video game?

24). What book has impacted you the most, in terms of how you see the world around you?

25). What is your favorite TV show?

26). What is the funniest dream you have ever had?

27). Which made up word would you make Oxford include in the dictionary, if given the chance?

28). If you were given the choice of having a superpower for a week, which one would you pick?

29). If given the choice between a relaxing holiday at the beach or a tour of the Seven Wonders, which one would, you choose?

30). What makes you laugh the most?

31). If you were given the choice of being able to learn a language, which one would you pick and why?

32). What is the first movie you remember watching?

33). If you could be famous, what would you want it to be for?

34). What is the most important lesson that you have learned in life?

35). What is your favorite quote from a movie or a book?

36). If you feel like you can justify a crime, would you, do it?

37). What line of work can you never imagine yourself in?

38). If given the option of changing careers, would you, do it? If yes, which new career would you pick?

39). What song would you say is your life’s theme song?

40). Be it outside or inside your house, at your workplace or just walking on the street, what is the funniest thing that you have seen till date?

41). What is an irrational fear that you have?

42). Do you think bats are cute?

43). What is the one thing that you can’t tolerate when it comes to food habits?

44). What is the one moment that you would declare as being your proudest one?

45). If you were given the chance to become immortal, would you accept it?

46). If you were given the chance of restarting your life as a baby with all the knowledge and experience currently in your mind, would you, do it?

47). What is one thing that you would like to be given the chance to do over in your life?

48). Who was your first fictional crush?

49). What is something that everyone considers normal but you find annoying?

50). If you were given exactly one wish, not three, what would you spend it on?

51). What weird combinations of food do you think should be included in menus?

52). If you ever met an alien, what would you say to them?

53). What is the strangest place that you have been to?

54). Do you believe in the existence of ghosts?

55). What would you do if you came face to face with the ghost of a person you used to know?

56). What is the one movie that you like to re-watch no matter how many times you have seen it already?

57). What do you think is your spirit animal?

58). If there was a type of criminal charge that you could be made immune to, what crime would you pick?

59). If you were buried as Egyptian pharaohs were, what items would you want to be put in your tomb?

60). Do you think Cats are evil?

61). How good do you consider yourself to be at solving riddles?

62). If you were asked to select someone to narrate your life, who would you pick?

63). What are your opinions on the concept of sacrificing a few for the benefit of the whole?

64). Do you like listening to K-pop?

65). What is one interest of yours that other people find strange or unique?

66). If given the choice, would you want your child to be born in today’s world or a world in the past?

67). Do you think the moon landing was faked?

68). Are you in the habit of reading manga?

69). If you were told that magic is real, how would you go about confirming it and what is the first thing you would learn to do with magic?

70). Have you ever achieved any of your personal goals?

Questions on Fiction and Pop Culture

This is the safest route you could take when you’re trying to keep a conversation alive or start it. There is always a new movie or a new show to talk about, a new song, a new meme or even the latest issue of your favorite comic book. Pop culture has become, rather, it always was an integral part of our lives. Now, about how you can make things interesting with this. Everyone has already thought of how the fight between Batman and Superman will go down at least once in their lives and will continue to argue about it.

No matter how many variations of the event are showcased in a movie or an issue of a comic book. But what we could do is add a twist to the age-old question; could Superman beat Batman with one hand tied behind his back? Or something like: could Batman beat Superman if he had the ability to absorb solar energy like Superman? Here’s a list of similar interesting, random questions that can be asked based on the different avenues of Pop Culture:

1). Why do you think the DC Universe movies were not as successful as the Marvel ones?

2). How many of the Netflix Marvel shows have you seen?

3). Which one of the Netflix Marvel shows is your favorite?

4). What was your favorite scene from Netflix’s Daredevil?

5). Have you seen the animated movies that DC has made on popular comic book arcs such as the Death of Superman and its aftermath, Batman: Hush and others?

6). Which superhero casting do you think was absolutely perfect, be it from Marvel, DC or any other superhero movie you have seen?

7). Have you heard of the Eastrail 177 trilogy of superhero films by M. Night Shyamalan?

8). What did you think of the movie Unbreakable, as an unconventional superhero movie?

9). Did you like how Bruce Willis portrayed an everyday man as a superhero, of sorts?

10). Do you know the names of Kanye West’s children?

11). Who makes the best Chili at Dunder Mifflin?

12). What’s your favorite episode of the Office?

13). Do you think the UK version of The Office is better than the US Version?

14). When did you realize that Michael Scott from The Office is not a nice person?

15). Do you think F.R.I.E.N.D.S. would still be considered funny without the laugh track?

16). Why do you think people like the show F.R.I.E.N.D.S so much?

17). What are your top five favorite TV shows?

18). Do you know where Prince Harry and Kate Middleton first met?

19). Were you interested in Naruto running into Area 51 when the event was announced?

20). What is your opinion about adapting books into movies? Are the books always better than the movies?

21). What is one uncommon Epic Fantasy series you have read that is different from the Lord of the Rings and similar titles?

22). Have you heard of the Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson?

23). Do you think the Wheel of Time show on Amazon Prime will be good?

24). Can you name all the characters who have been able to pick up Thor’s hammer, Mjolnir, in the Marvel movies?

25). Who do you think should have been able to pick up Mjolnir in the Marvel movies, in addition to the ones they have shown already?

26). If given the choice to wipe any one superhero movie off from the face of the earth, why would you choose X-Men Origins: Wolverine?

27). Do you think Ryan Reynolds did a good job as Deadpool in the titular movies?

28). What do you think of John Krasinski’s – A Quiet Place as a horror movie?

29). What is your opinion on the new Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan series on Amazon Prime?

30). Michael B. Jordan was cast as a very famous character in the movie adaptation of Tom Clancy’s “Without Remorse”. Do you think the Jack Ryan series will have a crossover with the movie?

31). Why do you think TikTok has gained such massive popularity?

32). What video game do you still enjoy from your childhood in today’s age of next gen graphics and gameplay?

33). What do you look for in a video game?

34). What is your opinion about the Battle Royale craze in video games that is prevalent these days?

35). Who is your favorite video game villain and why?

36). If given the chance to be reincarnated inside a video game universe, which one would you pick?

37). Did you like the 2009 reboot of the Mortal Kombat series of video games?

38). Who do you think is the most iconic Mortal Kombat character, among Scorpion, Sub-Zero and Liu Kang?

39). What are your opinions about the new Mortal Kombat movie?

40). Why do you think the old Mortal Kombat movie was such a big disaster?

41). What do you think led to people eating Tide Pods?

42). Out of Tobey McGuire, Andrew Garfield and Tom Holland, who has been your favorite Spider-Man?

43). Were you on Team Stark or Team Captain when Civil War came out?

44). Why do pop culture villains always represent Order & Discipline and make more sense than the protagonists almost every time?

45). Who do you think would win a fight between Darth Vader and Deadpool?

46). Which superhero/supervillain fight from any pop culture universe would you pay to see?

47). What do you think makes Lex Luthor such a formidable enemy for Superman even though Luthor is only a normal human being?

48). Does it annoy you to think that death is never a permanent thing in comic books and that they always find a way to bring dead characters back by some bizarre deus ex machina?

49). Who according to you is the best author of Science Fiction in our generation?

50). Why do you think Disney is remaking all their animated movies instead of coming up with new ideas?

51). Who would you pick as your favorite literary character from fantasy?

52). What do you think about the fact that some character traits are completely overlooked and/or ignored on purpose when actors/actresses are cast as the said characters?

53). What is your favorite dialogue from a movie?

54). Which fictional character would be scared to come face to face with?

55). Who do you think is the most unnecessary superhero?

56). Out of Bill Nye, Bob Ross and Neil deGrasse Tyson, which one would you like to spend a day with?

57). Why do you think K-pop gained so much global popularity in such a short time?

58). Who is your favorite character from The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy and why is it, Marvin?

59). If given the chance, would you go and have a meal at the Restaurant at the End of the Universe? What would you order?

60). What do you think is the most iconic moment from the Lord of the Rings movies?

61). Did you cry when Aragorn knelt in front of Frodo, Sam. Merry and Pippin and said, “My friends, you bow to no one?”

62). How do you think Game of Thrones compares to the Lord of the Rings?

63). What is the thing that annoys you the most about the Lord of the Rings and why is it the songs?

64). Were you a fan of Roald Dahl as a child?

65). What is your favorite Roald Dahl story?

66). Have you heard of Dungeons & Dragons?

67). If given the choice to be born into the worlds table-to RPGs like Pathfinder, Dungeons & Dragons, Star finder, Monster of the Week and Call of Cthulhu, which one would you pick?

68). Do you think old movie series need to be rebooted or is it better to leave them alone?

69). Do you agree with how the Godzilla vs. King Kong fight was handled?

70). Do you believe time travel will be possible one day?



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