Things to Do with Your Girlfriend

A real-life relationship between a couple isn’t always the ideal romantic and fun-filled relationship that is shown in the movies. It is literally a different scenario for every couple. However, you can make it incredibly fun-filled and romantic by performing various activities and even crazy stuff which will make the bond between you two stronger.

The Ideal Couple’s Activity List

A good relationship is one which is filled with various types of experiences and has a lot of amazing memories. These experiences should be of the kind that bring two people closer to each other, makes them laugh, and makes them love each other even more. We have compiled a big list of ideas that will make sure your couple life does not get boring or monotonous. These activities are fun, romantic, cute, and even a bit crazy. But they will surely add a lot of spice to your life:

1). Get A Massage Together

Couples’ massages are something which will always remain in trend, no matter what happens. They are available in all of the spas all over the world and they are extremely luxurious and calming. While women are known to take spa days from time to time, taking a relaxing massage together helps both of you get relaxed. The relaxing environment along with the feeling of all your stress going away while you are lying down by the side of your partner is an amazing feeling. If you want to add some spice to this day, you can even learn how to give an amateur massage and have a massage day at home. You can use all kinds of oils, routines, and roleplay as well.

2). Have A Date without Any Tech

Technology forms such a big part of our life these days that it is impossible to think of any day without it. However, as it connects you to the outside world, it takes you further away from the people close to you, most importantly your partner. This is one of the best gifts you can give your partner in the digital world where you go on a date with literally just each other, no tech and no distractions. It will make both of you realize how much you value each other.

3). Going on A Double Date

While either of you can use this double date to set your friends up, it is a great idea to go out with another couple because dates like these always help you appreciate your partner more.

4). Play Twister

We obviously do not mean that you two channel your inner child for this game. Twister is a game which is incredible at heating things up between people. You just need to play it well. There is various version of twister that make it even sexier which you can find on the internet. But a day filled with twister and different dares for losing will get you two very intimate very quickly.

5). Gazing At The Stars

This is hands down one of the most romantic things you can do and is also one of the least expensive things of this list. All you need to do is go to your rooftop, get some snacks, lay down a bedsheet, and stare at the stars above. You will be amazed to find the depth of the conversations that tend to happen under the stars. A night like this will definitely bring you two closer together.

6). Take Any Physical Class Together

You can take a lot of different types of classes together, be it cooking, dancing, workout, or even gym sessions. The reason we say this is because couples who do such activities together stay together longer.

7). Binge Watch An Entire Series

Prepare some popcorn (or any other snacks), dim the lights, snuggle up in a warmer, and find a good TV series to watch together. And then stay like that the whole night. Binge watching a TV series overnight is not as cliched as it sounds and it also gives you a lot of bonding time together. Not to mention the fact that you can always pause it for other businesses.

8). Have A Movie Marathon

Like most couples, if you cannot decide on what TV series to watch, you can always have a movie marathon instead. You can choose a couple of movies you both like, or 2 movies (each of which is one’s favorite), prepare the same snacks as before, snuggle up just like that and watch. And just like a TV series, movies can be paused too.

9). Planning Your Future Together

Admittedly, this is the craziest activity in this entire list. This activity is definitely not for people who are in new or even slightly old relationships. It is mainly for married couples or engaged couples. Planning your future has a lot of arguments involved, but it also brings you closer in your vision for both of you. It makes you understand each other’s priorities and helps you realize what might be the best thing for you. After all the agreements, disagreements, and arguments, you guys are left with a lot of love (and a lot of fear for the future too).

10). Go to A Karaoke Club Together

This is more of a test than an activity to find out which one of you is the worse singer. But when both of you sing together, it will cause you to be in harmony, even for the duration of the song. Not to mention it will be a lot of fun too. Mix this night with some drinks and good food, and you have a crazy time ahead of you.

11). Go to Each Other’s Hometowns

Once again, this is for couples who have got to know each other well enough and now want to know each other’s backgrounds. This is a very sweet gesture you can make by putting in the effort to get to know the childhood of your partner. It can be an emotional journey for your partner as well. Trips like these can be amazing at gelling the two of you together.

12). Take A Trip to A New Place

While exploring one’s past and their childhood is extremely important, making new memories is just as important. This is why you should try to go to a trip to places where both of you haven’t gone before. Explore it together. Such trips are perfect for creating a bagful of memories and you guys can be a lot more open in your show of love and affection in a city where no one knows you.

13). Pull An All-nighter

While this may result in you two being very heavy headed the next day, this will take you back to the days when your relationship was in its nascent stages and both of you would be staying up till morning so that you guys could chat and talk. It will make you reminisce a lot of those young memories and make you realize how far you have come with each other. You can do a lot of fun activities together like dancing, singing, or even just taking a walk.

14). Come Up with New Names for Each Other

This may sound lame but when you come up with newer, funnier names for one another it adds a lot of drama to the relationship. You get to irritate your partner and also suffer some irritation from their end as well.

15). Have A Couple’s Sign Made!

Get a monogram or a sign made which represents the best parts of both of you. Once you make that sign, you can then put in on t-shirts, mugs, and pretty much everything you want to.

16). Cook Together

While cooking for each other is romantic by itself, cooking together adds a lot of new dimensions altogether. Romance and food go hand in hand and have done so for millennia. You can cook each other’s favorite dishes. Cooking with each other can prove to be extremely fun, romantic and even sexy because all good things happen in the kitchen.

17). Get A Couple’s Costume

When we say costume, we obviously mean a costume for Halloween. Choosing a couple’s costume can be a lot of fun in itself, but wearing it and going to a party on Halloween will make sure all the eyes are on you.

18). Explore Your House

We know that you know your house inside out and have explored all places in it, but we don’t mean exploring it in the normal way. We mean that you should try getting naught all over your house, in every room and on every surface. This is such a sexy thing to do, that you will definitely be a lot closer after this activity than before it.

19). Make Love in Daring Places

Now that you have explored your house, you might want to explore a bit of the city as well. There are various public places in any city and your goal should be to get busy in all of them. The thrill of being afraid to get caught makes it so much better. Try to be discreet though. You don’t want to end up on the internet.

20). Become A Member of the Mile High Club

Speaking of great places to have sex in, you can always consider joining the mile high club, that is, people who have done it on an airplane, miles above the land. The airplane bathroom may not be so comfy, but it still is a great place to do it and a great club to be a part of.

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21). Make New Traditions

Every long-lasting couple has a lot of traditions which they have been following for years. These traditions may be extremely stupid, fun, crazy, or even sexy. But the important fact is that these traditions are something that are exclusive to them and each of these traditions has a good backstory. So why shouldn’t you two have one as well? Take a meaningful day or a meaningful activity and make a tradition out of it.

22). Spend the Entire Day (and night) in Bed

This activity is especially useful for couples who have conflicting schedules or do not get to spend enough quality time with each other. While you both may seem to be okay with it at first, schedules like this can take their toll on the relationship. Before you know it, you are cold and distant and don’t know about the little details of every day. To make sure it doesn’t happen, you both should have a day where you renounce all your chores, all your duties from the office, and lay in bed all day and night. You can share gossip, your troubles, your laughs and your fears, and end the day making sweet, sweet love to each other. Just one day like this and you will notice the difference instantly.

23). Watching A Sunrise or Sunset or Both

Sunrises and sunsets are some of the most beautiful and romantic moments in nature that you can get on a regular basis. What if you could enhance those moments by experiencing these moments while being all snuggled up with your partner? An even better challenge would be to try and experience both of them in the same day.

24). Sexting Each Other

When couples start to live together, a lot of the things start being taken for granted. Texting (and sexting) is one of them. In the initial days of any relationship nowadays, texting is what brings you closer and sexting is one of the ways by which you can explore each other’s interests without actually applying it. Try to get some of that magic back by sexting each other once again. Once you two get in the mood, you can obviously try out everything you sexted about.

25). Copy Romcoms

While romcoms give unreal expectations from relationships and are extremely sappy and relationships don’t happen like that in real life, they do provide a lot of romantic and feel-good moments which you can try to emulate for a romantic evening together. You guys can go to volunteer at an event together, doing something good for the community together. You can go to play mini-golf together. You can go to a fair and have a fiesta-filled night, ending in a kiss at the top of a Ferris wheel, or you can have spaghetti ending in a spaghetti kiss. All of these sounds cheesy and that’s because they are, but they do offer a lot of laughs and romance.

26). Spend A Romantic Night at a Bed & Breakfast

Bed & Breakfast, more commonly known as B&Bs are a great alternative to hotels because they are a lot less costly and have a more quaint and homely feeling to them. In addition to being a nice place to spend a night with your partner, the breakfast you get in the morning after is much better than the boring buffets you get at hotels. This is a good place to have the ‘stay in bed all day and night’ day we talked about earlier.

27). Make Breakfast in Bed

Nothing better to start a nice morning than a lazy, romantic breakfast in bed. We understand one of you will have to wake up earlier to do the cooking and we suggest it should be the partner who generally does not do the cooking. You don’t have to cook an extravagant meal, some nice eggs, waffles and a good drink (tea, coffee, even mimosas) will be perfect. You don’t know how romantic can such a morning be. Find out yourself.

28). Go on A Trek

While this sounds more like an adventure junkie plan than a romantic one, hear us out. The actual trekking and camping part may not be so romantic, but the beautiful and breath-taking views from the top of those mountains will be. Add to that campfires at night and you have got an amazing weekend full of love and romance, and a lot of exercise.

29). Go to A Couple’s Game Night or Host One Yourself

No matter what relationship it may be, nothing makes human bonds stronger like competition. While this may be a very friendly couple’s night, trying to win at all the games and remembering all your past events can be a great gelling experience.

30). Have A Bonfire Night

A chilly autumn or winter night, a cold breeze brewing, the smell of roasted marshmallows, and a warm fire sizzling and crackling as you and your partner huddle up tighter and tighter in your blanket: sounds perfect. That’s because it is. Nothing beats a warm bonfire on a cold night and couple it with some good snacks and drinks and you have got a night to remember. While you may consider calling your friends over too, having that night for just the two of you may not be so bad itself.

31). Use the Water

Earth has a lot of water and you should make sure to utilize it. Water is amazing because it offers you a new dimension to move around as well as hides the things you don’t want to show. You can have a good night in a hot tub with your partner, you could go skinny dipping in a lake with them, or you could just have an old-fashioned bubble bath with them. The possibilities are endless.

32). Taking Advantage of Monsoon

Sometimes, as a relationship progresses, we forget the impact that just a kiss can have. When you have the monsoon season in your city, make sure you ditch the umbrella, go out with your partner and kiss them in the rain. Once you come back all drenched from the rain, the cold shivers can give way to a hot and amazing time in the bedroom. After everything’s been done and you feel hungry, the monsoon is also a great time to have hot tea and snacks. If you don’t want to wait for the monsoon season, you can just go in the shower and pretend it’s monsoon.

33). Go for A Fancy Dinner Night with Slow Dancing

Slow dancing is just as romantic in real life as it is in the movies, if not more. You just need a good playlist to dance too. Now you can couple a night of slow dancing with a fancy dinner and you got yourself a really good date. You can either spend some money and go to a posh restaurant where you can get both a fancy dinner and slow dance, or you can create the entire environment at home.

34). Play the 21 Questions Game

The 21 questions game is just as simple as it sounds: where you both ask each other 21 questions and you both answer all of them. You can use these questions to get to know your partner better, to get some fun in your relationship, or even get yourself some sexy time by making the questions suggestive and flirtatious. The 21 questions game has brought a lot of couples closer because of its fun and playful nature. Try to put as many of your own spins to the questions and rules as you want and have fun.

35). Recreate the First Moment

All good things start with a single moment. And that moment is generally the first date. Remember how naïve and inexperienced you were when you both went out on your first date. Now recreate the entire date: from the venue to your clothing to even the food that you both ordered. Unless your first date was a movie date, it should be easy enough. Even in the case of a movie date, you could order the food home and recreate the scene at home. Not only will this bring back a lot of memories and nostalgia, it will make you both appreciate how far you have come and how much you have grown as people together. Also, just putting random thoughts out there, recreating your first date is a great and effective idea for a proposal. But who are we to say anything? * wink * * wink*

There are innumerable things you can do with your girlfriend. While these are all general ideas, you can plan an evening filled with things she likes. This will not only make her feel special but also let her know how deeply you know her. Just keep the romance alive.

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