Things to Talk About with Your Crush

We know you get those butterflies in your stomach whenever you get a chance to talk to your crush. We also know that in such situations your brain stops working and you do not know what you should talk about with your crush. You might get apprehensive about the selections of your questions but hey, it is not that tough as it seems. At the end of the day realize that your crush is only human and does normal things. Therefore, there are a lot of things that you can ask your crush. 

Questions related to family, friends, dreams, general likes, and dislikes all can provide you with great scope to have an interesting and fun conversation with your special one. Lately, you may realize that these types of questions also provide you with a scope to know your crush better. You can even get to discover common incidents, beliefs, experiences, and dreams.

Above all, you can figure out whether your crush has a girlfriend/ boyfriend or a crush in their lives or not. You can even get close to your crush by asking the questions that we have brought to you in this article. 

Here are questions based on different topics that you can ask your crush;

General Likes and Dislikes

At the beginning of a conversation, you must initiate questions that deal with the basic likes and dislikes of your crush. It is never a good option to talk about anything too serious in the beginning. Hence, play it easy and safe. Ask questions that are quite a part of everyone’s life. If you have a crush on someone, you would want them to have a lot of talking with you.

Thus, asking the general likes and dislikes of your crush is a great way to have a long, interesting conversation. Moreover, do not make the conversation all about your crush, you must talk about your likes and dislikes also.

Here are some questions that can help you discover your crush’s preferences;

1). What is your favorite color?

2). What is your zodiac sign?

3). What are your hobbies?

4). Which is your favorite movie?

5). Which is your favorite subject?

6). Which subject do you hate the most?

7). What do you do in your free time?

8). Do you have someone special in your life?

9). Which is your favorite festival?

10). Do you like Netflix and chill?

11). Are you a pizza person?

12). Do you like road trips?

13). Are you an atheist?

14). Which character from FRIENDS is your favorite?

15). Do you know how to dance?

16). Are you a night person or a morning person?

17). Who is your favorite actor or actress?

18). Where do you love to hang out the most?

19). What do you like more, Comedy or Horror?

20). Who is your favorite singer?

21). Do you like being around kids?

22). Who is your favorite comedian?

23). What is the weirdest pickup line you have ever heard?

24). Which is your dream college?

25). Which web series are you currently watching?

26). What do you like in a girl/boy?

27). What is your biggest strength?

28). Do you like to socialize?

29). Do you find any of your relatives annoying?

30). What do you like to eat the most?

31). Which is your favorite sport?

32). Do you know how to cook?

33). What can you make the best?

34). Who is your go-to person when you need to share something?

35). Are you a mountain person and a beach person?

36). What do you like more white sauce pasta and red sauce pasta?

37). Are you a tea person or a coffee person?

38). Do you prefer street food or a full-course meal?

39). Do you like animals?

40). Are you a party animal?

41). How do you usually spend your day?

42). Which school were you from?

43). Which college did you go to?

44). Have you ever gotten jealous of someone?

45). What is the first thing that you do in the morning?

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Love Related Questions

You are talking to your crush; how can you not talk to him about love? Love is a part of everyone’s life. It happens to everyone at some point in life. It gives someone both good and bad memories. So, once you start discussing it, there is a lot to talk about. Thus, you must ask your crush love-related questions.

This will give you an idea of what your crush thinks about love, whether he has experienced it or not, and how he wishes love to treat him. It might also give an opportunity to know whether your crush has someone special in his/ her life or not.

Here are some love-related questions to your rescue;

1). Do you believe in love? What is it according to you?

2). Have you ever been on a date?

3). Have you ever fallen in love?

4). Have you ever done anything romantic for anyone?

5). Do you like the idea of being romantic?

6). How far do you think you can go for love?

7). Is there any desire that you wish to do?

8). What could be the best date according to you?

9). Do you believe in the hookup culture?

10). What interests you about a person?

11). If you had to impress someone, how would you do it?

12). Have you ever been friends with your exes?

13). Are you an expressive person?

14). Do you have a crush in real life?

15). Have you ever been heartbroken?

16). How was your first date? Were you nervous?

17). How many relationships have you been into?

18). Have you had any physical relationships in the past?

19). Have you ever experienced love at first sight?

20). Which was the cutest date that you have been to?

21). Have you ever been sexually attracted to a celebrity?

22). How much has your understanding of love matured in the last five years of your life?

23). Have you ever been aware of someone having a crush on you but you still behaved as if you did not know about it?

24). What would you do if someone had a crush on you?

25). How would it feel if your crush had a crush on you?

26). Do you tell your parents about your crush or girlfriend/ boyfriend? How do they react?

27). Has anyone ever proposed to you? How did you react?

28). Have you ever proposed to someone? How did they react?

29). How do you usually spend your Valentine’s Day?

30). Are you an old-school romantic or a new age lover?

31). Have you ever secretly loved someone but could never gain the courage to confront them?

32). Have you ever thought of changing yourself in someone’s love?

33). Have you ever daydreamed about a celebrity?

34). What is that one thing you wish that someone did for you?

35). What according to you are necessary to properly run a relationship?

36). Have you ever tried to hide your relationship from people?

37). What are some of the dumbest that you have seen people in love doing?

38). Have you ever given someone love advice?

39). Are you anyone’s 2 am friend?

40). If I propose to you someday, what will be your reaction?

Family and Friends

Family and Friends, both are very emotional and integral parts of our lives. A lot of stories and memories are related to these two spheres of our lives. There is so much to talk about them. To know your crush better and to have endless conversations you can initiate questions about his/her family and friends.

In this way, you will get to know about what type of people your crush mostly is surrounded by and you might discover some mutual people as well.  So go ahead and ask questions related to it and have a great time.

Here is family and friends related questions;

1). What is the best memory that you have with your mom?

2). What is the best memory that you have with your dad?

3). What did you enjoy the most, your college life or your school life?

4). Which friend of yours are you closest to?

5). Who loves you the most, mom or dad?

6). Whom do you love the most, your mom or dad?

7). Who are the five people whom you are very close to?

8). What is your memorable family incident?

9). How weird are you with your friends?

10). Who is the weirdest in your friend circle?

11). Which person in your friend circle always arrives late?

12). What do you do that usually annoys your mom and dad?

13). Who is the craziest member of your family?

14). Are you close to your relatives?

15). How close are you to your siblings?

16). Who is your favorite cousin?

17). What are the weirdest things that you have done with your siblings?

18). Are all your siblings committed?

19). Which sibling’s wedding did you enjoy the most?

20). Which person in your life do you think knows you the best?

21). Has there been a change in the number of friends that you had when you were small and the number of friends that you have now?

22). Have you ever experienced heartbreak in a friendship?

23). Who is the strictest in your family?

24). Who is that one person in your life whom you genuinely respect a lot?

25). Have you ever given a good reply to an annoying relative of yours?

26). Which dish of your mom’s do you love to eat the most?

27). How much will you miss your family if you had to move to a different city for work?

Dreams and Aspirations

What is life without dreams? We all dream to achieve it someday. We get inspired by things and by people around us. We aspire and then we wish to fulfill our desires. Our dreams define us. To know someone’s dreams and aspirations helps you know that person better. 

Dreams are surrounded by a lot of influential things, like our beliefs, our inspirations, our failures, our dedication, and disciplines. All of these things contribute to turning our dreams into reality. Knowing this about someone is really very sexy. Also, if your crush is sharing these things with you then it can be an indication of his/ her liking towards talking with you.

Here are questions that you can ask your crush about his/her dreams and aspirations:

1). Do you believe in any kind of philosophy?

2). What do you want to become in life?

3). From where do you derive your biggest inspiration?

4). If you could improve something in yourself then what would it be?

5). What do you do to motivate yourself?

6). What is that one thing that you tried but failed in it miserably?

7). Do you watch motivational videos?

8). Which is the best motivational quote you have ever heard?

9). Which is your biggest dream in life?

10). If you had a lot of money, what would you do then?

11). What is that one thing according to you that is very important to achieve success?

12). What made you dream your dream?

13). How have you planned to become what you want to become?

14). Was there anyone in your life who tried to turn down your dreams?

15). What are your small little dreams?

16). Who are your biggest supporters?

17). What do you do whenever you feel demotivated?

18). What do you do when you feel motivated?

19). Which is your dream place that you want to visit?

20). Do you wish to travel alone ever in your life?

21). What did you want to become when you were small?

Experiences and Memories

Our experiences and memories mold our personalities and beliefs. It is the main source of the preconditioning of our minds. Our experiences teach us a lot of things and they also help us in shaping our ideas and beliefs. 

Asking questions related to experiences and memories can tell you a lot about how a person thinks and what beliefs he holds. Thus, you can ask your crush questions related to what kind of experiences he/she has witnessed so far in his life and it will tell you a lot about him.

Here are questions related to experiences and memories;

1). What are some of the best experiences of your life?

2). Which is your best childhood memory?

3). What do you think about infidelity?

4). Have you ever been awake till 3 am texting someone?

5). Which person in your life has always been with you in all your highs and lows?

6). Which has been the funniest incident of your life?

7). What is the most daring thing that you have done in your life?

8). Which was your most memorable trip in school?

9). Did you ever fail in any subject?

10). When you were a child which was your favorite cartoon show?

11). When was the first time you tried alcohol?

12). When was the first time you got drunk?

13). When was the last time you were the happiest?

14). Who is the role model of your life?

15). What is the most unconventional thing you believe in?

16). What do you usually tend to overeat?

17). Have you ever tried to follow any diet?

18). What is the best compliment you have heard about yourself?

19). What is the craziest rumor you have heard about yourself?

20). Which is your favorite alcohol type and brand?

21). Have you ever won a lottery?

22). When was the last time you cried the tears of happiness?

23). What is the best thing you have experienced in life?

Personality Related Questions

Apart from questions related to the different aspects of our lives, you can also ask your crush situational questions and some random questions also. If you do not want the conversation to become boring, these types of questions give a chance to become creative and also root for a fun conversation to take place. 

This type of question also tests the personality of your crush. You can know a lot about him/her through these questions on different aspects that you will usually not get to know.

Here are such questions that you can ask your crush and have a good time;

1). What do you think are your personality traits?

2). What will you do the day you first get your paycheck?

3). Which topic can trigger you a lot?

4). If you could correct a mistake that you made in the past then what would it be?

5). If you were granted three wishes by a genie, then what would you ask for?

6). What type of people do you dislike?

7). If you had wished that people all around the world had one quality then which one would it be?

8). If there was one thing that you wished to change in your body, what would it be?

9). Do you have a habit of procrastinating things?

10). When do you get shy?

11). What are you most grateful for in your life?

12). On which social media platform are you most active?

13). If you could define our relationship then how would you do it?

14). Tell me something about your fantasies?

15). If you had a chance to date a celebrity, who would it be and why?

16). If you had a daughter, would you allow her to have boyfriends?

17). What are the major things that you would love to teach your children?

18). If you could give only one thing to your parents, what would it be then?

19). What types of friends do you like to make?

20). Have you ever been in a situation where it was very difficult for you to socialize with unknown people? How did you cope up with it?

21). Have you ever lied to someone and then got caught later?

22). Did you ever have to fake anything?

23). Are you on any dating app?

24). If the world was ending and you had a chance of doing something that you always wanted to do, what would it be?

25). What are the weirdest things that you have seen people doing?

26). Have you ever seen a bad dream?

27). Have you ever been scared before an exam?

28). Do you wish to read people’s minds?

29). What is that one in which you really suck at doing?

30). Have you ever been somewhere and found yourself lost?

31). For how long can you stay hungry and not complain about it?

Remember, you can always add in more and have an entertaining conversation with your crush. Everybody in their lives does experience this kind of situation at least once. However, no one can determine whether the crush of your life is here to stay with you or not but guess what, you can always make efforts to have a good time with them. 

Crushing on someone is very common. You can crush on more than ten people in a day but there is one fine crush that really makes your heartbeat race whenever they stand in front of you or when their texts wake up your phone. These are the moments when you can have the best time with them. 

You can make your conversation game stronger with the questions given above. The idea and the focus are to interest your crush in the type of conversation that you are trying to initiate.  Once, your crush finds it interesting he/she can either crush on you or can make you a close friend. HAHA! But at the end of the day, they are going to like it. So best of luck and may your crush harder on them!

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