This or That Questions

While this pandemic has taken boredom to the next level, there are various occasions in life when we are bored out of our minds and need something to pass the time with. Well, one of the best ways to do so is playing the game of ‘This or that’ questions. The best part about this game is that it can be played among all age groups from little kids to grown-ups, and among all kinds of peer groups as well, be it family, relatives, friends, your partner, or even your colleagues.

These questions serve as catalysts for a lot of fun and great conversations and also help you to know some interesting titbits about the people you are playing this game with. The best part is that you have to choose an option, even if you are unsure, or even if you like both of them equally. All you require for this game is a couple of people who are sporting enough to play this game.

How Do You Play This Game?

The most common person to play this game with is your partner. Both of you ask each other questions one by one and you both have to answer them, no matter what the options are. You will be surprised to know how much you may or may not know about your partner even if you guys go back a very long time. And if it is a new relationship, it is a brilliant and fun game to know what your partner likes and dislikes.

Another way to play this game is when you are with a lot of your friends. One question is asked and you have to choose an option. The other players will then guess which option have you chosen and whoever gets it right will get a point. Similarly, everyone else will pick one too. Therefore, for each question there will be multiple points for grabs. Naturally, the person who has the maximum number of points at the end of the game wins.

While you generally just need a group of players to play with, a list of curated questions always helps to have in your hand. This way the game can take place quicker because people don’t have to think about the questions. You can add all kinds of twists and turns to this game, even more options if you want to. The fact is that this game remains fun nonetheless.

Funny This or That Questions

The best this or that questions are the ones that are very tricky. They should not be easy choices because that doesn’t leave any curiosity in the game. There are potentially infinite questions you can ask and even more options which you can put in. we have prepared a list of a few questions and for your ease we have divided them into a few questions. Go through all the sections because we have saved the best for last. Have fun!

This or That Questions Related to Family

Family plays a major role in all of our lives. Therefore, it is bound to be one of the sections in a game that is meant to make people know each other better. These questions are related to that aspect.

1). Father or mother?

2). Sister or brother?

3). A night with friends or a night with family?

4). Staying at your home or staying at a hotel?

5). A family function or a school reunion?

6). A family trip or a sports match?

7). A movie night in your home or at the theatre?

8). A pool party or a house party?

9). The Simpsons or That Flintstones?

10). A barbeque with family or a restaurant dinner?

This or That Questions Related to Space

Space always has and will continue to intrigue all of humanity. It is a place which has so many mysteries attached to it along with a sense of adventure. This is why questions related to space are always interesting. This is why we have included these in our list.

1). Building a colony on Mars or the Moon?

2). Measuring distance in parsecs or light years?

3). Building a satellite or a rocket?

4). What do you think is more abundant: hydrogen or helium?

5). Which planet is more beautiful: Saturn or Jupiter?

6). Watching our solar system from an outer point of view or the entire galaxy?

7). Having a planet named after you or a star?

8). More beautiful event: lunar eclipse or a solar eclipse?

9). Teleporting to another world or going via a spaceship?

10). What is scarier: we may be alone in the universe or we may not be alone in the universe?

This or That Questions Related to Movies

Any game where you get to know one another is incomplete without questions related to movies. This is because for most people, movies are a form of escape, a way they can go to a world where things aren’t always bad. This makes us understand what kind of people they are and what are their ideal scenarios.

1). Movies or Broadway (theatre)?

2). Romantic movies or hysterical comedies?

3). Fictional stories or biopics?

4). Live action movies or animated movies?

5). Horror movies with someone or alone?

6). Zombie movies or vampire movie?

7). Disney or Pixar?

8). Steven Spielberg or Quentin Tarantino?

9). If you ever got a chance to be involved in a movie, what would you do: production or direction?

10). Star Wars or Indiana Jones?

This or That Questions Related to Music

Music is what makes someone’s life complete. Life is nothing without good music. Even movies are nothing without good music. Knowing what kind of music, a person likes is a big part of getting to know them better. You will have great fun asking these.

1). Old school rock music or death metal?

2). Soft, soothing music or saddening music?

3). What is more important: the lyrics or the tune?

4). What would you rather have: a Walkman or an iPod?

5). Who is more important: the lyricist or music composer?

6). What do you like more: guitar or piano?

7). What would you rather be: the best bathroom singer in the world or the worst concert singer in the world?

8). What is more important for a singer: looking good or dancing good?

9). What is easier: being a lyricist or being an instrumentalist?

10). When do you enjoy a song more: with the music video or just the song?

This or That Questions Related to Vacations

Vacations are our getaways in life. Whenever we need to get refreshed, recharge our batteries, or need to have some fun after a low period in life, vacations are our go to option. What a person wants for a trip, and which place do they want to go to tells you a lot about their likes and dislikes.

1). Are you a mountain person or a beach person?

2). Would you go somewhere by plane or enjoy a cruise?

3). Would you rather take a solo trip or a trip with a group?

4). A cold waterfall shower or a dip in the hot springs?

5). A food festival or a music carnival?

6). A staycation or a vacation?

7). Switzerland or Paris?

8). Disney World or Eiffel Tower?

9). An amusement park or a fair?

10). A summer road trip or a winter road trip?

This or That Questions Related to People’s Skincare

This is a very random section. These questions are designed to be a bit offbeat so that people are taken aback. These are questions that no one sees coming and they lead to quite a few awkward yet fun conversations.

1). Would you rather have your skin too oily or too dry?

2). Would you rather apply moisturizer or some ointment?

3). What do you like more: body butter or body lotion?

4). Coconut oil or essential oil?

5). Face scrubs or face washes?

6). Makeup remover or micellar water?

7). An activated charcoal mask or an oat mask?

8). Natural makeup or artificial makeup?

9). Makeup with preservatives or makeup without preservatives?

10). Would you rather have dark spots or wrinkles?

11). Lavender oil or rose oil?

12). Would you rather apply sun block or sun screen?

13). Shea butter or cocoa butter?

14). Green clay or French clay?

15). Keratin or melanin?

16). What do you believe in more: external solutions for skincare or internal solutions for skincare?

17). Would you rather buy skincare products or makeup products?

18). Clay or mud?

19). Rose water-orange or lemon-honey?

20). Creams and lotions after bathing or night creams?

This or That Questions Related to People’s Health

People view their health very differently from one another. What seems good to someone may not seem good to someone else. And they are very unpredictable. This is why health questions make for some of the best this or that questions.

1). What do you prefer: Low carbs or low calories?

2). What would you rather have: carbs or proteins?

3). What would you rather be: healthy or skinny?

4). What would you rather do: have lower carbs or go on a diet?

5). What’s more important: calcium or iron?

6). Fish oil or cod liver oil?

7). What’s better: BMI or weight?

8). Would you like to have sugar free ice cream or fat free ice cream?

9). Dieting or exercising?

10). Good foods or supplements?

This or That Questions Related to Lifestyle

Our lifestyle encompasses everything we do, things we wear, and even our thinking. We will be asking a few questions based on people’s lifestyles.

1). Show everything on social media or show nothing at all?

2). Meaningful conversations or short gossips?

3). Barbeque or dumplings?

4). Cash or card?

5). A café or a library?

6). How would you cool off: Going for a walk or reading a book?

7). Branded items from huge corporations or local items from mom and dad shops?

8). New mugs or new cushions?

9). Silk or cotton?

10). Summer or winter?

11). Flimsy or fancy?

12). Good clothes or good food?

13). Riding a bike or riding a cycle?

14). Taking the train or taking the bus

15). Are you a dog person or a cat person?

16). Natural hair or coloured hair?

17). A high-end restaurant or street food?

18). Buying for luxury or buying according to necessity?

19). A huge mansion or a luxurious penthouse?

20). Going out to party or staying at home?

This or That Questions Related to Social Media

In today’s world, we definitely spend a lot of our daily time on different social media platforms. In fact, what we consume on social media decides a lot of who we end up becoming. In today’s digital age, this is obviously a section that has to be there. These questions will help you get to know a lot about the other person’s digital life.

1). Would you classify yourself as more of a citizen or a netizen?

2). What do you like more: Facebook or twitter?

3). What do you like more: groupie or selfie?

4). What do you like more: fashion accounts on Instagram or food accounts on Instagram?

5). Do you like to keep your own photo as your profile picture or something else?

6). Daily motion or Buzzfeed?

7). WhatsApp or Snapchat?

8). What is more addictive for you: Netflix or YouTube?

9). What is better: Facebook messenger or WeChat?

10). Amazon prime or Hulu?

11). Do you like to see cat videos online or dog videos?

12). Are you an Instagrammer or a Twitterati?

13). Who do you like to follow: an influencer or a celebrity?

14). What do you like more: sketches or memes?

15). What do you like better: GIFs or videos?

This or That Questions Related to Drinks and Beverages

This is one of the more fun categories. It is also a category where you can have a lot of questions from just a few variables. We have curated a list of some of the best this or that questions from this section of life.

1). Are you a tea person or a coffee person?

2). Are you a coffee person or a hot chocolate person?

3). Tim Hortons or Starbucks?

4). Carbonated water or fruit juice?

5). Fruit juice or soda?

6). Mojitos or mint juice?

7). Skimmed milk or low-fat milk?

8). Black tea or green tea?

9). Earl grey or chamomile tea?

10). Earl grey or green tea?

11). Black coffee or coffee with cream?

12). Cold coffee with or without ice cream?

13). Cold coffee or hot chocolate?

14). Espresso or cappuccino?

15). Cappuccino or mochaccino?

16). Cappuccino or latte?

17). Chocolate milkshake or frappe?

18). Strawberry milkshake or banana milkshake?

19). Strawberry milkshake or chocolate milkshake?

20). Chocolate milkshake or banana milkshake?

21). Gatorade or red bull?

22). Mountain Dew or Coca Cola?

23). Pina colada or coconut margarita?

24). Sugarcane juice or coconut water?

25). Coca cola or Pepsi?

26). Mountain dew or Fanta?

27). Red wine or white wine?

28). Wine or whisky?

29). Whisky or scotch?

30). Whisky or brandy?

31). Rum or brandy?

32). Rum or tequila?

33). Tequila or vodka?

34). Vodka or rum?

35). Mojito or long island ice tea?

36). Gibson or martini?

37). Martini shaken or stirred?

38). Absolut or Smirnoff?

39). Heineken or Guinness?

40). Heineken or Budweiser?

41). Martini or sangria?

42). Sangria or long island iced tea?

This or That Questions Related to Fashion and Clothing

This is another category where you can use just a few variables to make a lot of questions. A lot of these questions are extremely fun and safe to ask with almost everyone.

1). Shirt or t-shirt?

2). Round neck t-shirt or V-neck t-shirt?

3). Leather jacket or denim jacket?

4). Leather pants or denim pants?

5). Wool jackets or fur jackets?

6). Jeggings or legging?

7). T-shirt or crop top?

8). Cold shoulder or off shoulder?

9). Crop top or blouse?

10). Halter dress or pencil dress?

11). Satin or silk?

12). Pencil dress or bodycon?

13). Halter dress or boho dress?

14). Printed clothes or embroidered clothes?

15). Blazers or kimonos?

16). Velvety or furry?

17). Furry or woolly?

18). Velvety or silky?

19). T-shirt or sweatshirt?

20). Shorts or track pants?

21). Shorts or boxers?

22). Boxers or briefs?

23). Quilted jackets or trench coats?

24). Sweaters or cardigans?

25). Turtlenecks or dickeys?

26). Jacket over t-shirt or shirt over t-shirt?

27). Jeans or chinos?

28). Chinos or trousers?

29). Trousers or jeans?

30). Floral printed tops or metallic printed tops?

This or That Questions Related to Relationships

Most people want to be in relationships as soon as they are old enough to be in one, sometimes even before that. And relationships by nature form a very big part of anyone’s life. A lot of people would feel that their lives would be incomplete without them. Hence, we will talk about a few questions related to relationships.

1). Marriage or a live-in relationship?

2). Marrying for love or marrying for stability?

3). Kids or no kids?

4). Idea for a date: a club or a house party?

5). Good place for a date: a café or a library?

6). Falling in love early or finding love later in life?

7). Marrying your first love or looking at your options?

8). What is better: a short fling or a long-lasting relationship?

9). Flirting with strangers or flirting with your spouse?

10). What do you believe in: love at first sight or love after first fight?

11). What is more exciting: a blind date or a double date?

12). Short term relationship or friends with benefits?

This or That Questions for a Romantic Conversation

This is one of the first categories which is made specially for your new partner. You can obviously ask them to anyone, even your crush. But these questions have the capability of rekindling romance and fire.

1). Would you rather date a friend or save your friendship by staying friends?

2). What is more important: true love or great sex?

3). A dinner at a posh restaurant or a quiet candle light dinner at home?

4). A fling or a one-night stand?

5). A fling with a stranger or a fling with a friend?

6). A one-night stand with a stranger or a one-night stand with a friend?

7). Going on a date to know them better or playing love games?

8). Staying loyal to a short-term relationship or cheating and having fun?

9). Monogamous relationship or polyamory?

10). Kissing on the neck or kissing on the lips?

11). Having a romantic night or having a steamy night?

12). Tongue in a kiss or no tongue?

13). Bedroom or kitchen?

14). Kitchen or hall?

15). Hall or bedroom?

16). Bedroom or bathroom?

17). On the bed or on the couch?

18). On the bed or on the floor?

19). Healing after a breakup or having rebound sex?

20). Breakup cordially or have breakup sex?

21). Bumble or Tinder?

22). Having a threesome or having a sugar daddy/mommy?

This or That Questions to Play Among Couples

These are special, romantic and naughty questions you can ask your better half. These will not only drive away any boredom you have but also get you both in the mood for an intimate time.

1). Safe sex or unprotected raw sex?

2). Kissing normally or heavy make-out?

3). Having sex in the day or at night?

4). Strawberry or chocolate?

5). Chocolate or vanilla?

6). Vanilla or strawberry?

7). Being with an aloof person or an insecure person?

8). Threesome with two guys or threesome with two girls?

9). Cute handmade presents or expensive gifts?

10). Slim girls or curvy girls?

11). Petite or big?

12). BDSM or vanilla sex?

13). Being the Sub or being the Dom?

14). Being on top or being at the bottom?

15). What are more important: bosom or booty?

16). Anal or oral?

17). Younger than you or older than you?

18). Half your age or double your age?

19). Long foreplay and sensuous sex or no foreplay and hardcore sex?

20). Lingerie or nothing at all?

21). Music or no music?

22). Food or no food?

23). Stockings or fishnets?

This or That Questions Related to Food

As we promised, we have saved the best category for the last. While love, romance, and sex are important, food is the most important of all. At least that is what we think. This list of questions will make your mouth water.

1). Sweet or salty?

2). Sweet or sour?

3). Breakfast or dinner?

4). Both breakfast and lunch or brunch?

5). French fries or burger?

6). Fries with ketchup or without ketchup?

7). Pizza or pasta?

8). Italian or Chinese?

9). Chinese or Thai?

10). Cheesy pasta or spicy pasta?

11). Spaghetti or macaroni?

12). Cheese or chocolate?

13). Deep dish pizza or thin crust pizza?

14). Boiled or fried?

15). Fried or baked?

16). Baked or boiled?

17). Fruits on cake or chocolate shavings on cake?

18). Chocolate cake or strawberry cake?

19). Strawberry cake or fruit cake?

20). Fruit cake or chocolate cake?

21). Bread with soup or croutons?

22). Cakes or pancakes?

23). Rolls or churros?

24). Hot dogs or churros?

25). Sushi or steak?

26). Tacos or pizza?

27). Mexican or Italian?

28). KFC or Chipotle?

29). Pizza hut or domino’s?

30). Pizza hut or Papa John’s?

31). Papa John’s or domino’s?

32). McDonalds or Wendy’s?

33). McDonalds or Burger King?

34). Burger King or Wendy’s?

35). Bread or rice?

36). Naan bread or flat bread?

37). Cupcakes or muffins?

38). Cupcakes or pancakes?

39). Popsicles or ice cream?

40). Patties or sandwiches?

41). Normal cakes or cheesecakes?

42). Ham or sausage?

43). Ham or bacon?

44). Bacon or steak?

45). Ham or sausage?

46). Scrambles eggs or omelettes?

47). Spaghetti or noodles?

48). Crabs or prawns?

49). Crabs or octopus?

50). Chicken or steak?

51). Chicken or fish?

52). Mozzarella or cheddar?

53). Macaroni or lasagne?

54). Pudding or custard?

55). Pizza with pineapple or without pineapple?

Tips and Tricks

Never reply with either both or none: This isn’t in the spirit of the game and besides, it is just a game. Be brave and even if you like or dislike both the options just choose one.

Do not use this to dig into someone: Do not use these questions to make someone uncomfortable, dig into their past, or pick bones with them. Keep the atmosphere fun and light.

Personalize the questions and be on your toes: While we have made it pretty clear that you can make a lot of other questions with the same variables we have used, you should be able to judge what will be an easy choice for the person in front of you. That is the time you should be improvising and change the options to make the decision tougher and therefore the game fun.

So, now you have a way to drive away your boredom and a list of amazing questions at your disposal. All you need is one sporting person and you have a great time in front of you. The more the merrier.

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