Truth or Dare Questions with Silly and Crazy Dares

150 Juicy Truth or Dare Questions with Silly and Crazy Dares to Spice Up Your Party!

Do you have a party planned for the upcoming weekend and want to spice up things with a fun game of truth & dare? It looks like you are a smart person who knows how to pull things together in a funny manner. Truth and dare is an excellent game for new friends and couples to know each other while old friends can bring out their best memories using it.  It has no longer stayed just a high school game, and even adults nowadays are involved in this game. 

This game has fairly simple rules when compared with the other fun games available out there. Everyone will have two options to choose- truth or dare. In truth, you will have to answer a question honestly, whereas a dare will ask you to do some kind of activity. Dares are always the most exciting choice to do of both thanks to tons of exciting factors.

How to Enjoy Truth or Dare?

As we have already mentioned, truth or dare is an excellent game to play with friends or couples. Although there is no issue in playing it with a large group of people, a smaller personal circle makes the environment more intimate. The reason behind it is that participants can ask personal & spicy questions in a small group that can be difficult in larger ones. 

It is a very sexy and intimate game that party lovers always enjoy. No matter which question you ask, the basis always stays simple most of the time. The player selected should either perform the requested dare or answer a question that the others have requested. 

The selection can be made randomly or you can place a bottle in the middle if the group of people is small. Revolve the bottle and wait for it to stop. The person sitting or standing in the bottle’s direction has to answer the question or perform a dare. Besides that, there are lots of other variations that people use in the truth or dare game. 

What Rules Should We Follow During the Truth or Dare Game?

A game can only be fun if played with proper rules where no one’s sentiments get hurt. If you believe that asking questions or performing a dare is everything, you need to think again. We have created a list of few rules that you should follow for having a fun time.

No emotional or physical hurt: The foremost rule in this game is making sure none of the participants get hurt physically or emotionally. Always stay in the spirit of the game to keep things fun for all.

Keep things in secretive: Another rule everyone involved in the game should always follow is ensuring that things happened here should stay here. Never tell anyone who isn’t concerned about any truth or dare performed in the game to keep things secretive. 

Skipping punishment: The next one is a very important rule that should be made in the beginning to avoid problems later in the game. There will be someone in the group who will think about skipping a dare or not wishing to answer the question. Please decide the skipping punishment in advance and tell everyone about it. 

Quitting punishment: It is another punishment that you need to set for those who decide to quit the game. It can range from kissing your partner to removing a piece of clothes from the body.

Funny and Embarrassing Truth or Dare Questions:

Having the perfect set of truth or dare questions can improve the setting of any party. Everyone should answer the questions truthfully when “truth” is selected. Not answering them appropriately will take the thrill from the game that shouldn’t happen. Also, the questions should never be too simple that anyone could answer easily. 

There should always be a stutter factor involved in the questioning or answering rightfully. Let’s have a look at the fun questions that we have collected for you!

1. What is your wildest fantasy?

2. What is your most favorite sex position?

3. When and why did you cry for the last time to date?

4. What is your darkest secret?

5. When for the last time did you pee in a public pool?

6. Are you a lesbian/gay?

7. Who do you think is the hottest in the group?

8. Have you ever had a crush on someone in this room?

9. Are you jealous of anybody in your friend circle?

10. Have you ever cheated on your partner?

11. What is your best sexual moment till today?

12. Suppose you have met your doppelganger. What would you say to him/her?

13. Would you ever leave your partner for one billion dollars?

14. Who in this group is the worst couple?

15. What do you do when you wave to someone but don’t get any response?

16. What was the most disgusting prank ever that someone played on you?

17. Have you ever stalked your crush?

18. Do you still miss your ex?

19. What is the most disgusting thing that you have ever done for money?

20. What was the most disgusting thing that you have ever done to someone in your family?

21. Do you want to make out with anyone among us?

22. Do you have any habit that you think very much childish?

23. Who do you think is the smartest person in this room?

24. What is the biggest lie that you have ever told your best friend?

25. What is your most embarrassing nickname?

26. What is your dirtiest habit?

27. Have you ever hated yourself for any reason?

28. Do you clean your house every day?

29. Have you ever picked your nose in front of your crush?

30. When do you pick your nose?

31. Are you a bathroom singer?

32. When did you smoke a cigarette for the first time in your life?

33. Do you have the habit of talking to yourself in front of the mirror?

34. What do you like about your ex-partner?

35. What do you don’t like about your boyfriend/girlfriend?

36. Have you ever had sex with any of your ex-partners?

37. Who is the best kisser among all the persons you have ever kissed?

38. Have you ever tasted your arousal fluid?

39. Which feature of a man/woman attracts you the most?

40. What was your dream career in your childhood?

41. Are you happy with your life?

42. If I pay you 500 dollars for wearing your undergarment outside your pant, would you do that?

43. If you get a chance to see anyone among us naked, who would you go for?

44. If you get the chance to be the king/queen for one night, what would you do?

45. Would you rather eat cat food or dog food?

46. If you could get the chance to spend every evening with your boyfriend or girlfriend, would you like that?

47. Could you ditch your best friend for your crush?

48. Have you ever felt attracted to your best friend’s boyfriend or girlfriend?

49. Who is sexier between your ex-partner and your present partner?

50. Suppose you have won a trip and allowed to take one person with you. Would you rather choose your best friend or your partner?

51. Who would you like to take on a dinner date among us?

52. If you could swap a trait with your partner, what would it be?

53. Suppose you have to stop being friends with someone in this group. Who would you pick?

54. If your boyfriend/girlfriend told you that he/she was attracted to your best friend, what would you do?

55. Rate each of us from 1 to 5, with 5 being the most beautiful.

56. Have you ever cheated on an examination?

57. What did you learn in high school that you never want to remember?

58. Have you ever unintentionally got pantsed in front of your mother after being an adult?

59. Is it better to take food from your enemy or stay hungry?

60. Which food do you dislike the most?

61. What’s the sweetest thing that you want to tell your best friend?

62. What’s the weirdest thing that you want to tell your ex?

63. Can you spend a year without your laptop and phone if you get the opportunity to spend the year with your most favorite celebrity?

64. Have you ever made a prank on your best friend?

65. Which habit of your best friend do you hate the most?

66. What’s something you are happy your siblings don’t know about?

67. What is your hidden talent?

68. What’s your weirdest hobby?

69. What is the size of your chest?

70. Who is your celebrity crush?

71. Do you support polygamy? What’s your thought regarding this?

72. What’s the most annoying sexual experience you have ever had?

73. Have you ever been arrested by a cop?

74. Tell us about your biggest insecurity.

75. Have you ever made friends with anyone just because you were benefitted from it?

Wacky and Awkward Truth or Dare Dares

The party can never be completed if you don’t add few silly dares to perform. It is natural to add something sizzling and embarrassing when someone finally picks a dare. Have a look at the few wacky & awkward dares that you can ask to do.

1. Upload an embarrassing photo of yourself on Instagram.

2. Do a Belly dance for a couple of minutes but without any music.

3. Do 15 push-ups without any break.

4. Smell the arm-pit of anyone who is your opposite gender.

5. Text your crush by saying “I love you so much.”

6. Propose anyone of your same-sex on your knee.

7. Behave like a cat for 3 minutes.

8. Sing a song!

9. Lick the floor for 30 seconds.

10. Go to Facebook live and pretend to be a monkey for 5 minutes.

11. Hold on to a coffee mug for 2 minutes without using your thumb.

12. Pretend to be my pet for 2 minutes.

13. Eat a cup full of mustard oil.

14. Perform a salsa dance by yourself but pretend to dance with a partner.

15. Break a raw egg on your palm.

16. Talk in regional slang until your next turn.

17. Imitate your favorite actor.

18. Call your partner and tell him/her that you want to break up because you love someone else.

19. Kiss someone on his/her lips passionately but make sure that the person is of the same gender as you.

20. Make fart sounds 5 times by your mouth.

21. Call Dominos and order a plate of rice.

22. Bark like a dog for the next 3 minutes.

23. Allow someone to write on your cheek whatever he/she wishes and keep that until the game ends.

24. Mix tomato ketchup with chocolate syrup and eat it.

25. Talk in a French accent for the rest of the game.

26. Do 50 sit-ups and 50 squats.

27. Give anyone foot massages in this group.

28. Say something dirty with someone of your opposite gender among us.

29. Yell out what comes to your mind right.

30. Give a lap dance to anyone of your same-sex here.

31. Pretend to have an orgasm for the next 2 minutes.

32. Tweak for 30 seconds.

33. Call your sister and make her laugh within a minute.

34. Create an Instagram reel right now and post it.

35. Impersonate any two of us for two minutes each.

36. Express exactly what you are thinking at this moment.

37. Tell us two lies and the truth and let us guess which one the truth is.

38. Reply to the first two face book stories that you will see after opening your Face book.

39. Put as many biscuits into your mouth at once as you can.

40. Perform a pole dance with an imaginary pole.

41. Kiss the person to your right.

42. Let anyone of your opposite sex shave any part of your body.

43. Perform a break-dance for 2 minutes.

44. Take a shower without putting off your clothes.

45. Perform a belly dance until your nest turn comes.

46. Smash a tomato and apply it to your face.

47. Show us your bicep and triceps.

48. Put on lipstick and don’t wipe it off until the game ends (for a guy).

49. Wash off your entire makeup from your face. (for a girl)

50. Perform a salsa dance for 2 minutes without a partner and no music.

51. Put 3 ice cubes into your pants and let these stay there for the next 4 minutes.

52. Let the friend on your right side suggest a name from the contacts of your phone. And, then you have to text that person by saying “I love you.”

53. Show us a magic trick.

54. Give a personalized insult to the person to your left.

55. Fill your mouth with water and gurgle a song.

56. Eat a biscuit without using your hands.

57. Keep your eyes closed for 5 minutes.

58. Show the group the most embarrassing photo from the gallery of your phone.

59. Show us the DMs of the last three people you messaged.

60. Eat a couple of raw garlic pieces.

61. Put 2 ice cubes into your mouth and keep these there until they melt.

62. Allow us to see your screen time report.

63. Sniff the armpit of the person to your left.

64. Eat a spoon full of cumin seeds.

65. Smell a bar of soap for the next two minutes.

66. Make a video call to your crush and play an air guitar in front of him/her without saying anything.

67. Drink up 3 glasses of cold water all at once.

68. You have to scare anyone of this group. You just got three minutes for this.

69. East up a raw egg.

70. Let the friend to your right draw an image on your face with a black marker pen.

71. Dump out your purse and let us see what’s inside.

72. Do a prank call on one of your friends’ fathers?

73. Make a cap out of toilet paper and gift it to a neighbor.

74. Let the friend to your left give you a few wedgies.

75. Call your ex and bark like a dog.

Just a gentle reminder: The main motive behind plating the truth or dare game is enjoying as a group without anyone getting hurt emotionally or physically. Avoid doing anything that spoils the entire fun!

Bottom Line

Never miss out on the scope to create unforgettable memories by cracking inside jokes, performing the embarrassing dare, and having tons of fun in the truth or dare game. The only thing you need to keep in mind is asking questions according to the comfort level of group members. It is a nice fun game that you can enjoy by adding the truth or dare questions that can spice things up quite quickly.

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