Unanswerable Questions Which will Make You Tongue Tied

There are many questions in life to which we don’t have any particular answer. As a result, people come to their own conclusion. Questions like “what is life to you?” makes people rack their brains just to come up with an answer. One might think, how are these questions supposed to be answered?

There are innumerable unanswered questions that people come across. It is not always easy to answer questions that are in a way unanswerable. We as humans are curious beings. We tend to learn, unlearn and relearn what is around us. Throughout the race of humans, we have answers to as many questions as possible. But there remains a lot of them to which we have no answers at all.

The following questions that are given below are some of the classic and best-known unanswerable questions that one might come across. Anybody asking these questions must be prepared with their answers so that they can be confident while asking the questions.

1). What is the meaning of the word indescribable?

2). Ever wondered, who might have taught the first teacher?

3). What if the unexpected is expected?

4). Did the chicken come first or the egg?

5). Did the color Orange come first or the fruit Orange?

6). Can one succeed after trying to fail?

7). If you are in an airplane, which armrest is yours?

8). If we take life as unfair, will it not make it fair?

9). Why is it called a building if it is built already?

10). Will the wasted time be called a waste if you enjoyed the time?

11). Say that you hate your haters, so will it make you a hater too?

12). What is impossible if everything is possible?

13). If killing someone is wrong then why do we hang the criminal to death?

14). Why do people clap?

15). Why is the Sun’s revolution taken as a medium to count one’s age?

16). Why do we celebrate birthdays when we are slowly dying?

17). Why does February have only 28 days and not just 25 days?

18). If learning from our mistakes is easier then why is making mistakes difficult?

19). If you see a couple kissing in France, would you call it a French kiss?

20). Can you guess what the mirror’s color is?

21). Imagine, what if a zombie turns into a vampire?

22). The word ‘Queue’ is also said as ‘Q’, Why?

23). What was it before the universe?

24). What is the purpose of a belly button?

25). Are the butterflies aware of their transformation?

26). Who created the first calendar?

27). Why do monkeys still exist, if we have already evolved?

28). Did the universe come first or the time?

29). Was math discovered or invented?

30). What is anything?

31). What is reality and existence for us?

32). What is partly sunny and cloudy weather?

33). If life’s short, then why do we not do things?

34). Have you ever wondered, what would be time’s purpose and meaning?

35). What is the work of a mirror without reflection?

36). What in your opinion is gravity?

37). Is the ocean larger than the earth’s population?

38). What is the beginning of time?

39). Do our thoughts have a hole that they disappear when forgotten?

40). What is there after death?

41). Is human life predestined?

42). Can you guess, why do we dream?

43). Can you tell the purpose of humanity?

44). Where does God live?

45). Does the purpose of life mean setting goals?

46). What are you in yourself?

47). Who decided morality?

48). Does freedom exist in life?

49). What is old age death to you?

50). What is craziness and hallucination?

51). Can you control your life?

52). Is earth a living creature or a living object?

53). What is the true form of pure and evil?

54). Does consciousness really work on your human behavior or is it played by some external forces?

55). What brings you to this moment of our lives?

56). When will the universe come to an end?

57). When we as humans accomplish, do they have a long term goal?

58). Why does death come upon the living?

59). Is soul mate a thing?

60). Are rules made to be broken?

61). Does it hurt to harm oneself?

62). If all the parts of a car are replaced with different parts, is the car the same or different?

63). If you had to think, then what would be your field of vision?

64). Do blind People hear thoughts?

65). Do bald people wash their entire head when they fast their face?

66). What if somebody’s body is recovered and a part of it is found then would they need a full-sized casket?

67). When a baby is born, what comes first, its butt or its head?

68). What will happen if the world comes to an end?

69). What is the degree of one’s importance to be assassinated?

70). How do you imagine heaven to be?

71). Is the phrase ‘slept like a baby’ true for adults?

72). Who introduced the alphabetical order?

73). How can one be called goofy and not Pluto when both are dogs?

74). How do blind people see dreams?

75). If the glue is used to stick materials, then why doesn’t it stick to the inner part of the bottle?

76). How can you tell if a product is new and improved?

77). What is the purpose of golf?

78). How does a person see color? Will it be the same to you as it is to them?

79). What is the answer of ‘no’?

80). Which letter in the word ‘scent’ is silent?

81). What is nothingness?

82). If both the eyes of a person are winking, would you call it blinking?

83). Can a person transplant his entire body?

84). Where do the dentists go to treat their teeth? Do they treat themselves or do they go to some other dentist?

85). Will East lead you to the west?

86). How deep will you have to dig to reach the interior of the earth?

87). Where is the center of the earth located?

88). If you happen to dig deep into the earth and jump through the hole, will you reach the South of the earth?

89). Is the Bible a fiction or nonfiction?

90). Will an object that is immovable move when it counters against an unstoppable force?

91). Why is vanilla cream white when its pod is Brown?

92). What happens if children watch R rated movies?

93). Will nostrils be considered facial hair?

94). Can you put up a different color scalp in photos?

95). What if the buses used for the criminals have an emergency exit?

96). Why is blue for boys and pink for girls?

97). Can you climb the flight of stairs backwards?

98). Will you find the word dictionary in a dictionary?

99). Would you call a fly without wings, a fly?

100). Why should one bake a cake not fry a cake?

The above list of questions is a mix bag of thought provoking, confusing and yet interesting. There are a number of funny unanswerable questions that will surely give a good laugh. They are a good conversation starter. Those who lag behind at making friends and conversation, these questions can help them achieve goals. They are light hearted and blow your mind at times. So instead of sitting in a corner, be the chuckles in your group.

There are some questions which are philosophical. They make you wonder about your whole life and existence. It makes you question yourself. They also help us to see the world differently that you might have not been aware of. When questions become difficult don’t stress your brain so much.

Instead, think of a simpler solution. Sometimes, solutions are in front of your eyes. You don’t have to Google every time you are asked such a question. Make use of your brain to solve questions that are often considered unanswerable.  Questions may come from all horizons. Be it moral, simpler, complicated and sometimes fictions.

Many times, if you need to pick the best unanswerable question, then you have to select only those questions which are deep rooted or that require some amount of thinking. Secondly, well you will have to confuse your audience to keep the conversation engaging. Moreover, the key aspect is you have to keep the questions interesting and try to keep it less personal. In this way, you will have a better grasp of the audience. You should be able to read through their minds.

Don’t hesitate to ask these questions next time you are hanging out with your friends, and colleagues. They are simple, and fun to ask. These bunch of questions will enhance your talking skills.

101). What if someday you dreamt that your dreams won’t come true, and that actually came true, would you call it a dream that came true?

102). Will a leader follow someone’s advice if he is not a follower?

103). If patience is the key to success, then why does one say to wake early and be the first one to achieve success?

104). Will Pinocchio’s nose ever going to stop growing?

105). What will happen if you drown in the fountain of youth? Will you remain youthful forever or will you die?

106). If everything turned out to be the way it was after midnight in Cinderella then how did her shoe that fell off still remained a shoe?

107). Why do the feet smell and nose run?

108). Why is fever called a cold when it actually raises your body temperature?

109). Have you ever wondered, why do we wash the soap when it falls down while we bathe?

110). When the food is being prepared, a customer becomes a waiter. Isn’t it true?

111). What if made in China is made in India?

112). What will be the pen which is most popular called if its name is number 2?

113). Who introduced the practice of milking cows?

114). What will happen if one day god falls sick?

115). If a person says, ‘what is said is done’ then would have said more than what he has done?

116). Will the sound of a tree falling in the forest be heard?

117). What if revenge was a dish, would anyone want it sweet?

118). What will be the synonym for a synonym?

119). When a word is written short it is called abbreviations. Then why is abbreviation so long?

120). If cats eat mice, then dogs should eat cats?

121). One might think, if right is opposite to left then what is opposite to opposite?

122). How fast can one lick to reach the center of a popsicle?

123). What will be the taste of your tear drops under an ocean?

124). If one is in denial, how will he accept that he is in denial?

125). If one tries to eat themselves, will they disappear?

126). If someone drives the snow plough to clear snow in the morning then how does he start his snow plough in the morning?

127). Why didn’t Tarzan have a beard?

128). Why is there the word lisp?

129). Is indecisiveness a decision?

130). How will a garage can be thrown?

131). If give and take are different then how are caregivers and caretakers the same?

132). If an electrical outlet is used for plugging then why is it not called inlets?

133). Does water in packaged water have an expiry date?

134). Do animals commit suicide?

135). How is your life at this point of existence?

136). What will happen if emotions become controllable by technologies?

137). Did cured ham have any disease before being cured?

138). Why is the tennis court rectangle and not circle?

139). What is the difference between the canned olives and the ones in a jar?

140). Who invented trolley bags?

141). Why does the bank charge additional money when there remains no money in the account? How is one supposed to repay?

142). Why does the body need water when it is made up of water?

143). A string can be how long?

144). What will happen if fishes get sea sickness?

145). If minds produce thoughts, then feelings are produced from?

146). If paper is used to make money, then paper grows money?

147). Can wild animals be called homeless?

148). Can old age make one sweet or bitter?

149). Can you chew water?

150). What will happen if birds are scared of heights?

151). Will ketchup be a fruit juice since tomatoes are a fruit?

152). If you happen to be in an art gallery and you start painting, will you become an artist or a visitor?

153). Why is hair not plural?

154). Why is it that when someone doesn’t fall asleep, they are asked to count sheep’s and not any other animal?

155). If unicorns existed, why would they fart rainbows?

156). Can anyone daydream at night?

157). What happens to people when they die with braces?

158). Can a person yawn in their sleep?

159). How to gain calories from a gum, by chewing or swallowing?

160). What will happen to a person if he is allergic to water?

161). Can the glass be half empty or half full?

162). Can yin and yang actually coexist?

163). Will you call morality faith?

164). Can humans measure truth?

165). Can religion be non-existent?

166). Who has greater freedom? Animals or humans?

167). What is perfect health to you?

168). Why are we called humans?

169). Does pain bring joy or sadness?

170). Is being beautiful above everything else?

171). What if you die out of hunger and not feel the hunger?

172). What will be the color of water if there is no sky?

173). How can a train station be different from a workstation if the train stops at the workstation?

174). Without its shell a turtle is naked. Do you agree?

175). Before the drawing board was invented, what was used for drawing?

176). Why doesn’t the whole body get wrinkled in the shower but only toes and fingers do?

177). If one day a doctor gets a cardiac arrest during a surgery. Will the other doctors help him or the patient?

178). Can belief be scientifically proven?

179). How can one recite in a play and play in a recital?

180). Is the creativity of humans bounded or unlimited?

181). Do you define yourself the way others see?

182). What is the meaning of existence?

183). What is the relevance of a mega occurrence?

184). What do you know about true love?

185). Do dogs think?

186). Can anyone be replaceable?

187). Can human nature be changed?

188). What is the potential of a human being?

189). Who invented human language?

190). Can bread be of a different shape other than the traditional one?

191). Can a one-armed person be handcuffed?

192). Have any predictions from a fortune cookie come true?

193). Does a storm have an eye?

194). Do energies have more power?

195). What is the size of the universe?

196). Did the Big bang theory lead to human existence?

197). Can karma be eradicated?

198). What if humans go into dark matter?

199). Can your lifetime be altered?

200). How will a seedless fruit grow?

Thus, these are the most unanswerable questions that one might ask. These questions are confusing and twisted in a way to make you think twice before you can come up with an answer. The trick of asking these questions often lay within the boundary of playing with one’s mind. When they ask a question, they make sure it is simple and yet difficult to understand to answer in one go.

Some of them are often asked of children, as the young minds are said to be more inquisitive and much more eager to learn. This is a good way to help kids indulge in activities that make them question their minds rather than playing video games. It keeps them busy by finding a solution to the questions and at the same helps young mothers to get their work done.

Some of the philosophical questions make you see the world through a different eye. While some may be very interesting to solve. There are also others that make you question your identity and existence. And then comes the ones that are often so hard to answer that they are deep and that you start questioning the question. But everyone will have their own set of minds that work very differently than others. So often there is no one single explanation to these questions.

These questions, when asked, make the conversation interesting and ongoing. So next time when you want to make your conversation less boring, try these questions!

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